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Dear Fellow Blade Enthusiasts,

Wow! Winter in Oregon held out until the beginning of July and then, WHAM! Summer hits us with a vengeance. I say, "Bring it on, I love the heat." I didn't choose bladesmithing because I'm afraid of the heat; I even get pleasure standing in front of the roaring forge in the middle of the hottest summer days. Just give me a couple liters of water to sip on, and a fresh change of clothes at lunchtime, and you won't hear any complaints from me. I really do believe God meant for me to be a bladesmith -- I don't even cry when the cocobolo dust goes up my nose and in my lungs!

Well, I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for the art of Japanese smithing with my class students. Recently we conducted another 101 class -- Forging and Completion of a Personal Neck Knife. Having taught this class more than all other classes combined, it progressed exceptionally smoothly as was predicted. The students all made outstanding knives and had a blast learning as many new skills as we could pack into two days. If you asked one of them, I'm sure they would tell you that it felt more like four days of information packed into two. Above is a shot of their knives and here are some of the guys at work learning. Be sure to look at this YouTube video of their impressions as well.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Thank you so much for the astounding knife as well as the great DVDs. The knife is a real masterpiece and I've never seen anything like it anywhere. I just love it and carry it with me everywhere I go. You have my deepest respect and gratitude. -- Felix Sandstrom

"I just received the 7.1 Sun Kuro-uchi Funayuki that I ordered from you. Right out of the box I was amazed by the superb craftsmanship of this knife. It looks beautiful and feels like a natural extension of my hand when I hold it. Perfect balance. I own many Japanese and Western kitchen knives and yours was by far the sharpest and most balanced knife that I have ever used in the kitchen. What a difference a truly sharp knife makes when preparing food. I am 100% satisfied by my purchase. Thank you for your prompt delivery and excellent product. -- SSG Luis Viegas 

"I was cutting a tomato for my breakfast this morning with the knife I made with your extensive help. It cut much better than any knife I had used previously. I had given it the edge that it has which means that I can have that knife that sharp forever. Thank you again and again. The course and you were terrific. If anybody ever needs convincing to attend any of your courses, please have them call me. -- Al Reams

The Old Mill House Inn

Many of you are wondering where my students stay while they are attending classes at Carter Cutlery. Although there are four or five options, ranging from camping to first-class accommodations, most folks stay at the Old Mill House Inn. It is a fantastic bed & breakfast hosted by Brooke and Dave Van Meter. Dave is a contractor by day and single-handedly remodeled this historic house. It used to belong to the accountant who worked for the wood mill that established Vernonia as a town and was the center of its economy. Unfortunately the mill was closed down in 1957, but its influence on the town and the people can still be seen and felt everywhere.

The Old Mill Inn has three rooms for rent, which are priced from $105 ~ $125/night. Carter Cutlery students get a special negotiated price of $85/night which includes a multi-course breakfast that will have you begging for Brooke to stop bringing more delicious food to you at the breakfast table. I'm lucky the bladesmithing is as exciting as it is, or I bet we would have sleepy students nodding off in the shop after breakfast, as their stomachs worked on digesting that scrumptious food. I love it when a group of new students come for a class, because Brooke is gracious enough to have me over to share breakfast with the guys one of the mornings.

Shop News

I am getting really excited about the coming batch of razors. I made one prototype of a traditional Japanese razor and then shaved with it. Metallurgically it was fine, but I did make a long shallow slice in my right cheek (bleeding stopped in a few minutes). Yeah, I guess the steel is good because I didn't even feel it. The end of the razor was perfectly square, and the point of that square is what cut me. I rounded it just a bit to remedy the problem. Maybe I was just careless, because square-tipped razors are one accepted variation, and rounded corners are another. Anyhow, I am now just finishing up some odds and ends around the shop before I start into the razors, so that I can fully focus on making them. I expect I'll be working on them all summer. Here is one of the "Odds and Ends" projects I finished this week. Visit our New Products page for quite a number of new additions, including some very nice International Pro series knives and some gorgeous daggers.

New Policies

We are putting into place a couple of business policies to benefit not only Carter Cutlery but our clientele as well.

First, we are now offering all current US Military and Law Enforcement personnel 10% off on any and all orders. Just type MLE10 in the Coupon box at checkout and click Apply to get the discount. Given that millions of American men and women have served in this capacity at one time or another, we are offering this discount for current personnel only (not for retired or discharged personnel). We will require some form of proof of current status when you order.

Another new policy concerns drop-in visitors. It is with mixed emotions that I report that Carter Cutlery is experiencing unprecedented growth in sales and orders, and all staff members including myself are pressed to accomplish all that we must do within the time constraints of a regular workday. As fun as it is to "shoot the breeze" for hours with drop-in customers during one of our work days, it is difficult for us to accommodate sudden visitors without cheating our paying customers who are patiently waiting for their ordered knives to be forged and completed. Our new policy, therefore, is if you would like to stop by to personally drop off a knife sharpening job or pick up ordered merchandise or knives, you are most welcome. However, we will have to politely turn away curious admirers. We appreciate your consideration and understanding.

Bladesmithing School News

As I mentioned above, our classes keep getting better and better, and testimonials from former students keep coming in (see column to the right).

We have space available in the following classes. One is coming up real soon -- join this class on making your very own kitchen knife.

102 - Forging and Completion of a Stainless Fukugozai Series Kitchen Knife: Aug. 13~14, 2010
500 - Intensive Six-Day Class: August 30 ~ Sept. 4, 2010
202 - Forging and Completion of an International Pro Series Chef's Knife: Sept. 9~11, 2010
302 - Forge Welding and Completion of a Damascus Steel Knife: Sept. 20~25, 2010
402 - Professional Blade Sharpener Intensive Instruction; Oct 21~23, 2010
101 - Forging and Completion of a Personal Neck Knife: Oct 29~30, 2010
201 - Forging and Completion of a Camp Knife: Nov. 18~20, 2010

Well, enjoy your summer, and I say: "Bring on the heat!"

Until our next email news, stay sharp and may God richly bless you!

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