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July 7, 2008


InFo CoLuMn

What do all those Japanese words mean?

= an old unit of measurement in Japan, similar to our inch, but divided into ten "bu." Ten sun = one shaku, about a foot. Metric roots go way back!

Hocho = "kitchen knife." Also seen as "-bocho." Literally in Chinese it means "kitchen worker," which is indeed what these knives are.

Fukugozai = "composite material." We use either a core of white or blue steel for these knives with SUS410 stainless steel on the outside.

Kurouchi = "black hammered." A knife that has the upper half of the blade unpolished. Old method of rust prevention.

Wabocho = "Japanese kitchen knife."

Santoku = "three virtues." A multi-purpose knife that can be used for both push- and draw-cutting of meat, vegetables and fish. The kitchen Wharncliffes of Japan! Great for chopping and scooping, and easy to sharpen.

Funayuki = "ship going." Fishermen used these as they were versatile knives. Great for simple food prep chopping and draw-cutting.

Nakiri = "vegie cutter." Square end with upturn blade edge makes for push-cutting all kinds of greens with precision.

Sujihiki = "sinew puller." A long thin slicer for cutting along the sinew to separate large hunks of meat cleanly.

Gyuto = "beef knife." Similar to a Western chef knife. Lengthy ones are used for slicing and carving meat, shorter ones for detailed work.

First Batch of Knives Completed

We are daily posting to our website the latest batch of kitchen knives -- fifty Stainless Fukugozai (SFGZ). Check them out here. The majority of these knives are Funayuki, with a few Wabocho (Santoku), Nakiri and Sujihiki. Lengths are between 4 and 10 sun (take a look at this Funayuki). A
New batch of SFGZ ready to gofew are handle-less, for those who have their own handles they want to put on, or who want Murray to put on a custom handle for them.

These knives are going quickly! Strike while the iron's hot. In fact, strike even when the iron's cold -- the sooner the better to snag some of these great blades.

Also completed are nearly two dozen custom orders which will please those who've been waiting a good while for them.

On The Tube

Our presence on YouTube is generating quite a response.Japanese forge Visit our channel to see what we have up there, and be sure to subscribe to our channel so you'll be notified when our next clip goes up. We'll be taking footage of various aspects of knifemaking and knife care, as well as an assortment of other practical training topics. You'll definitely want to stay tuned! So far we have the following clips for viewing:


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Bladesmithing Classes
101, 202 and 301

We still have room for participants in these exciting and highly instructional classes:

You can make your reservations by clicking on the above links, or send us an email, or give us a call if you are interested in taking any of these classes. We also offer financing for any of our classes for those who would rather pay monthly rather than one lump sum.

Carter Cutlery Action Adventure August 2008
32-mile 5-day hiking trip
Room for just a few more participants!
(See May '08 Newsletter for details)

We have an update on our very promising adventure this summer. We are moving the dates ahead by two days -- the trip will start on August 16th and we will hike until the 20th (originally from 18th~22nd). Our trip leader this year, John, has gone to great lengths to write a 33-page explanation
of where we are going, what we will be doing, what to bring, how to prepare for the trip, etc. If you are interested in receiving a copy of this very informative and practical guide to hiking and camping, please let us know. I personally can't wait to go on this adventure of a lifetime, and I look forward to benefiting from all the outdoor-related seminars we have planned.

If you are interested in joining us for the fun and unforgettable camaraderie, contact us today as there is not much time left to prepare. The participation fee is $350, which covers everything but your transportation to and from the rendezvous point, food and equipment.

Until our next email news,

Stay Sharp and may God richly bless you!

Carter Cutlery

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