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Kitchen Knives

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Whether you're a professional or an at-home-chef, the importance of a proper cutting kitchen knife is crucial. This is why professionals for decades have turned to Mastersmith Murray Carter, 17th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith, for their kitchen cutlery. Each Carter Cutlery kitchen knife is hand-forged by Murray Carter using the finest materials available and designed to exceed the highest standards in cutting performance. Continuing the legacy of his master as a 17th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith, Murray Carter, holds the distinction of being the only North American knifemaker recognized as a Japanese bladesmith and as a Mastersmith by the American Bladesmith Society. Each Carter blade is designed to be:

Efficiently cut and process food. Designed to be as thin as possible, but strong enough for a lifetime of use
Incredible longevity. Blades that are wider than needed to allow for years of constant sharpening
Intuitive design optimized for use in conjunction with the knuckles of the fingers as a cutting guide, and can also be used to transport cut food
• Simple handle profiles that are longer than the hand is wide, to allow for a variety of holding positions
• Handles that do not get in the way of easily sharpening the blades
• Simple to clean; absence of nooks and crannies where food particles could accumulate and rot
• Balanced. Like an extension of your hand, comfortable after prolonged use

Kuro-Uchi: Traditional rural Japanese cutlery; the perfect rustic tool for your kitchen
Stainless Fukugo-zai: The best of both worlds, the benefits of carbon steel and the ease of maintenance of stainless
High Grade: High performance and aesthetics in a complete package
International Pro: When only the finest will do, our International Pro series offer the finest in Western design and Eastern construction

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