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Hello Folks!

I bet you are starting to enjoy some real spring weather now that it's May. Here in Oregon, we jumped straight from winter to summer! One week it rained and hailed every day of the week, then suddenly last week we got sunshine and 75 degrees. Well, great, bring on the sunshine... I love it!.

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Murray Off to Japan Again... And YOU Are Invited!!!

At the OKCA show this past weekend, Murray also responded to an offer for a ten-day visit to Seki City (Japan's export knife industry center) and Tokyo this coming October. He has been invited to study with the Shozaburo Shears scissor technicians for one day while in Tokyo and has been asked to be the director of a series of promotional videos featuring the unparalleled craftsmanship of the Seki City cutlers.

Murray will be able to take along four travel companions for the trip. Inner Circle members will be given preference, but any other interested patrons can contact us for more details. Traveling through Japan with Murray is an awesome experience, as he knows the language and culture like a native. Readers will remember what kind of treasures Murray finds because of his unique position within their culture.

The cost of the trip will be actual costs of flights, accommodation and transportation* plus a gratuity of $2000 to Murray for his services. You will need to have a current passport and a heart for adventure!.

*Costs should be well below "tourist package" rates as we will be traveling and eating like the natives, comfortably, but without 5-star costly luxuries.

Shop News

We have finished up two batches of kitchen knives and have posted them for sale online. They consist of a bunch of Stainless Fukugozai knives and Stainless Fukugozai Riveted Handle knives in various sizes. In a week or so, we will have a half-dozen very thin International Pro Series knives between 7-12 inches for sale with choice handle materials. We will then get into the much-anticipated straight razors, with estimated completion sometime in July or early August. Between now and then we will attend the world's premiere knife show...

Blade Show News

It is that time of the year again when all cutlery enthusiasts are literally counting the days down 'till the big event, The Blade Show, starts in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Cobb Galleria Center, June 4-6. If you have ever been to the Blade Show, I needn't explain what the excitement is about, and if you have never been to the Blade Show, I honestly don't know where to begin. You simply have to budget time to attend next year so that you can find out what the most exciting, most lively, and most rewarding knife show in the world is all about.

This year marks a major milestone in the history of Carter Cutlery as we have transitioned from renting a regular table to a full-size corporate booth. Our location has changed therefore from last year. Look for us at booth #214. We will be bringing every item that we have for sale to the show, including knives, DVDs, sharpening stones, scissors and Japanese axes. We can't wait to meet you in person at the Blade Show. For our international customers, please consider scheduling a trip to Atlanta to come attend the show. If you love knives, you won't regret it.

New Products Page

Every now and then one or two knives from each batch of Carter knives demonstrate qualities, some tangible and some intangible, that clearly set themselves apart from the rest of the batch. Murray will personally scrupulously hand select the few that shine above the rest, mark them with an exclusive marking, and list them on our upcoming "Premium Products" page. We also have a new awesome combination of the world's best axe heads perfectly mated to the world's finest hand-laminated hardwood handles. Take a look at these gorgeous samples:

Axe handle 01

Axe handle 02

Theater Knives

The three knives that were used in the debut of the musical "Estranged Identity" have been returned to Carter Cutlery. What a beating they took getting bashed together for special effect and dropped and kicked across the stage for three weeks. They took a worse beating than most knives that are taken into a combat zone. Murray was very satisfied that the handles and guards stayed tight, and only a few minutes of restoration was necessary to clean them right up. We will be placing them up for sale, complete with a very special "Certificate of Authenticity" from both Carter Cutlery and Trueheart Productions. See this link here for video and photos of the knives "before," and here are some photos of the "after."

Stage Knives after use

Stage Knife after use

October Trip To Japan

We now have three travelers to accompany Murray on a guided tour to Tokyo, Seki City and Sakai City for ten days. We have only enough room for one more traveler. If you have always wanted to see Japan, and have an interest in their superior cutlery as well, don't miss out of an opportunity of a lifetime. See more details here. The trip dates will be October 3rd to the 17th, give or take a day depending on flights. Contact me right away to secure the last seat on this trip. See side bar essay for details.

Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing School News

These are the upcoming scheduled classes:

101 - Forging and Completion of a Personal Neck Knife: June 18~19, 2010
102 - Forging and Completion of a Stainless Fukugozai Series Kitchen Knife: Aug. 20~21, 2010
500 - Intensive Six-Day Class: August 30 ~ Sept. 4, 2010
302 - Forge Welding and Completion of a Damascus Steel Knife: Sept. 20~25, 2010
202 - Forging and Completion of an International Pro Series Chef's Knife: Sept. 9~11, 2010 (NOTE: DATE CHANGED FROM OCTOBER 7~9 BECAUSE OF TRIP TO JAPAN)
101 - Forging and Completion of a Personal Neck Knife: Oct 29~30, 2010
201 - Forging and Completion of a Camp Knife: Nov. 18~20, 2010

These are the classes we have registered students in. If you wish to join one of these classes, hurry up and contact us because participation is limited to only four students (only two students in the 302 Damascus Knife class). If you would like to attend any of the courses we offer but need special scheduling, call me directly at 503-816-6556 to discuss options.

Until our next email news, stay sharp and may God richly bless you!

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