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Carter Cutlery August ‘07 Newsletter
2 Amazing offers! Read on…

Dear Friends,

Wow, it’s August already. I hope that this year is going well for you and that this newsletter finds you in great spirits and prosperity.

My greatest news is that phase #1 of is completed and on line. The “Seven free Knife Maintenance Tips” are not automated yet, but we have managed to start sending them out to those who signed up for them. For those of you who patiently waited, and didn’t give up hope, thank you. Many of you gave me input, and I would like to encourage you to email me if you have any comments at

Phase #2 will include streaming video clips and audio, and Phase #3 will enable the site to do e-commerce. I plan to have a “Current Inventory” page, where customers can purchase items directly from the site. It would be nice to complete Phase #3 sometime in November, to allow you to purchase in time for Christmas.

The recent “Secrets Of The Samurai Bladesmith” school was a resounding success. It was absolutely fantastic. I must admit to taking the following week off to recuperate because the five day course was so intense. Click here to see the article in “The Independent” where they covered the story. Hovey Smith, an accomplished journalist and writer of more than 13 books, flew in from Georgia to document the school. His 2500 word report is going to be featured in the “Knives Annual” of 2009, by Krause Publications.

The feedback from the debut course and current demand for my instruction has led to the development of a complete curriculum. This curriculum will appeal to all interests and skill levels of bladesmithing. The courses available are:

- 100 Introduction to Japanese Bladesmithing ( Lectures, Demonstration by teacher) 1 day course
- 101 Forging and completion of a personal Neck Knife, 2 day
- 102 Forging and completion of a Stainless Fuku-go Zai Series Kitchen knife, 2 day
- 201 Forging and completion of a Camp Knife, 3 day
- 202 Forging and completion of an International Pro Series Chef’s Knife, 3 day
- 301 Forge welding, forging and completion of a Kuro Uchi Series Knife, 3 day
- 302 Forge welding and completion of a Damascus Steel Knife, 5 day
- 401 Sword forging, 5 day
- 500 Original Intensive course covering 100,101,201and 301 , 6 day

This curriculum will allow students to enter at a level they are comfortable with, move on to higher level courses in succession while applying skills learned in previous courses. The schedule of courses and other details will be up on the website soon. Those interested should call me at 503-816-6556 or email

Other great news is the release of my second sharpening DVD titled “Advanced Blade Sharpening Techniques”. This fast paced and exciting production picks up where I left off in my first production “Introduction To Knife Sharpening” and is equally entertaining as it is informative. Included is an incredibly ‘gutsy’ shaving demonstration as well as forging footage from my shop. These topics are covered in the DVD:

- A review of the 6 step sharpening procedure
- Kata-ha blade sharpening, as never explained before
- Tanto blade regrinding
- Achieving defined points
- Using stones so they wear evenly,
- Shortcomings of guides and jigs
- Function of polishing sludge
- What to do with serrations
- Effect of micro-serrations on slice
- Pitting on carbon steel blades

I have both DVD’s in stock ready for immediate delivery. The price for either DVD is $35 or both for a discounted price of $60 plus shipping. Other Products

The following are two amazing offers that I have made available to my current customer base.

Amazing offer #1

Join me and 40 others for a 4 day defensive handgun course at America’s premier firearms training facility near Las Vegas, Nevada, a $2000 Value for absolutely FREE! Course dates are November 2~5, 2007.

I’m able to extend this incredible offer to you because of the personal relationship I have developed over the last 12 months with Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of America’s premier firearms training facility, Dr. Piazza, has consulted with me over the past 12 months on how I can improve my business to better serve you.

You can read all about the training facility, course details, location etc., by going to their website at I’ll be taking a $200 deposit for those willing to commit, $50 of which is for a criminal background check, and $150 which I’ll return to you when the course commences. So other than transportation, accommodation and the background check, the class is free. Please email or call me with your request to participate.

According to my long term goal of moving to the US and expanding my business, I recently applied for and attained an FFL, or a Federal Firearms License. I am now a licensed firearms dealer. When I hire an administrative helper in the future, I plan to engage in this business. My interest in the responsible ownership of firearms led me to seek training in the safe and effective use of firearms at Front Sight.

Amazing offer #2

Since the very early days of my bladesmithing career, I have felt a strong sense of purpose in what I do. That purpose has always been to create the highest performance knives possible and to deliver them with unsurpassed customer service. My second goal has been to share my knowledge with my customers through continuing education such as seminars, demonstrations and video productions.

I have reached a very exciting time in my career. Demand for my knives has steadily increased since my move to the US two years ago, and presently I am as much as two years behind on my custom knife orders. The debut of my new website, , the success of the bladesmithing school, as well as a host of other new innovative business activities has contributed to increased demand as well as increased administrative work for me. Some days I can’t even get out to the shop to make the knives because I’m busy answering e-mails, answering phone calls, packing up knives, taking them to the post office, updating my customer data base and other administrative tasks.

I’m really excited because this is a pivotal time for Carter Cutlery. I feel that now is the time to take this business to the next level. With the right assistant, I believe I can double my business, have faster turn-around on custom orders, and further increase the quality of my cutlery by being able to concentrate on what I do best…forging high performance cutlery. I also have other business ideas as well that go naturally with custom cutlery fabrication, ventures that I know we could be very competitive in.

If only I had a twin brother, I could do it all myself…

So here is the amazing offer...

I am looking for a creative energetic administrative assistant. This person need to have the desire to be a part of taking the one man operation of Carter Cutlery to a force to be reckoned with in the cutlery industry. I know we can do it if we have the right people. I’m looking for someone who can see the vision, feel the purpose and wants to be part of the pioneer staff of a promising company. I’m looking for someone who will commit to several years, and who will be able to reap the rewards down the road for having invested their time and energy in such a promising venture.

Job requirements involve the following:

1) must have strong customer service and team working skills
2) must be computer savvy with experience using Word, Excel, Access, Frontpage or Dreamweaver
3) must have an enthusiastic interest in the cutlery and firearms industry

If you think you’d like to be part of a winning team, contact me by e-mail or phone, 503-816-6556.

Well that wraps up this newsletter; it will be hard to top this one for exciting content in the future! Feel free to forward this message on to anyone who might enjoy it, and encourage them to request my catalog and free shop tour DVD by e-mailing me at

Feel free to contact me with questions or comments,
God Bless and ‘Stay Sharp’

Murray Carter
ABS Master Bladesmith
PO Box 307
Vernonia, OR
503-816-6556 (cell)









Be sure to email me with any questions at

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