July 4th, 2012 Newsletter


owdy folks! First of all, for my American brothers and sisters, Happy Independence Day! I hope you are enjoying the early summer weather with friends or family. It is so crazy busy here at Carter Cutlery that I almost can’t decide what news to start with.

NEW FREE Video Series: “Carter Cutlery High Performance Tips”

Finally the project that we have kept under tight lock and key is ready to be unveiled for our loyal patrons and YouTube channel subscribers. The concept of this multi-series media project was for Carter Cutlery, the cutlery experts, to humble themselves by visiting with world-renown authorities in other fields of discipline and bringing to our viewing audience the fantastic tips and techniques that we learned from the experts. I chose seven fields for the first round of videos:

  • Combat handgun shooting
  • Precision rifle shooting
  • Adventure motorcycle riding
  • Racecar driving
  • Helicopter flying
  • Aerial platform machine gunning
  • Bodybuilding

We have filmed the rifle and bodybuilding series and this Thursday are heading down to CA to film both the handgun and motorcycle series. We film aerial platform in August and race car in October. Helicopter will come after that, coinciding perfectly as Murray progresses from Private license to Commercial Helicopter licensing. Now that we have let the cat out of the bag, be sure to watch our freshly edited series “Precision Rifle Shooting” with world champion rifle shooter Stan Pate. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss any of the action!

  • Equipment
  • Auxilary Equipment
  • At 300 Yards - available soon
  • At 600 Yards
  • At 1000 Yards
  • Palma Rifle
  • Indoor Range
  • 300 WSM...Pistol?
  • Interview with Stan

    This filming project requires a tremendous amount of resources and focus, but we feel it will be of great value to our customers. Once we finish with the first seven series, I’ll consider ‘round two’ which might include white-water kayaking and sky-diving. If you have any other ideas please email us. Also, we are actively looking for partner sponsors for this series and are willing to share the credit with all who are involved. If you would like to partner with me, please call 503-816-6556 for more details.

    Kitchen Cuts Part 3, Slicing Knives

    We are pleased to announce that we now have in our hands the third edition of our “Kitchen Cuts” DVD series, ready for immediate shipping. Everyone who has watched it so far has said that this latest video is our best one yet. Many of my friends said they really liked the bonus footage taken in my forge as I made a sushi knife from start to finish. We are definitely improving our filming and editing skills, and are excited to start filming Part 4 in this exciting and informative series.

    From the DVD jacket cover:

    Kitchen Cuts: Part 3, Slicing Knives: Japanese & Western highlights the versatility of a long, slim slicing knife. From filleting fish to stretching strips of bacon, viewers will benefit as they watch five top chefs, each with their own style and techniques, complete their cutting tasks with the utmost care, efficiency and safety. Also of great benefit to aspiring chefs is the included interview footage which provides rare insight on how to achieve success in the culinary industry.

    Bonus footage includes:

    • Sharpening and maintenance tips specific to slicing knives
    • Forging and completion of a Japanese Yanagi-ba sushi knife. (View on YouTube!)

    You can get your copy here: Kitchen Cuts, Part 3: Slicing Knives

    Shop News and June Sale Update

    I am currently working on a batch of 100 knives; about 50 High Grade and Kuro Uchi kitchen knives in various lengths and about 50 neck knives. Some of the neck knives will be our “Ultra Conceal Series” with thin handle scales for maximum concealment and a few others will feature tritium, glow-in-the-dark vials embedded in the handle to match the night sights in your favorite handgun! Never lose your knife in the dark again! We’ll try to get these kitchen and neck knives out to the public by the first week of August. These knives will be a welcome sight as we just about sold out of our standard inventory during our four day super sale in June. For all who participated in our June sale or Knife Tip offers, Thank you!

    Hey, that reminds me, if you haven’t signed up for our newly revised “Free Knife Tips” on our homepage, do so now so that you don’t miss out on some unbelievable offers that only tip subscribers are allowed to take advantage of.

    Open House at Carter Cutlery, Hillsboro, Oregon, July 27th and 28th

    Come and join our second annual open house at my home in Hillsboro, Oregon. (Address below)

    This is an open invitation for anyone to come out to the Carter Cutlery Open House on July 27th-28th. This event will take place at Murray's home in Hillsboro, Oregon. Guests are invited to come for two days of fun, food, and knife discussion. Camping will be allowed on the property, so bring your tents! Highlights will include: a sharpening seminar, a presentation on the "Five Secrets of Carter Cutlery's Business Success", a book sale and signing, as well as a book reading with personal stories that didn't make publication, and finally, we will have all of our knives available for sale. We are going to unveil several  unique knives that have never been viewed by the public before, allowing Open-House visitors first opportunity to select knives before our 10,000 other subscribers. This will be an alcohol-free, family-friendly event, so bring your sons or daughters to take part in this event! In order to properly plan for this even, please send RSVP to murray@cartercutlery.com.


    For those of you who would like to attend one of Murray's classes but can't because of time, financial or geographical constraints, this is the next best option. By appointment, you can engage Murray in a video conference (via Skype) where you can ask all your sharpening, bladesmithing, or general questions to Murray and receive the benefit of his hard-earned experience and expertise. This service has been tried and tested and deemed highly effective. Compared to the rate of $1000 per day for Murray's Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing Classes, for only $250 per hour you will receive one-on-one, face-to-face personal instruction directly from Murray. What's more, we will only charge you for each 12-minute segment. (For example: If your conference only lasts 24 minutes, you'll only be assessed a charge of $100) Call Murray at 503-447-1029 or send email to murray@cartercutlery.com to arrange your consultation time today.

    Murray’s Piloting Progress Report

    I hope to pass my first stage check and will soon be soloing a Robinson R-22 helicopter. Cross country flights, night flights and night cross country flights will round out my training, and after about 25 more hours in the pilot’s seat, I might be a licensed helicopter pilot. Following that, I’ll start on my commercial license because the standards are much higher. Carter Cutlery informs me that they will not keep paying for my flying time unless I commit to becoming the safest pilot I can be! We’ll post video of my first solo flight for your viewing pleasure soon.

    Well folks, remember the sunscreen when outdoors (we don’t need it yet here in western Oregon!) and enjoy your summer. We’ll catch back up with you in August.

    Stay sharp and May God richly bless you,


    Murray Carter
    ABS Master Bladesmith
    My Website: www.cartercutlery.com
    Phone: 503-447-1029
    Email: murray@cartercutlery.com

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