Carter Cutlery June Newsletter - June 18th, 2013

June 18th, 2013 Newsletter

Carter Cutlery

ello everyone!

We'll try to keep this newsletter brief and to the point since there are a lot of projects that we have in production:

Shop News

   For the month of July Murray will be travelling in Japan on business and because of this the shop has been working to finishing all possible knives before Murray's departure. That being said, we have 50 new neck knives currently in various stages of completion. These knives will be completed intermittently over the period of June/July, so be sure to subscribe to our New Product alerts to be notified once they're available. As a side project, Murray will soon begin forging a special Damascus billet that will incorporate the rich logging history of Oregon with Murray's Japanese-style of knifemaking. During an Open House demonstration, Murray forged a similar knife and was blown away by the performance. Below is a picture of this prototype knife:

Speaking of new designs, have you purchased your copy of Murray's second book, 101 Knife Designs? Purchase it directly from Carter Cutlery and have it personally signed by the author! 

YouTube News 

   In keeping with what you've come to expect from Carter Cutlery, we raised the bar once more by attempting something never filmed before:

  • Sharpening and shaving with a knife, blindfolded - This demonstration of skill is the perfect example as to why Murray is such a huge proponent of teaching and giving you the necessary 'software' needed to sharpen anything, as opposed to simply offering jigs or devices that do the work instead (you hope). If you enjoyed the video, please share it with your friend -- we're sure they've never seen anything like it before!
Additional videos:
  • Sword Forging - We compiled and composed sword forging footage from the six-day class mentioned in our May Newsletter. In May Murray hosted a six-day class in which he taught a student how to use the power hammer to forge a sword. 
  • Open House Testimonials - Attendees to our weekly Open House events take the opportunity to tell you what they think of the demonstrations. 

Japan Tour News

   In July Murray will be leaving for Japan to finalize arrangements for his exciting ten-day tour in October. Murray, who lived as a rural Japanese bladesmith for 18 years, has the ability to offer North American/European knife enthusiasts a rare glimpse into the heart of the Japanese knife industry. This year Murray and four guests will travel around Japan learning the intricacies of local cutlery production, and for knife enthusiasts, it is sure to be the trip of a lifetime!

   If you'd like to attend next year's Tour of Japan, contact Murray at to discuss travel arrangements. Due to the personal nature of the tour space is limited to four (4) persons. A deposit of $1500 is require to reserve your seat. 

Open House News
While Murray is travelling in Japan during July, Carter Cutlery will continue hosting weekly Open House events. Demonstrations will be held by Murray's chief technician, Shamus, who will be demonstrations some forging techniques and the construction of kitchen knife handles.
Thank you once again for a wonderful month, we're honored to be able to serve you and your cutlery needs.

Stay sharp!
Murray Carter & the Carter Cutlery Staff
ABS Master Bladesmith
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Sharpening and Shaving -- Blindfolded!
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Murray Carter - Sword Forging
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I brought my son to your open house last week. We were riveted by your demonstration. There are not a lot of things my kiddo gets excited about but he is inspired by your work and talks about it a lot. As a parent, I so appreciate the opportunity to expose my son to craftsmanship and hands on building of such beautiful knives. It's great to get him engaged in something other than computers and video games. Thank you so much! We will be back."

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