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January 5, 2011
Carter Cutlery Now Hiring... Read On... NEWS FLASH!

Dear Cutlery Patrons,

Happy New Year! I pray that you are blessed beyond all your expectations in the year 2011 (sounds so futuristic, doesn't it?).

As we transition to our new location in Hillsboro, Oregon, we look forward to settling in and getting busy serving all your cutlery needs.

 Carter Cutlery Apprenticeship Program

Due to an overwhelming demand, I have consulted with my teacher, Mr. Yasuyuki Sakemoto of Japan, and received an enthusiastic "Thumbs-Up" to open up an apprenticeship program for a select few who are qualified. The program details in full can be read here.

 Sibling Rivalry

After featuring my youngest daughter, Maria, last month and the knife she designed at five years old, her older sister, Alisa, was not to be outdone. At seven years old she sharpened her pencil (with the neck knife daddy made for her, naturally!) and hit the drawing board.

I think she got it on her very first attempt, so I made a template and then produced two knives from it. I think her design definitely reflects her Japanese heritage. She was a little disappointed that I didn't reproduce the cross-hatched lines on the handle like she had in her design, but then again, I didn't include the snowmen in Maria's handle either!

Alisa's design

Alisa's knife design

New Alisa's Model
New Alisa's Model with Ironwood handle

New Alisa's Model
New Alisa's Model with Stabilized Burl handle

The Big Move is Happening This Week

Starting Tuesday, Jan 4th, we will commence in all seriousness with moving our household items to the new house, and then later commence with moving the heavy equipment to the new shop around the end of the month of January.

Carter Cutlery Now Hiring... With the Move Comes a New Opportunity

Carter Cutlery is once again in a position to hire a new staff member. We are looking for a fellow who loves knives, is super computer savvy, and knows a thing or two about marketing. This person also needs to be willing to act in the capacity of assistant, secretary, packing and shipping, and be willing to assist is any task that will help Carter Cutlery grow.

Of all the skills we are looking for most though, it is extreme computer programming ability and internet savvy that will benefit Carter Cutlery the most. Please only respond if you meet this essential requirement.

Read below more about what this job meant to a former employee:

FROM: Tim McCalla, Administrative Assistant to Murray Carter

April 17, 2008

Dear Carter Cutlery Friends and Customers,

It is with a heavy heart that I must report that I will be returning to Florida after the Blade Show in Atlanta this year. Due to unforeseen family issues I must return home, but will continue the fine personal and business relationship with Murray Carter and Carter Cutlery.

Working closely with Murray for the last six months has been the most rewarding experience I’ve had in a very long time. It saddens me greatly to have to leave because over the short period of time I spent with Murray, I learned more about master level knifemaking and the integrity and honor associated with a 17th generation Japanese Bladesmith, than I ever imagined when I accepted his generous offer to be his assistant.

I can only describe working with Murray as a positively life changing experience in every sense of the word.

Murray is now accepting inquiries to fill my position with a new candidate and I would like to help him find the right candidate. It is the very least I can do for all he has done for me.

If you have a strong desire to be associated with a man who produces only the highest performance cutlery and you have a willingness to commit yourself to the hard work that produces excellence, then you need to contact Murray about this position immediately.

Murray is available to answer your questions if you are seriously interested in pursuing one of the most outstanding opportunities in the knife making industry. Believe me, if you are the right person for this position and are selected by Murray to be his assistant, it will be the best move you have ever made. I know because it is killing me to have to leave.

As such, I will remain in constant contact with Murray, and be available to Carter Cutlery at any time to assist in any way because I now know what Murray Carter and his Japanese bladesmithing skills mean to his rapidly growing customer base and the knifemaking industry as a whole.

I look forward to a life long relationship with Carter Cutlery and will see many of you at future knife shows and at Murray’s bladesmithing schools.


Tim McCalla

Tim McCalla

P.S. Here is the original letter that Murray placed in his monthly newsletter that prompted me to call with the hopes of working for him. Looking back at this letter now, I’m so glad I responded and am truly honored that I was accepted as Murray’s assistant. Everything he told me was straight-up true. If you can follow in my footsteps, you will be as grateful as I am to have done so.

Carter Cutlery
Administrative Assistant Job Offer

Since the very early days of my bladesmithing career, I have felt a strong sense of purpose in what I do. That purpose has always been to create the highest performance knives possible and to deliver them with unsurpassed customer service. My second goal has been to share my knowledge with my customers through continuing education such as seminars, demonstrations and video productions.

I have reached a very exciting time in my career. Demand for my knives has steadily increased since my move to the US two years ago, and presently I am as much as two years behind on my custom knife orders. The debut of my new website,, the success of the bladesmithing school, as well as a host of other new innovative business activities has contributed to increased demand as well as increased administrative work for me. Some days I can’t even get out to the shop to make the knives because I’m busy answering e-mails, answering phone calls, packing up knives, taking them to the post office, updating my customer database and other administrative tasks.

I’m really excited because this is a pivotal time for Carter Cutlery. I feel that now is the time to take this business to the next level. With the right assistant, I believe I can double my business, have faster turn-around on custom orders, and further increase the quality of my cutlery by being able to concentrate on what I do best…forging high performance cutlery. I also have other business ideas as well that go naturally with custom cutlery fabrication, ventures that I know we could be very competitive in.

If only I had a twin brother, I could manage it all myself…

So here is the amazing offer...

I am looking for a creative energetic administrative assistant. This person needs to have the desire to be a part of making Carter Cutlery a force to be reckoned with in the cutlery industry. I know we can do it if we have the right people. I’m looking for someone who can see the vision, feel the purpose and wants to be part of the pioneer staff of a promising company. I’m looking for someone who will commit to several years, and who will be able to reap the rewards down the road for having invested their time and energy in such a promising venture.

Job requirements involve the following:

1) Must have a heart for excellent customer service and team working skills
2) Must be computer savvy with experience conducting business and e-commerce on-line
3) Must have an enthusiastic interest in the cutlery industry

If you think you’d like to be part of a winning team, contact me by e-mail or phone, 503-816-6556.

Well, that wraps up the first newsletter of the year. Stay warm, healthy, happy, and continually aware of God's rich blessings upon us.

God bless you all.

Carter Cutlery

P.O.Box 307
Vernonia, OR 97064 (MAP)
phone 503-429-0447
Carter Cutlery

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Well, my friend, it was worth the wait! I was so excited to get this commissioned carving set, and you have well exceeded anything I could have imagined.

"This journey began 5 years ago when I decided I wanted a top-of-line carving set with a presentation box to serve as a family heirloom for many generations of Thanksgiving & Christmas birds, Spring roasts, Summer steaks, and Autumn chops. My search took me first to classic European/Western professional line makers, but as I learned more about bladesmithing my focus turned to Eastern makers -- especially Japanese lines. Despite this, I still didn't find anything worthy of an heirloom for my family; so I researched well-known and respected blade smiths, followed by master blade smiths.

"The first FIVE resources I queried (names I got from journals, and 3 knife companies) on such an expensive and personal gift gave me your name -- and the rest as they say is history. Not only was I able to have faith in your work, as it is seen by many if not all master bladesmiths as the best one can buy, but also in you. I had no problem putting down a large deposit for a carving set that I wouldn't feel in my hands for years -- just 5 minutes on the phone with you allows one to feel the man behind the forge.

"And despite all this anticipation you have exceeded anything I could have wanted for the future Look generations. The fork is unique and solid like no other in the, literally, dozens I closely evaluated, held, and rejected. The carving knife begs to be out of the box and in a chef’s hand, only to be queried by those watching to its origin from handle to blade to designer, to bladesmith. "Ah yes, my friends, there is a story behind this knife."

"Your set will now be a part of my family. Thank you for taking those extra moments, those extra re-checks, that extra buffing and cleaning and attention to minute detail on this set, as if you were making it for future generations of Murrays. That is why people recommended you, and that is why, when people query me on the origin of my set, you will be named. Thank you!" -- Rodney Look, MD

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