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Upcoming Bladesmithing Course Reminder

#100 "Introduction to Japanese Bladesmithing"
March 22, '08; Seats Available

#302 "Forge Welding and Completion of a Damascus Knife"
April 21-25 '08, Class Full

#301 "Forge Welding, Forging and Completion of a Kuro Uchi Series Knife"
May 23-25,’08; Seats Available

See WEB site or call for more information and registration for these upcoming courses.

New Batch of “Hardy” Neck Knives and Whitecrane Knives available for immediate delivery

These knives feature thicker than usual blades, beautiful hammer forged finish surface and durable Rosewood handles. Priced lower than specialty handled blades (Ironwood, etc). See them listed on our website “Shopping Cart”

A Great Knife Maintenance TIP… Showering with your neck knife on?  What the…..!

  I have a great tip for those of you who have been proudly wearing one of my hand forged neck knives around your neck for more than a few months. Now would be a good time to give your little darling a bath. What?! A bath you say…?! Yup. The paracord is probably dirty and the Kydex sheath probably needs a cleaning as well.

So, just jump in the shower, extract the neck knife and give it a good cleaning. Place it on the sink counter after carefully shaking it off and the resume by cleaning the paracord. Regular soap should do the trick. Take off the sheath from around your neck and hold the opening of the Kydex sheath so that hot water from the nozzle enters it and thoroughly flushes it out. Give the whole thing a last good rinse and place it on the counter as well and continue with your shower. Once finished your shower, dry off the neck knife. Then take the EMPTY Kydex sheath by the string and swing it over your head like a bolo, to spin out any remaining water from inside the sheath. Spin it for at least 30 seconds. Let the knife and sheath sit for a few hours (more or less depending on your climate) and away you go with a newly cleaned neck knife ensemble.

An Amazing offer for those of you who want to know one of the secrets of Carter Cutlery...
Read on...

The first secret is that I continually seek counsel from the wisest men I know.  Now, YOU have a chance to hear some of the wise counsel I’m privy to. Meet John Patrick…

John Patrick is a great motivational speaker and small business consultant of TPG, Incorporated. John has a very colorful background and is a part time preacher at Household of Faith Community Church. He focuses on the importance of a business being of service to society, through financial viability. I was so impressed with John that I recently hired him to be my personal business consultant.
For those of you who have a strong interest in total financial planning, and have enjoyed following the continued success of Carter Cutlery,  with John's permission, we are offering his special CD set called "Small Business Boot Camp".  John's CD's are so interesting and informative, you will want to listen to them again and again.  Some of the topics covered in his CD set are:
  • How to enjoy the ADVANTAGES of building your own business
  • How to embrace the CHALLENGES of building your own business
  • The REAL REASONS most businesses fail
  • Cash Management
  • Competition
  • Marketing
  • Recruiting faithful employees
  • Leadership
  • Minimizing your taxes
  • Building TRUE VALUE in your business
  • The importance of priorities
  • Feast/Famine analysis

You won't want to miss out on these CD's, and we have priced them way below what it would cost to attend one of his seminars. This information will be worth hundred’s of thousands of dollars, not to mention the “peace of mind” that comes from following sound advice. 

For the next ten days only (Until March 15th) we will offer these incredible CD’s for only $100 plus $5 for priority shipping within the US ($12 for international orders). Don’t hesitate to get the information that could change your life…order before this offer ends March 15th, 2008.







The Best Japanese Bladesmithing Class Ever

I knew we were on to something very unique and special when we planned for and conducted North America’s first authentic traditional Japanese Bladesmithing School in July 2007. Graduates from that class are still contacting us to let us know how their unique experience at Carter Cutlery has impacted their understanding and appreciation for knives, as well as the insights into the mindset of Japanese traditional arts and crafts.
  Last weekend we completed our fourth class since the schools conception; 101, Forging and Completion of a Personal Neck Knife. It was fully attended and the best class I have ever taught. From the moment the students arrived on Friday evening to the end of Sunday evening, the two days ran smoother than a custom Swiss clock.I seem to really have found my calling in life; the only thing I can do better than forge knives is teach others how to do it! The students completed exquisite ironwood handle neck knives, and were commenting during every tea break we had that they were enjoying themselves beyond their wildest expectations. But don’t take my word for it, read what they had to say themselves.
2 “As the Founder and Director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, which has over 120,000 students who rave about their Front Sight Experience, I believe I am more than qualified to recognize an outstanding curriculum and  master instructor.

The weekend I spent with you forging my own, beautifully crafted neck knife using the techniques handed down by 17 generations of Master Japanese Bladesmiths was absolutely one of the most amazing and enjoyable weekends I have ever experienced. And those who know me will tell you that I am not easily impressed.

I still have a hard time believing that I was able to take a piece of raw steel not much bigger than a stick of gum and through the ancient bladesmithing secrets that you shared with me, hand forge a functional work of art so sharp that it literally shaved a sliver of steel from an anvil without losing its edge!

I could write for days and still not express how impressed I am with your bladesmithing course!  Even though I read all about it, talked to students who had attended it, and talked to you personally about it, I had NO IDEA how great it would be.  My expectations were exceeded 100 fold.

Just as Front Sight students, many of them gun owners for 20 years or more,  tell me they “did not know, what they did not know” before coming to Front Sight, I too can truly say that I had no idea how much I did not know about bladesmithing and knife making before taking your course.   ANYONE who is a knife collector, knife dealer, or knife maker MUST take your course. They have NO IDEA how much they do not know and how much they will learn in just two days!

Without a doubt, I received more knowledge about ALL aspects of bladesmithing in two days than I could have learned on my own in 20 years.


Murray, you should be charging 5 times more for your bladesmithing courses! Your program is the best kept secret in the knife industry and anyone who can get in before the word gets out (and you wake up to charging what your course is really worth) will be glad they did!

I have been showing my friends a sample of the small, raw piece of steel we used in the course and asking them what they think could be made out of it.  The long puzzled look on their face turns to one of amazement when I pull the neck knife from under my shirt and show them the functional, scary sharp heirloom I created.  Man, are they impressed as I explain all the ancient Japanese hand forging steps and bladesmithing techniques I used in creating my own personal masterpiece!

Murray, I could not be happier.  I will see you this summer for the Damascus Knife Making Course and next year for your Samurai Sword Making Course.  I’m paying in full in advance so I can lock in your current prices before you come to your senses and start charging what the Murray Carter Bladesmithing Experience is really worth - it’s priceless!"

Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Four Weapons Combat Master
“I arrived home today, my head still spinning from a fantastic weekend. The introductory bladesmithing course was outstanding, and I’m looking forward to the next two courses. This course was conducted in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere. The tempo and step-by-step instruction of the course were easy to follow and not overwhelming. Your shop arrangement and equipment are safe, well maintained, and of the best quality! Your passion for the trade and teaching it is admirable, and it reflects in each phase of the class. I want to thank you for offering the opportunity of a lifetime to work side by side with a great human being, a Yoshimoto Master, and an ABS Master Bladesmith.”

Gary Music, Produce Wholesaler

And this as well:

“This weekend was the experience of a lifetime, one of the memories that will be shared with all I know. For me the time spent here will save time and money down the road as an aspiring knifemaker.

Just a note of thanks for the fantastic bladesmithing course I took Feb.23rd&24th. I'm still reflecting with awe on all I learned.  As an educator for many years I appreciated your unique gifts of being a Master Bladesmith and Excellent instructor. At all times during the course you provided hands on personalized guidance through the techniques of Forging, Tempering, Straightening, Sharpening and the completion of a beautiful and functional Neck Knife. The "Song of the Burr" was incredible! Anyone looking to increase their 'real' knowledge of knives& learn knifemaking from a Master should take your class. I did, and I'll be back for the advanced sessions.”
Dave Clark, retired professor

Folks, the Bladesmithing graduate’s testimonials just keep getting better and better. This is because the course content and level of instruction just keeps getter better as well. You could wait for a few years for the classes to be perfected, but the tuition might be considerably higher than it is now! Act now and sign up for the bladesmithing experience of a lifetime today!

6  5  4

 A Timely New Offering
New Japanese Bladesmithing Class for 2008,
  103, Forging and Completion of a Whitecrane
Ultimate CCW Knife

The New Whitecrane knife is revolutionary in design and execution. It is the Ultimate Concealed Carry Knife. Never has a knife this large and effective been carried completely concealed on the body in such a comfortable manner and yet be easily accessible to both left and right hands.  Now you can come and learn how to make your own!

Read about the Whitecrane Knife in these past newsletters.

Due to popular demand, we will offer two classes for 2008 for this new and exciting course.
In this three day course, the students will receive a perfect balance of hands on involvement as well as lecture topics. Upon completion of the course, students will have designed and completed their own Whitecrane Fighting knife, and will have a basic understanding of the blade forging and finishing process.

Hands-on techniques will include:

Selection of Steel

As a blade enthusiast, you may have encountered the vast array of steels;  440C, ATS34, D2 ,CMP S30V and many more!  What do all these names mean?  Which steels are good choices for a knife and what are their superiorities and shortcomings?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could navigate your way through this most controversial topic with ease!  I will give you the information you need to know; information that will make you THE  AUTHORITY at any knife show or cutlery gathering! 

Forge Maintenance

14 Do you know there are at least five different heat sources for forging steel? Not all forge fuels are equal.  I’ll explain them all to you, and then we will use only the best to forge our blades!  An added benefit of this knowledge is that you will never again have to mess around lighting and maintaining a fire.  Re-master the most ancient of skills! Do you know the most important secret of building a great fire?  Be your children’s hero at the campground for being the first to get that kettle boiling.
Forging to Final Thickness
One telling skill of the accomplished bladesmith is the limited use of a grinder to shape the blade after forging.  It is said that 5 minutes of proper forging, and proper scale removal, saves 30 minutes at the grinder!  We will forge our blades to their final thickness, AND have a nice smooth attractive finish that doesn’t need extra polishing.  This technique alone is worth the price of the course, as it will save a bladesmith thousands of hours in knife finishing labor! 12

Traditional Heat Treating Techniques

Proper Annealing, Cold Forging, Quenching and Tempering are the techniques that make Japanese blades what they are:  THE MOST SUPERIOR CUTTING IMPLEMENTS IN THE WORLD !   Surely the heart of blade metallurgy, thus, the heart of the course lies within these techniques.  You may be wondering how Japanese blades could be so different from western blades…?  The fundamental differences will probably shock you!  But, these techniques will seam second nature to you after you put them to use creating your own blades.  Let others contemplate the mystery of Japanese legendary blades, while you revel in complete understanding!


Blades are only able to withstand force in two dimensions.  It is absolutely imperative that blades be as straight and untwisted as is humanly possible.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of blades out there are far from satisfactory in this criterion.  Can you spot them?  You’ll learn five different ways to check for blade straightness, and at the end of the course,  I GUARANTEE you will be able to spot those “twisted terrors” out there !  You’ll never look at those things that are supposed to be straight (gun barrels, measuring sticks, a building’s walls and roof lines) the same way again. WARNING! Don’t blame me when you start to notice all the imperfections in the world!
13 Grinding, Polishing and Sharpening
Ask any blade expert, and they will tell you that blade geometry is the most important aspect of blademaking.  The metallurgy of the blade is vital, but without great geometry, the blade will under-perform.  Some of you may have been fortunate enough to attend one of my sharpening seminars or view one of my sharpening videos. These techniques will be your secret after intensive one-on-one instruction, and plenty of repetition, while studying with me during the course.  YOU will truly be on your way TO MASTERY OF RAZOR SHARP CUTLERY!

Attaching Handles

A great blade is only as good as its’ handle.  The handle must facilitate the brain’s commands to the blade via the hand.  What handle shapes and designs work well, and which ones don’t?  Is it a matter of visual impression or feel?  This much overlooked aspect of cutlery will be covered in detail,  allowing you to ascertain great handle designs on your own!

Kydex Sheath Making

Razor sharp cutlery needs safe and adequate protection. The revolutionary Kydex sheath that we will custom make to your knife is what allows the Whitecrane Knife to excel as a concealed carry knife. Never before has such a large defensive knife been carried concealed on the human body in such a practical and comfortable manner. You will learn how to stretch the possibilities of this material.

Lecture topics will include:

Philosophy of Japanese Metallurgy

Japan, like America, has a hugely successful space program, having launched hundreds of satellites into orbit around the earth.  However, unlike America’s scramble towards technological advancement in every field, the Japanese hold their ancient formula for cutlery steel in the greatest reverence, and reserve it’s use for only the highest quality, most superior performance blades!  Their best steel remains unchanged for over 1200 years!  Find out why “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach applies here.

The Five Criteria for Superior Cutlery

Everybody has an idea as to what makes a great blade, like, for example, “How long it holds its’ edge.”  But is this criteria really at the top of the list, or are there more important things to consider first?  In this controversial discussion,  you will learn what to look for first in superior blades, and then what to look for in order of importance after.

Expose’ on Laminates versus Homogenous Steel Blades

It was based on this essay, which was published, that I was awarded “ Alien of Extra-Ordinary Ability” by the INS when I immigrated to this great nation in 2005.  Find out what all the fuss is about as I uncover the superiorities and shortcomings of laminated blades. 

Practical Parameters of Cutlery Design

There are all sorts of weird and wonderful knife designs available for sale on the market.  Apart from looking cool, do you really know which knives are designed for the sole purpose of separating you from your hard earned cash?  Don’t let yourself throw away money by buying knives that have no practical use.  I will help you avoid the features in knives that are only designed for marketing to the unwise.  For hard-core knife collectors, this information will save you thousands over the years!

Proper and Efficient Blade Sharpening and Maintenance

I will share with you the theory, making use of drawings and diagrams, of the practical application of blade sharpening that you will practice in the shop to put the final edge on your knives.  The topic of maintenance will be of particular value, as this is a factor you  will encounter many months after the course,  when the knives are showing need of some TLC.  You will never wonder “What to do?” about those neglected blades around the home.

PLUS a “special slide show” that will leaving you longing to visit Japan for yourself… you may be one of the lucky few who accompany me on my next trip to Japan…

Upon Completion of the course,
each student will have completed:
One hand forged Whitecrane Ultimate CCW knife

  A sturdy and absolutely reliable scary sharp companion will accompany you for every waking moment of your after-course life!  With no mechanism to break or fail you at the most un-opportune time, and with the ease of sharpening and maintenance that is impossible with a folding knife, you will come to respect your Whitecrane knife more and more with every use.  The most wonderful daily companion to have

In Summary
Here Is What You Get:
Hands-On Secret Bladesmithing Techniques:
  • Selection of steel
  • Forge maintenance
  • Forging to final thickness
  • Traditional annealing techniques
  • Scale removal
  • Cold forging
  • Straightening
  • Quenching
  • Tempering
  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • Sharpening
  • Attaching handles
  • Kydex Sheath making

PLUS I Reveal to YOU:


  • Philosophy of Japanese Metallurgy
  • The Five Criteria for Superior Cutlery
  • Expose’ on Laminates vs. Homogenous Steel Blades
  • Practical Parameters of Cutlery Design
  • Proper and Efficient Blade Sharpening and Maintenance
  • A Special Bonus Slide Show sure to leave you longing to join me on my next trip to Japan
Upon completion of the course, each student will have completed:
  • One hand forged Whitecrane Ultimate CCW Knife
I Wish More Knew What I Know…
All the skills and secrets that I will share with you, took me 18 years of working as a village Bladesmith in Japan to acquire.  It is the culmination of having made more than 12,000 knives and sharpening more than 40,000 blades !  Some aspiring knifemakers spend thousands of dollars on a short trip to Japan, in order to study there,  only to find their lack of fluent Japanese  a barrier to true understanding of the craft.  I struggled and studied hard and finally mastered the language, enabling me to understand the subtleties of their ancient bladesmithing art.  Nobody else on this continent could truly teach you what I will teach you during this class together. 15

And There is a Bonus…

As a bonus,  if you are the first person to call me to enroll, I will give you  my video productions Introduction to Knife Sharpening and Advanced Sharpening Techniques as well as a complete set of sharpening stones and bottle of Japanese Blade Oil absolutely free.  This is a $180.00 value free of charge-- IF YOU ARE THE FIRST TO CALL ME TO ENROLL…

Tuition - $3000, limited to 4 students
Dates of courses  May 16-18, 2008 and September 8-10, 2008

As an Additional Bonus...
We have scheduled our September 102, Forging and Completion of a Stainless Fuku-go Zai Series Kitchen Knife, two day course and the September 103, Forging and Completion of a Whitecrane Ultimate CCW Knife, three day course.  By registering for both courses, spanning September 6 through 10, you will receive a $500 discount.  There are only four seats for this combined class so schedule yours quickly.

“Strike while the iron is hot”

If you want to participate in this historic event, contact me immediately, as I have sent this letter to all of my patrons who have voiced a strong interest in this course, and I can only accommodate four participants.

If you want the information and skills that I have, take advantage of this offer now… I won’t be around forever, and who will fill my boots when I’m gone?  Contact me quickly to secure your place at:
503-429-0447 (home) or 503-816-6556 (cell).

Well folks, I am absolutely revved up over all the exciting news we have. I truly can’t tell you why God has blessed my business the way He has, but I sure am not going to take it for granted.  I hope you are enjoying this journey as much as I am.

Until our next newsletter,

Stay Sharp and may God richly bless you!

Murray Carter
ABS Master Bladesmith
P.O.Box 307
Vernonia, OR   97064
phone 503-429-0447
cell   503-816-6556

© 2008 Carter Cutlery










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