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Neck Knives

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When neck knives are designed and made properly, they will be minimal in size, yet easy and comfortable to use. They will be light enough around the neck to not be bothersome or noticeable, and yet powerful enough to do some heavy cutting when called upon to do so. They will be held safely and securely upside down in their sheath, but can be drawn and put into action with a minimum of effort. They will be simple in design and yet beautifully functional.

With a blade of laminated steel, constructed of stainless steel outer layers and a high carbon steel core (HRC 63~64) for incredible cutting and superior performance, my neck knives offer many advantages over most others.

Every hand-forged neck knife is heated in a charcoal fire and forged to its final thickness. No metal is removed from the final forged surface except to grind the edge. The blades are then annealed, cold forged, heat treated, edges ground and finished. Distal tapers forged into the blade and tang, premium handle materials and special attention to comfortable, "user friendly" handles make our hand-forged neck knives worth every penny!


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