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March 25, 2009

Info Column

Murray, we've heard you've come out with a carving set. Do you have any pictures?

See below for a few shots of this set, and how the customer reacted to its delivery.

Do you have questions about steels, knifemaking, or just cutlery in general? Send us an email and Murray will be happy to answer them for you.

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Hello all! What exciting times! Lots to talk about and show you in this newsletter, so let's get going.

MOAB Knife Update

The response to my last letter was great; I was personally answering your e-mails for two days straight. One thing everyone wanted to know was, “What do the MOAB knives look like?” and “When will they be for sale?

I am happy to announce their debut today, complete with pictures!

MOAB Knife

I have 18 ready for immediate delivery as a) completed knives, b) self-assemble kits, or c) blades only. As each blade is hand forged and varies in size somewhat, I have adjusted the prices to reflect small (3.5~4.5 sun), medium (4.6~5.5 sun) and large (4.6+ sun).

Blade only245270295

On a side note, one of my faithful readers politely pointed out to me that there was one other knifemaker who used the term MOAB for his blades also. I immediately personally contacted that knifemaker by phone and inquired whether it was a problem or not to use the same acronym. He was most gracious and said there was no problem.

MOAB Knife & Sheath

By the way, MOAB, in Carter Cutlery language, stands for “Mother of All Bailouts” in celebration of the unprecedented bailout package US congress has signed into legislature. You will need a MOAB knife to cut your way out of the mess our congresscritters have gotten us into!


New Kuro-uchi Knives Posted

The batch of 100 Kuro-uchi Kitchen Knives Murray has been working on is now completed. Due to demand, Murray forged a large number of Nakiri in various sizes as well as the other standard blade shapes. Please note that when shopping at the Carter Cutlery Products Kuro-uchi webpage, the pictures of the KU Series are generic, and while similar to the knife being purchased, are not of the actual blade itself. Blade Performance will be exactly what you expect from a Carter Blade -- The Best You’ve Tried!

A series of FIRSTS For Carter Cutlery

1st Carter Cutlery Custom Carving Set

First Carter Carving Set

1st Carter Cutlery Carving Fork

First Carter Carving Fork

1st Hand Carving in Wood Handles

First Carter Carved Handles

The following custom carving set was commissioned by a good customer and his testimonial reads as follows:

"Well, my friend, it was worth the wait! I was so excited to get this commissioned carving set, and you have well exceeded anything I could have imagined.

"As you know, this journey began 5 years ago when I decided I wanted a top-of-line carving set with a presentation box to serve as a family heirloom for many generations of Thanksgiving & Christmas birds, Spring roasts, Summer steaks, and Autumn chops. My search took me first to classic European/Western professional line makers, but as I learned more about blade smithing my focus turned to Eastern makers -- especially Japanese lines. Despite this, I still didn't find anything worthy of an heirloom for my family, so I researched well-known and respected bladesmiths, followed by master bladesmiths.

Carter Carving Set Handles"The first FIVE resources I queried (names I got from journals, and 3 knife companies) on such an expensive and personal gift gave me your name -- and the rest, as they say, is history. Not only was I able to have faith in your work as it is seen by many, if not all, master bladesmiths, as the best one can buy, but also in you. I had no problem putting down a large deposit for a carving set that I wouldn't feel in my hands for years, just 5 minutes on the phone with you allows one to feel the man behind the forge.

"And despite all this anticipation, you have exceeded anything I could have wanted for the future look generations. The fork is unique and solid like no other in the, literally, dozens I closely evaluated, held, and rejected. The carving knife begs to be out of the box and in a chef's hand, only to be queried by those watching to its origin from handle to blade to designer to bladesmith... 'Ah yes, my friends, there is a story behind this knife.'

"Your set will now be a part of my family. Thank you for taking those extra moments, those extra re-checks, that extra buffing and cleaning and attention to minute detail on this set -- as if you were making it for future generations of Murrays. That is why people recommended you, and that is why, when people query me on the origin of my set, you will be named.”

"Thank you! --Rod"
Rodney Look, MD
Chief of Emergency Services

Carter Carving Knife and Fork

I am taking orders for carving sets similar, but uniquely different, to the set featured here. The cost including the presentation case is $3500. Special customizations such as Damascus steel or other exotic materials will increase the price.

SFGZ-EH (HH) Update

Remember, I am now taking orders for and forging knives in my new line-up of SFGZ-EH (HH). Below is an 8.4-sun Ebony-handled Wabocho in white steel that I currently have for sale. First one to contact me by phone or email can buy it for $394.80.


YouTube and Knife Show Connection Update

Our YouTube viewership and subscribers are growing exponentially. This is a great thing to see -- in no time at all we will have a greater demand for my knives and bladesmithing school than I can provide. It really is neat to be part of an American Dream in the making.

I’ll need to come up with some new and informative YouTube entries, though admittedly it will be hard to top the “Shaving With a Machete”!! That video has created quite a response, and the organizers at both the Oregon Knife Collectors Association April Knife Show and the Atlanta Blade Show have invited me to be a featured demonstrator to, yep, you guessed it... shave with a machete in front of hundreds of blood-thirsty observers!

By the way, here are some important dates to mark on your knife-related calendar:

  • OKCA Show, Eugene, Oregon , April 18-19

  • Blade Show, Atlanta, Georgia, May 29-31

  • Blade Show West, Portland, Oregon, September 11-13

These are pretty much the only shows I have the time to attend, so if you can make it, I sure would love to see you and chat with you there.


I leave you with a few testimonials that have rolled in recently:

“You asked me about my first impressions of your new knife series, SFGZ-EH?

"How about knife nirvana! This knife is simply awesome in every respect from fit to finish. Quality just oozes from this beauty.

"I have been putting of thru it's paces in my professional kitchen and it has become my 'go to' knife. Easy to maintain, and handles everything I toss at it with ease. Handle is beautiful and feels warm in the hand, unlike synthetics. Blade geometry is crafted with a master’s touch that shows when this baby falls thru, no slices thru, foods! 5 stars!
Johnny Sarran
Bubba's Diner

"My neck knife is with me every day of the week. I wear it over my singlet and under my shirt. By wearing it like this, it is out of the dust (sort of) and out of harm’s way until needed.

"I gave my neck knife another sharpening on the weekend and I thought the edge was pretty good, so I lathered up and had a shave with it. It was really satisfying to utilise the quality of your blade and using my own efforts get the blade sharp enough to shave my face fully. With further practice I am sure I will improve.

"I keep watching the videos and picking up different little bits and pieces -- they are an amazing tool. I have also decided to start using a straight razor again. I also had a look at your latest shaving on YouTube; very informative and entertaining.

"Our kitchen knife is also brilliant, and with both knives, it is not only how sharp they can be but also how quickly and easily they can be sharpened. It is an honour to have these knives with the craftsmanship that goes into them.

"I hope all is good with you. Kind regards, and thanks for your help and inspiration.”

Peter Gale, Australia

Until our next email news,

Stay Sharp and may God richly bless you!

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