May 4th, 2012 Newsletter

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ello everyone,

What an incredibly busy month April was. It is hard to believe that we are already starting May, but before we realize it June will already be here. As you may have noticed, besides the usual shop, YouTube updates, and Bladesmithing School news, we also updated our Newsletter design! We'd like to know what you think of it, send us a note with your feedback to! Thanks and enjoy the rest of the newsletter...

Shop News

It's official! Murray's "Perfect" Model design is a resounding success! In April we debuted the "Perfect" model at the annual Oregon Knife Collectors Association show and had a great response for the 1000's of people in attendence. The real test though was when you, our loyal supporters, had a chance to view it before we declared it a success! We knew the profile was 'perfect', but once they made their way online and all of the "Perfect" models sold out within eight hours it was official, we had something special. Since then Murray forged a second run of "Perfect" models, eight of which were made available on our New Products page yesterday. Also added online (but already snatched up) was a first - a chisel ground neck knife! Only three chisel ground neck knives have ever been completed by Murray but none of them have been made available to the public before now. We'd appreciate your opinion and would like to know what you think of this 'first', you can find it here!

Carter Cutlery Apprentice Success Stories
Hans Mattheison and Russell Montgomery

With hundreds of students having graduated from Murray's Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing classes, some real success stories are coming to fruition. Two graduates, Russell Montgomery of Texas and Hans Mattheison of Arizona, started their new
foray into bladesmithing by separately attending the 500 Intensive six day class less than two years ago. Upon completing that class, both of them decided to enroll in the Apprenticeship program, and then returned for some more classes. Now they are both full time bladesmiths, cranking out some highly funtional and beautiful knives.   mock image

Check out the damascus on the knife below forged by Hans (and completed by Murray) and the newspaper article about Russell.

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Now it's your turn to attend one of Murray's coveted classes and become the next Carter Cutlery Apprentice success story.

YouTube News

Even between forging knives, in-house video productions, and knife shows we still managed to produce three YouTube videos that you're sure to enjoy. Let me tell you about them...

In April we took the opportunity to film Murray's hour long demonstration at the Oregon Knife Collectors Association on the differences between Western cutlery and Eastern cutlery. This presentation can be viewed only on our YouTube channel, so check it out here. Additionally, Murray sat down to give us a much needed guide on the pronunciation of Japanese cutlery terms. Learning a different language can be difficult for anyone and we hope that this video will clear up some of the questions our supporters may have in regards to the pronunciation of their Japanese kitchen cutlery (and now you can order that wa-bocho in confidence)! Finally, closely related to Murray's presentation at OKCA, Murray offers a quick comparison between Western-style and Eastern-style knife edges and ultimately what you need to do to make each style work best for you. You can view all of these videos and more on our YouTube channel, or click here to receive updates whenever a new video is posted.

Helicopter Piloting Update

Murray is currently at 15 hours of flying time and has just started to learn Autorotation. That is when you learn to fly the helicopter to a safe landing after a engine failure during flight. Please join me in praying for Murray that he will complete his training safely.

Additionally, we're sure to be super busy next week as Murray begins teaching another 500 Intensive six-day course with students from the USA and one student from Brazil, as well as preparing for a new 'high-performance' video production that we're very excited about. Thanks for your continued support and until our next email news, stay sharp and may God richly bless you!


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