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Carter Cutlery January ‘08 Newsletter

A Once In a Lifetime chance to attend 101 (The Forging and Completion of a Personal Neck Knife) with world renowned celebrities. Come have the experience of a lifetime…

Tim and I are wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

What an exciting year this will be with the elections coming up. In many respects the fate of the nation hangs in the balance. I pray that each of you will research as much as possible on the candidates and exercise your constitutional right by voting. May God give us a leader dedicated to preserving the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

Car Under Water

Our biggest news of recent was the massive flooding here in Vernonia and in other parts of the Pacific North West. The news was far reaching as we received calls from all over the US and Canada inquiring whether we were OK or not. Several brothers and sisters-in-arms were on stand-by, ready to come to Vernonia to help us evacuate if we had needed to. Thanks guys and gals!


We fared well, partly due to the fact that I replaced the original foundation of my house when I first bought the place. The new foundation is 30 inches higher than where the original house was sitting; coincidentally, the water level came up to the original position of the house. I can now say that the money spent on the new foundation was a wise investment. I got some nice brownie-points from my wife finally, for having spent the $30,000 5 years ago.


A hidden blessing surfaced insomuch that we were in a position to lend a helping hand to some dear friends who were badly flooded. As daylight came and the damage caused by the flood was apparent, Tim and I ventured out to assist in shoveling out mud and debris from our friend’s garage and first floor living quarters. Having never witnessed the destruction of floodwater, I was awestruck by the devastation.  Tim, on the other hand, had family in New Orleans at the time of Katrina, and was only all too familiar with this kind of tragedy. We made ourselves helpful with Tim continuing on for several more days to offer assistance to people he barely knew. What I guy! I am lucky to have him aboard.


The local newspaper caught us on film as we were been taken by boat to our friends house to help.

This photograph was on the front page of The Vernonia Voice

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for…
The Whitecrane Utility/Fighter Knife is unveiled for the first time

Here it is folks, a sight to behold and a joy to wear and use.  I wore our prototype on a trip to Canada recently, because they won’t allow me into the country with the handgun I normally carry.  It works exactly as anticipated and remains completely concealed.  Tim states, “I think they are the lightest, fastest and sharpest personal defense knives ever.  They are quicker, quieter and stronger than any folder. No buttons or studs to push, just grab and go!”

White Crane

“All good things to he who waits”

We’ll deliver those pre-ordered knives January 15, and have a limited number left over for sale as well. The price for this new release knife is $440 plus shipping and insurance.

White Crane

More Testimonials from the Bladesmithing Courses…
Months later and the guys keep pouring forth their compliments on the benefits of the bladesmithing classes

“I've often think about the Bladesmithing course and how much I enjoyed it. It has had many positive effects on my construction work and hobbies. The biggest effect is that you have inspired me with more confidence to simply go for it and trust myself to complete a job without over analyzing it and taking a thousand meaningless measurements. I'm now more willing to simply start something and know that even if I make a mistake, I can fix it along the way. A case in point; I just installed an XS Big Dot tritium front sight on my SP101, which is an awesome sight by the way. When I ordered it, the instructions said "gunsmith installation recommended".  At first this discouraged me, but then I realized all I had to do was drift the sight pin, drill a hole in the sight blade using the holes in the barrel as a guide and put the pin back in. Well, I took my time and it came out great! Also, I fixed my broken Glock extractor by ordering a replacement online and following online disassembly instructions. It took all of five minutes! What I'm trying to say in a rambling way, is that I learned a lot more than just the knifemaking curriculum. So, thanks again for an awesome class!      -- Mason Payer, 500 Graduate

This testimonial is even more amazing…

“Hello, I’m Kevin Singley . About 2 months ago, I attended Murray Carter’s 500 bladesmithing class.  This is how it all went down.  First of all the price of the course was $6000.00 that means that I would have to sell 20 knives @ $300.00 each to recover the expense of the class.  I liberally gave myself a year to make this happen. Guess what.  The second week I was home from the class built a power hammer. The third week I built a forge, the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth weeks I built and sold over 20 knives on a part time basis.  What I’m saying is, the price of the course was recovered 6 times faster than I anticipated initially. The subjects that were taught are the common denominator in making all of this come together so smoothly and quickly.

Second of all, the information and skills that I learned during the course made the quality and appearance of my knives become that of a true professional blade smith. When someone picks up one of my knives now they seem to have a much greater appreciation for the craftsmanship and design than the knives I made before.  I can competently explain the element make-up of the steel and the entire process from start to finish and including what’s going on metallurgically inside the steel through each step of the process and why.  The “why” is the most important part.  If you don’t understand the “why” it may be easy to skip a step that doesn’t seem important, therefore, producing a less than superior product.   My customers are amazed at the sharpness of my knives. An extremely sharp knife that is pleasing to the eye will sell itself, and no one has to explain sharp.  A sharp blade is achieved by design, edge geometry and the skill of sharpening, all of which is explained in the course.

“I think Murray was on to something when he coined the phrase ‘scary sharp’.”

Thirdly, there is no substitute for a live course where all of your senses can be utilized. The most important part of bladesmithing is being able to recognize critical point temperatures and proper forge welding temperatures.  All of these temperatures are explained and demonstrated by color, which means the lighting conditions in your shop shall be replicated each time you anneal, heat, treat, and temper a blade, thus giving you a consistent product.  Touch, smell, sound, and sight are all senses that are used and cannot be demonstrated properly from books or films.

Last but not least, I said in my testimonial on the last day of the course that if you want to be the best, you must learn from the best.  I’m very excited every time I walk into my shop to see what I’ve accomplished as a blade smith in such a short time. Every knife just gets better and better, but the greatest feeling is knowing that since the class I have not turned out a substandard knife. Everything that I’ve made since the class has been top of the line, and everyone who has purchased one of my post course knives has had very positive things to say and are proud to own and use my knives. The proudest moment of my bladesmithing career is when a customer of mine said “I don’t want my knife this sharp. This thing is sharper than a razorblade, this thing is scary.”  I think Murray was on to something when he coined the phrase “scary sharp”.

If anyone should want to contact me about the class or about plans and specifications for building a power hammer, forge, or rotating water stone feel free to e-mail me at:, or call 772-528-2042.  I welcome the opportunity to talk to anyone interested in attending Murray’s classes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best”.

Make your own neck knife…
Next Japanese Bladesmithing Class, 101, February 23rd and 24th, 2008

Three seats sold in only two days!
Only one seat left!! Hurry up and register before it’s too late…

Speaking of Bladesmithing Classes, after sending my November newsletter a few weeks ago, I received an overwhelming response to the upcoming class: 101 Forging and Completion of a Personal Neck Knife.  I filled three of the four spots in just two days!  What’s even more exciting is WHO registered to attend. I can’t reveal their names, but two of these guys are literally world famous people, both at the top of their respective careers!  One of these guys you all have heard of, and the other, you will probably never hear of. He is famous amongst a very select group of security professionals. This is going to be one absolutely incredible class. If you want to be the lucky person to take the last spot, call quickly…this letter is going out to 2000 other people who will wish they could be the ones attending! Call now at 503-429-0447 or 503-816-6556 or write at:  See the website  for course details.

Neck KnifeNeck KnifeNeck Knife

What it’s all about…

The first day of the course, following a briefing on all of the shop equipment and their safe handling, we’ll fire up the coke forge and actually forge our own neck knife blank under the power hammer. The rest of the first day will be spent preparing the blade for heat treatment. We’ll take time out for serious lectures on Japanese Blademithing and the fundamentals of knifemaking. The day will climax in a spectacular heat treating experience you will never forget.

The second day we will grind the blades to their final dimensions, and attach a handle and complete the exacting task of the final finishing of the one-of-a-kind neck knife. A crash course on forming Kydex sheathes will round out the day’s lessons. You’ll be amazed at what you have accomplished in just two days!

It’s really easy to get here…

Getting to Vernonia is a piece of cake. By plane, fly to Portland International Airport (PDX), rent a car, and drive towards downtown Portland. Head for Hwy 26 West towards Beaverton and continue about 35 miles to Hwy 47 North. Fifteen miles on Hwy 47 puts you in Vernonia. Conservative driving will get you here in less than 90 minutes.
Where to stay…Accommodations can be made at The Vernonia Inn, 503-429-4006 ($60/night), or for an even more friendly experience try The Old Mill House B&B, 503-429-0952.  The Inns are less than 1 mile from my place, but I will provide shuttle service twice daily if necessary.

So what does this awesome opportunity cost…?

Attend  my 101 Forging and Completion of a Personal Neck Knife Course at North America’s Premier Japanese Bladesmithing School for only $2000.00.  We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard or a combination of cards for the tuition. Contact us TODAY to get scheduled for the last spot at (office)503-429-0447 (cell) 503-816-6556 or at 

 Meet Murray in person this month in Reno, Nevada

This month I will be attending The American Bladesmith Society Blade Exposition in Reno, Nevada, January 25th and 26th, at the Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino.  I will have a small collection of knives for sale including some Damascus Presentation knives, neck knives, some practical outdoor knives and kitchen knives. I hope to see you there. For more information, see I also have exactly 12 raffle tickets for sale @ $10 a piece, or all 12 for $100 for the chance to win one of two fantastic hand forged masterpieces by two other ABS Mastersmiths. See

A Servant’s Heart…

I hope that you can clearly see through the past six months of newsletters, that I am doing my best to service you all to the best of my ability. It is no secret that the goal of any business is to make a profit at the end of the year. However, I want to express my commitment to SERVE all of society, which surpasses my interest in just making money. As a young business and as a young man, it is sometimes a very fine line between the two. I believe with God’s guidance, we will continue to grow and prosper. And I mean all of us!


God Bless and “Stay Sharp”

Murray Carter
ABS Master Bladesmith
Phone 503-429-0447
Cell 503-816-6556
FAX 503-429-3413










Be sure to email me with any questions at

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