June 6th, 2012 Newsletter


ello everyone,

We have a lot of exciting news for you in this newsletter so be sure to read it in it's entirety, especially if you want to find out how you can participate in our upcoming sale! Read about our exciting upcoming events below, or click here to watch this in video format!

Shop News

We're excited to announce the completion of Kitchen Cuts, Part 3: Slicing Knives. (Available for digital download tomorrow, June 7th, 2012.) This video details the uses of both Japanese and Western style slicing knives. The physical DVD will retail for $35 and $25 for digital download. As a benefit to our customers we will be offering this video in a new complete "Media Package" at an incredible discount. With a full retail value of over $238.99, we're offering our complete 3-part Blade Sharpening DVD set (including the classic Introduction to Knife Sharpening), Kitchen Cuts, Parts 1-3, which covers Paring Knives, Nakiri Knives, and Slicing knives, and a signed copy of Murray's book Bladesmithing with Murray Carterfor only $110. Even if you already have one or two of the mentioned products, at this price you cannot afford not to buy this set. These items make great gifts for knife enthusiast. This offer will only be available for a limited time so take advantage of it right away! In addition to our new video production Murray has also completed the very last in a batch of Stainless Fukugozai Kitchen knives in Hitachi Blue Super steel. This is a great opportunity to purchase some of the last of Murray's finite stock of Blue Super steel kitchen knives.

 Knife Tips

How is everyone enjoying Murray's new Knife Care and Maintenance Tips? We've already received an overwhelmingly positive response from subscribers that have found these new tips informative, so if you haven't had the opportunity to read them through , do it! Murray spent two months completely re-writing these Knife Care and Maintenance tips with new information, new diagrams, and new videos not presented before. We think the combination of visual stimulii and written information will give you the best possible understanding of what each tip conveys. In addition to new information, Murray also included a series of incredible offers that are so generous you'll be blown away. We would recommend taking advantage of these offers as soon as you can, otherwise you may miss out on that perfect knife (or three!)!

 Blade Show Sale

It's that time of the year again! It's time for the annual Blade Show at the Cobb County Galleria in Atlanta, Georgia June 8th and we expect it will be a great show for those in attendance! Murray attended this show annually for 15 years, but unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict will not be able to attend this year. We know that this will be a big disappointment for many of you, so in an effort to make it up to you, we've decided to hold a great sale! Since normally we would incur significant expenses attending the show (table fees, hotel, transportation, shipping) we would like to pass those savings onto you by offering a discount of 25% on current inventory or goods and services AND FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the US. Sale begins JUNE 7th @ 9:00AM (PST) and ends June 11th @ 12:00AM (PST). To receive this discount please enter the coupon code BLADE12 at checkout and select WILL PICK UP to receive your free shipping.

Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing School

Earlier in the month of May we had three students from around the world join us for our 500 Level Six-day Intensive Bladesmithing Course. It was a great class for everyone and the knives produced were absolutely amazing! In fact, after seeing the knives that these students completed it's hard to believe that they've only produced a handful of knives for themselves before. We truly believe that they have the capability to become professional knifemakers in due time. We're always sad to see our students leave, but we're excited for what the future holds for these upcoming knifemakers. You can watch these student's personal testimonies on our newest YouTube video, here

Annual Open House

This is an open invitation for anyone to come out to the Carter Cutlery Open House on July 27th-28th. This event will take place at Murray's home in Hillsboro, Oregon. Guests are invited to come for two days of fun, food, and knife discussion. Camping will be allowed on the property, so bring your tents! Highlights will include: a sharpening seminar, a presentation on the "Five Secrets of Carter Cutlery's Business Success", a book sale and signing, as well as a book reading with personal stories that didn't make publication, and finally, we will have all of our knives available for sale. We are going to unveil several  unique knives that have never been viewed by the public before, allowing Open-House visitors first opportunity to select knives before our 10,000 other subscribers. This will be an alcohol-free, family-friendly event, so bring your sons or daughters to take part in this event! In order to properly plan for this even, please send RSVP to murray@cartercutlery.com.

 In other news, Murray's helicopter training is going great, he only has five more hours to complete before he's able to fly solo. It will be exciting to see how he will incorporate this into future Carter Cutlery endeavours. 

As always, stay sharp and God bless!


Murray Carter
ABS Master Bladesmith
My Website: www.cartercutlery.com
Phone: 503-447-1029
Email: murray@cartercutlery.com

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What our customers saying


I have been sharpening knives and anything with an edge for 30 years, 25 as a hobby and 5 as a profession. I came across your site about six months ago and said to myself NO WAY! After several weeks of reading your newsletter and watching your video's I decided to give your system a try against my arsenal of sharpening devices. Let the contest begin!
I ordered the fundamental and advanced videos with the King stones. I studied the info again and again and practiced repeatedly with the stones,
My equipment is: Tormek T7 (with all the attachments), very good Arkansas stones thru surgical grade, very good diamond stones and ceramic stones.
The opposition: 2 King water stones and a lot of new knowledge.
The test: Sharpen 2 identical knives 440C in a way that will allow them to shave hair, slice tomatoes and cut Japanese newspaper (the newspaper my stones were packed in)
Result: My systems failed miserably, I even got a second knife, might have been bad steel, glitch in the stones, bad ceramic ETC!
The water stones worked the first time and the knife is still razor sharp, not bad for a shop knife. It would be great if you would cutback a little on the advertising before it gets out that anyone with a little training can do my job!
Thank you for the enjoyable learning experience and sharing your knowledge!

God Bless,

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