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August 24, 2010

Hello fellow keeners!

We are back into the full swing of things in and around the knife shop now that the Carter family is back from a two-week vacation on the East Coast. The occasion for such a long journey with all four kids was a long overdue family reunion which was held in Nova Scotia, Canada, where Murray was born and raised until the age of 18. It is also the place where Murray met his wife 17 years ago. As fun and exciting such a trip for the family can be, we are very glad to be back home and resuming our life as normal.

Tony's knife 01

One of the unexpected highlights of the trip was an opportunity to meet with a Carter Cutlery customer in Danbury, CT. There, Murray personally hand delivered a very special knife made from over 100,000 layers of "tamahagane" sword steel. The blade has stunningly beautiful mammoth ivory scales and an inscription on the reverse side, "Matt 6:33," Murray's favorite Bible verse. The knife was for a very special recipient who had recently given his life to the Lord and who got baptized the day of the knife delivery.

Tony's knife 02

  Bladesmithing School News

This fall promises to be busy with over six Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing classes scheduled. The most recent class, 102 Forging and Completion of a Stainless Fukugozai Kitchen Knife, was a fantastic success. Read here what one of the students had to say about the course:


I came to this class with a fair amount of background knowledge in blacksmithing and laminated toolmaking from my hobby of making and using Japanese woodworking tools. I had wanted to try making kitchen-style knives, but had had several botched attempts of my own, which led me to attend one of Murray's classes.

The class was small -- actually only me -- and this allowed me to complete two knives in the two-day class. Murray's teaching and demonstration style is wonderful -- he points out important processes and tips along the way and corrections to make when necessary.

I learned much more than how to make a kitchen knife. I learned power hammer technique, fire maintenance, heat treating tips, sharpening and straighteningskills -- all of which I can apply to my other toolmaking efforts.

Overall, it was a fabulous class! I would recommend it to anyone interested in knifemaking or toolmaking in general.

--- Dave Burnard, PhD Astrophysics; Senior Software Engineer, Adobe Systems

You can see more about this specific class along with some class photos here on YouTube.

Upcoming classes are as follows:

500 - Intensive Six-Day Class: August 30 ~ Sept. 4, 2010
202 - Forging and Completion of an International Pro Series Chef's Knife: Sept. 9~11, 2010
302 - Forge Welding and Completion of a Damascus Steel Knife: Sept. 20~25, 2010
402 - Professional Blade Sharpener Intensive Instruction; Oct 21~23, 2010
101 - Forging and Completion of a Personal Neck Knife: Oct 29~30, 2010
201 - Forging and Completion of a Camp Knife: Nov. 18~20, 2010

  Speaking of the Tube

We have uploaded more YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure -- Murray Carter Koshinata Head Shave For benefit of the NAAF and the above-mentioned Bladesmithing School Testimonial #6. I think you will agree to the uniqueness of the Bladesmithing School Testimonial because Dave came to the class with an amazing amount of knowledge and experience in Japanese Bladesmithing and still learned more than he expected. If you have any suggestions or requests for new videos, please contact us with your questions and ideas.

  Shop News

The custom razors you have all been waiting for are finally underway. Expect announcements on their availability in the next two newsletters.

By the way, the customer who bought Murray's first Japanese razor had this to say: "I received your razor a couple of days ago and it is a ripper. I have used it since it arrived and it is very comfortable to use. I feel very privileged to be the person who gets to use the prototype razor you made."

  New Products

We are happy to announce our new hardwood cutting boards complete with Carter Cutlery logo. These are the same cutting boards Murray used when he won a kitchen knife cutting competition at the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia, last June (see June 10 newsletter).

Cutting board competition

These boards are hand-crafted from the finest tiger stripe maple and sapele mahogany wood for decades of use. They are available in two sizes: 12" X 23" and 12" x 18" and are ready for immediate sale here on our website, retailing for $149 and $129 respectively. If you haven't already, be sure to also take a look at our professional knife blocks for sale.

Cutting board logo

Well, enjoy the rest of your summer, and until our next email news, stay sharp and may God richly bless you!

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