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At last the follow up to our January newsletter, in which we introduced you to TOKYO SHOZABURO TOBASAMI.

Shozaburo shears Itobasami thread cutters

We have all our shears online, ready for immediate delivery on our Imported Shears & Scissors page.

We also introduce them here on YouTube.

If you have always wanted the best scissors in the world, now is your chance. We will follow up with the excellent forestry products such as axes and hatchets in a week or so. Stay tuned for more exciting blade.

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Do you have questions about steels, knife-making, or just cutlery in general? Send us an email and Murray will be happy to answer them for you.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"I saw your video about sharpening on a concrete block back in undergrad at Seattle Pacific U. I've always remembered that video vividly, and told lot of people about it. I've been very persistent in my practice of sharpening, and you've influenced me so much!

"Now I've actually seen and heard people say they were literally blessed to finally have sharp knives (almost to tears!). It's a ministry! And I wanted to thank you so much for that -- it was so hard to figure out when no one taught me! So I went to the net, and there you were." --- Andrew Engstrom, Seattle Pacific University

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the (sharpening) services you provided. The edge on all 3 knives was superb, and your speedy service is a plus. I wouldn't hesitate recommending you." --- Oscar

New Knives Coming Soon

We have worked our way through a significant number of custom orders and now we expect to replenish our online inventory of standard kitchen and outdoor knives. In the next two weeks, we will be releasing a few top-notch neck knives as well as a very limited number of neck knife "seconds" priced at only $125! These are completely hand made by Murray out of laminate steel, heat treated just like the regular line-up, but have slight cosmetic blemishes. In the next couple of months, expect to see a run of SFGZ and HG kitchen knives in standard and longer lengths, followed by a run of custom straight razors, of both Japanese and European design.

Bladesmithing School News

Our April 5~10, 2010, 500-level 6-day class is now full. We will soon schedule a new 500 level, 6-Day Intensive Bladesmithing class due to the overwhelming inquiries we are receiving. Contact us if you would like to join us for that class, and let us know what month would work the best for you. We are aiming for sometime in May or June. We also are holding a NEW CLASS called 203 - Three-Day Skill Builder Class, for those of you who have some knifemaking experience and want to spend three days learning all the ancient Japanese Bladesmithing Secrets to enhance your workmanship and understanding of metallurgy. The next 203 class will be held March 12~14, 2010, and there is just one seat left open. Contact me right away if you would like to attend this class. Tuition is $3000.

Inner Circle Membership Update

Alas, the deadline for taking advantage of our incredible Inner Circle Lifetime Membership Offer has passed, on Jan. 31st. We were even signing members up on the very last day. The response to the offer was astounding and one day in the future we may consider offering it again if the conditions are right. To all those of you who decided to participate in our Inner Membership program, let me personally say "Welcome!" I look forward to personally serving you and am looking forward to our future cutlery adventures together.

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