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July 19, 2011

20% Incentive on Japanese Razors

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Dear Fellow Blade Enthusiasts,

This summer has been absolutely incredible, the weather has been gorgeous and business has been busy! First, we'd like to thank all of you who voiced your opinion on the Orange County Chopper proposal that we received last month. The overwhelming consensus mirrored Murray's initial thoughts which was that Orange County Choppers did not adequately represent Carter Cutlery, and the remarks we received were very similar to our own concerns. In fact, we did not receive any recommendations that it would be a good business decision.

 Shop News

Speaking of motorcycles, since Murray is currently commuting to Vernonia he decided that it would be most effective (and safe) to find a new mode of transportation. Through extensive research, everything pointed to the BMW R1200 GS Dual-Sport as the best option for everyday use and performance. As some of you may know, this motorcycle is made to travel across all types of terrain, and in all weather, and if you know Murray it almost exudes his personality! So, after searching exhaustively through the local dealerships and private listings it became apparent that Murray might have to broaden his search. Finally, over the Fourth of July weekend Murray was able to locate the perfect R1200 GS -- the only problem? It was in Ft. Worth, Texas!

New Mexico

Amazingly, what we thought was a problem actually turned into a blessing since it gave Murray the opportunity to drive to San Francisco with a great friend of the company, John Thurmond and hand delivered a custom 34-piece International Pro kitchen knife set with a handcrafted maple knife block that Murray had completed at the beginning of the month. Straight from San Francisco on only two hours of sleep, Murray left for Ft. Worth where he was met by the owner of the motorcycle who was coincidentally named R. Carter. After visiting dealerships and mechanics, three days and 2500 miles, Murray arrived back in Hillsboro riding his 'new' 2006 BMW R 1200 GS -- just in time for Sunday night church service!


Murray firmly believes in taking care of those who take care of us. One local business who has helped keep our operation running smoothly has been True Value Hardware here in Vernonia, Oregon. Craig Tolonen has been supplying us with epoxy, crazy glue, other shop supplies, and helping with our vehicles and machines. Even going as far as to share the best hunting areas in Vernonia with Murray. As a token of his appreciation for all of his hard work, Murray presented Craig with a new hunting knife, a Tactical Model neck knife. Thanks for everything, Craig!

 YouTube Updates

Have you seen the world's first filmed attempt at shaving with a spoon, yet? If you haven't, I can assure you you're missing out on some amazing footage! Continuing his pursuit to prove that you don't need fancy tools and machines to achieve razor sharp edges, Murray hand sharpens a spoon and proceeds to shave with it!

All of this, including expert advice on sharpening, knife care, and other aspects of cutlery can be found on our YouTube Channel,! Click this link to subscribe for the most up to date videos news from Murray! We hope that you enjoy all of videos, and if you enjoyed this video, help us share it with the world! Thanks for watching!

 New Products

We've added several gorgeous High Grade kitchen knives to our New Products page as well as a small number of prototype Damascus International Pro kitchen knives to our Clearance page. Prices on these prototypes have been reduced only for cosmetic reasons. We'd also like to offer a special 48-hour incentive on our Japanese Razors for those of you that need a bit of a 'push'. If you wanted one of these razors now may be your only opportunity, Murray will not be making another batch of these in the future. We will only be offering this special price for the next 48-hours, so don't hesitate! Take advantage of this offer right away or you might miss out! At purchase you may use the discount code RAZOR20 to receive your special pricing.

Until our next email news, stay sharp and may God richly bless you!

Murray Carter
ABS Master Bladesmith
17th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith

22097 NW West Union Rd
Hillsboro, OR, 97124
Carter Cutlery
503-447-1029 office
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"Hi Murray,

I received the neck knife today - I don't like it....

I love it!!!

It's the sharpest knife I've ever owned - commercial or custom.

I'm kinda' kicking myself for not getting a knife from you earlier, but everything happens when it does for a reason.

Thanks for a fantastic knife - I can't put it down!

Greg Loftis

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