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July 21, 2008

InFo CoLuMn

Murray, why can't I get the handle I want on a SFGZ knife?

That's a fair question, and one that I often get asked. Quite simply, the answer lies in the logistics. It would be simply too difficult to keep track of all the details.

When I forge a batch of 75 knives (sometimes more, sometimes less), there are usually 20 or so ordered knives mixed in the batch. These will be SFGZ, SFGZ-RH, KU, JP and neck knives.

Keeping track of what kind and size of knife and for whom can be challenging, but at least for me there are no custom details in each knife. This allows me to finish the whole batch in a reasonable time.

With truly custom orders such as IP, IPNB or custom knives, however, where each detail is decided by the customer, I work on only one knife at a time. It takes proportionally much more time to complete, but that is what the customer is paying for.

To offer custom handles as an option for our lower-end knives would be a logistical nightmare.

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More Knives on the Way

All of the kitchen knives from our last batch are now posted on the Carter Cutlery Products website, and you'll find them in their own category, the Stainless Fukugozai Series. There are a quite a few 4- and 5-sun as well as medium-size 6-sun knives there for you to look at... and make that decision to get one of the shorter ones for all your detail cutting needs.

The next new group of knives that are currently in production include:

  • Damascus knives made from tamahagane steel (the same steel that Japanese traditional swordmakers start with)
  • Kuro-uchi (KU) Series -- about 25 of these, ranging in size from 4 sun to 10 sun
  • Stainless Fukugozai Riveted Handle (SFGZ-RH) Series -- 20 of these, from 5.2 sun on up
  • Japanese Pro Series (Right Hand) -- only 5 of these are in the works, all Nakiri, about 5 sun in blade length
  • Neck Knives -- the largest number of knives in production now, approximately 70 blades, many Wharncliffe, along with some other popular styles
  • Custom Knives -- an assortment of these for many of you who have been waiting so patiently

On The Tube

A few more clips have been posted on our YouTube channel. If you haven't already, give them a view:

Feel free to subscribe to our channel so you'll be notified via email on the latest postings. We'll be working on some shop clips next where Murray will be explaining about some of the finer points of his tasks and address some misconceptions.

Sad Truth About Kitchen Knives

Chad Ward has put out an excellent and witty book on cutlery, subtitled "The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Knives." Check out his website and here at for info on the book. We thought this excerpt was good, showing how important it is to choose your kitchen cutlery carefully.

The Sad Truth About Kitchen Knives... The knives found in most commercial and home kitchens are like supermarket tomatoes -- designed more for sturdiness than quality. Knife manufacturers make a series of compromises calculated to keep the largest number of people happy for the longest period of time. That means knives that don't rust, that hold an acceptable edge, and are soft enough to take some serious abuse without breaking. These compromises are not for your benefit. They keep the manufacturers from having to deal with too many returns. Because of these compromises, very few people truly love their knives once the shiny factory edge has worn down.

We agree, and that's why Carter Cutlery strives to offer the best in kitchen knives to our customers. And that's the happy truth!

Inner Circle Membership Offer

Last week we sent out our special email offer regarding the opportunity to become a special part of Carter Cutlery -- to invest in our future and to take advantage of some fantastic forging courses and many special benefits. There has been considerable reaction to this Offer, some negative and some positive.

Murray will be posting to the KnifeForums website to help clarify the purpose of the Inner Circle membership, but primarily to offer his advice on various knife-related questions. Be sure to visit the special thread, Murray Carter Questions, at the KnifeForums website, to keep up-to-date on this very interesting discussion. Many other topics will be discussed, so this thread is a must-visit for all knife aficionados.

By the way, KnifeForums is a very helpful and informative website to enable you to keep abreast on the latest in the knife world -- e.g., their In The Kitchen Forum is one of the largest forums on the Web and full of practical advice. Bookmark this website for sure!

The Hike

John Drollette, our hiking guide and instructor, and Murray went on an exploration hike of the planned course for our August Action Adventure Hike. Check out this video John put together of some of what they encountered:

Prep Trip Video

Looks like a great trip ahead! Some more vids and pics are here:

Carter Cutlery Prep Trip

Until our next email news,

Stay Sharp and may God richly bless you!

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