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Bladesmithing Courses

Participate in America's only traditional Japanese bladesmithing school, located in Hillsboro, Oregon. You will learn how to create custom-made cutlery according to traditional Japanese techniques, and you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the “how’s and why's” of Japanese methods of cutlery production. Each course will consist of both hands-on bladesmithing and classroom lectures covering numerous aspects of traditional Japanese bladesmithing including:

• Steel Selection
• Forge Maintenance
• Lamination Techniques
• Forge Welding
• Forging Final Thickness
• Traditional Heat Treating
• Straightening
• Grinding, Polishing, and Sharpening
• Attaching Handles
• Kydex Sheath Making
• Philosophy of Japanese Metallurgy
• Criteria for Superior Cutlery
• Proper Blade Maintenance

To make sure I am able to pass on to you the legendary skills of the traditional Japanese bladesmith, the class will be limited to ONLY four participants.

All the skills and secrets that I will share with you took me over 26 years to acquire, including working as a village bladesmith in Japan. It is the culmination of having made more than 20,000 knives and sharpening more than 90,000 blades! Some aspiring knifemakers spend thousands of dollars on a short trip to Japan in order to study there, only to find their lack of fluent Japanese a barrier to true understanding of the craft. I struggled and studied hard and finally mastered the language, enabling me to understand the subtleties of their ancient bladesmithing art. Nobody else on this continent could truly teach you what I will teach you during this week together.

We are enrolling for our 2016 Traditional Bladesmithing Class Schedule

Still not convinced?  Watch Testimonials from Past Students.

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