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February 3, 2011
A Whole Lot of Good News!

Dear Patrons,

Wow! It is with great excitement that I bring you this newsletter. First, we are half way through the move to our newer and bigger facility, and what a wonderful location it is proving to be. The overall convenience and proximity to shopping, dining, post office, supply companies, Portland airport, etc., while yet being in a completely rural location, is stunning.

Secondly, despite the move, we have managed to complete a handful of kitchen and neck knives to supply the constant increase in demand. New knives have just been posted on our New Products page.

Thirdly, our new YouTube series "Carter Cutlery Japan Tour" has debuted with two new releases; "Part 1, Intro" and "Part 2, Shiraki Forge." I trust you will find these videos interesting and very informative. We plan to continue releasing edited footage until we run out of raw footage, and need to return back to Japan to capture more. I know your interest in Japan will grow after viewing this rare and fascinating film. Those interested in joining the next guided tour to Japan in October 2011 should read through our past offers for details and conditions and then contact me.

Lastly, we are submitting plans to the county to acquire building permits for an extension to the new shop and office space. We are expecting to be building sometime late February or early March. We welcome anyone who knows their way around a construction site to come and swing a hammer for a few days. We have a great bunkhouse to put you up in while here, and will provide three meals a day. I'll offer some sharpening clinics and forging demonstrations for those willing to come lend a hand.

 Carter Cutlery Apprenticeship Program

The response to the new Apprenticeship Program was as I expected -- phenomenal. Not only did many new customers join, but we also had a number of Inner Circle Members join as well. Here are a few of their comments:

I joined the Inner Circle membership with much enthusiasm and anticipation of what I was going to learn under Murray Carter. After two 5-day workshops, and a lot of new knowledge, I read about Murray's new Apprenticeship Program. I called him immediately knowing I would do whatever I had to, to switch programs. Murray made it SO easy for me to switch, guaranteeing me additional workshop time with Murray, access to his excellent and valuable business acumen, and the ability to call on him for help.

I have to say I feel extremely valued as a life-long customer and workshop participant that I felt that I had to write to say much more than "thank you." When I joined the Inner Circle, I felt it was the opportunity of a lifetime to learn the true secrets of traditional Japanese bladesmithing, but now having the ability to be in an Apprentice Program with Murray is a dream come true!!

I was blown away by Murray's generosity by allowing me to switch from the Inner Circle to the Apprentice Program at no cost, no strings, that it left me dumbfounded. I have had many dealing with many business people and Murray is among the best, as an artisan, businessperson, running a family style business that is welcoming, moral, and humble, all in one package. I look forward to spending even more time with Murray, and continuing to pick his brain of as much knowledge as I can handle. Thank you, Murray!

--- Russell Montgomery

After our exchange about switching from the Inner Circle membership to the new Apprentice Program, I felt that I had to write to say much more than "thank you." When I joined the Inner Circle, I felt it was the opportunity of a lifetime to learn the true secrets of bladesmith mastery, but I did not pay much attention to your insistence in the offer that you "really wanted to develop a personal and valued relationship with each and every member and customer." I knew that I would receive a fantastic "deal in training," but little did I know that you would also follow through by delivering much more than you ever even committed to. I never suspected that you would go so far beyond the curriculum in teaching class and delivering a "bladesmithing experience that remains with the student."

Imagine my surprise when you created the Apprentice Program with even more teaching available and much, much more in benefits from Carter Cutlery. I was heartbroken that this opportunity hadn't existed when I joined the IC since I'd already "spent my money" and taken my choice and classes to boot. But that surprise was explosively surpassed when you, out of the same kindness and generosity you have brought to every experience I've had with Carter Cutlery, offered to simply "LET ME TRANSFER TO THE APPRENTICE PROGRAM" as if I'd never done the Inner Circle. I could not believe I would then get ALL the classes and the needed access to your mentoring to step beyond the Inner Circle and into the full light of a mastery of Bladesmithing.

So this letter is my thank you for your ongoing help in enabling me to climb ever higher on the ladder of mastery. It is heartwarming and uplifting to find someone in the commercial sector who goes way beyond the "extra distance" to help others achieve their dreams while always delivering on promises made.

--- Michael Balamuth

Until our next email news, stay sharp and may God richly bless you!

Murray Carter
ABS Master Bladesmith
17th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith

22097 NW West Union Rd
Hillsboro, OR, 97124
Carter Cutlery
503-447-1029 office
503-816-6556 cell

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"I wanted to write and follow up on the Funayuki you made for me. I have spent about a good month with it and using it on a daily basis. The balance is perfect for me; it is neither blade- nor handle-heavy, which I find great. It is the first knife I have had that handles this well.

"The blade profile is very nice as well; I can get paper-thin slices due to the extremely sharp edge and blade profile. I can understand why people would go to a shorter blade length after using one of your knives; they simply cut extremely well and you don't need the extra length.

"I also want to comment on the sharpness -- whew, scary sharp is right! My next task will be learning how to properly maintain the edge. I am planning on ordering your DVD set on sharpening. I also have my eye on a Wa-bocho and placing an order for a Deba. Thanks, Murray!" -- Tim Smith

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