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August 9, 2011


Dear Patrons,

Thank you all for another fantastic month. Each month is passing by quicker than the last. It's surprising that we're almost back into the holiday season when it seems like just yesterday that Murray and his family were moving from Vernonia to Hillsboro. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement of an open house and special "on premise" knife show and sale at the new Hillsboro location this fall.

 Shop News

Murray has been busy forging the next batch of knives before he begins work on a number of custom orders. There will be 100 kitchen knives mostly in the High Grade Series as well as 50 neck knives. These knives will be great for those of you who fell in love with a knife from our last batch, but didn't get it in time, or were looking for something in a different handle material. We hope to have the knives heat treated by the end of the month. If there is a knife that you're interested in please send an email and let us know. We'd love to make your dreams a reality! In the newest batch of kitchen knives there are also a number of thicker stock kitchen knives (medium weight between a normal blade and a deba cleaver) that would be a great option for those of you who were looking for a heavy duty blade.

We've also completed the very last of the straight razors. As you may know, Murray has been working on these for quite some time. As soon as a few of the Carter Cutlery distinguished customers found out that Murray would be finishing the last of these once-in-a-lifetime products, two of them were purchased even before Murray had finished them. Here is a photograph of these finished beauties:

If you have been keeping track of the razors as they were completed, it's clearly evident that Murray's style has changed over the course of the project! The last available razor is fantastic; an Ironwood handled Kuro-uchi (kata-ha) straight razor with a hand forged hollow bevel. Quickly grab what could be Murray's last ever custom razor.

 YouTube Updates

We've added a new series to YouTube, The History of the Japanese Knifemaker's Guild. This series was filmed during our October 2010 tour of Japan at Mr. Kazuo Okayasu's knife shop, the OK Knife Store in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Okayasu was gracious enough to regale Murray and his guests with tales from the inception of the Japanese Knifemaker's Guild to stories of Bob Loveless and his integral role in Honda Motors - even I was surprised when I learned what part he played in the company!

All of this, including expert advice on sharpening, knife care, and other aspects of cutlery can be found on our YouTube Channel,! Click this link to subscribe for the most up to date videos news from Murray! We hope that you enjoy all of videos, and if you enjoyed this video, help us share it with the world! Thanks for watching!

 Tour of Japan 2011

Speaking of the trip to Japan, as you know Murray will be departing for another trip this October and we only have room for one additional guest. Traveling through Japan with Murray is an unforgettable experience as he knows both the language and culture like a native. Readers and viewers of the various YouTube videos and diaries from last year will know of the unique treasures Murray finds because of his rare position within their culture. Please enjoy this quick recap of last years travels and a reference to everything that Murray and his guests experienced:

This year should prove to be an even more exciting trip due to the success of last year's visit. Based on last year's prices guests should expect expenses to be around $5000 which includes the cost of airfare and accommodations for transportation, food, and housing. If you have a heart for adventure, and you've always wanted to visit Japan, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Just don't forget to grab your passport on the way out the door!

Until our next email news, stay sharp and may God richly bless you!

Murray Carter
ABS Master Bladesmith
17th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith

22097 NW West Union Rd
Hillsboro, OR, 97124
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"I received my latest neck knife today a white steel original with some really great ironwood handles. As you said I believe that the white steel will get sharper than the super blue, in fact this is probably the sharpest practical edge that I own tied with the DiamondBlade knives. I will be featuring it on one of my YouTube videos in the very near future. As well as showing the knife I want to make the point of the difference between absolute sharpness and a real working edge, as you and I know you have to balance how far down you take an edge against what the steel is capable of holding up to. The grain structure of the white steel seems quite fine and I am looking forward to using this one. It is my first white steel knife but I don't think it will be my last. Of all the knives I have bought from you I have to rate this one as tops in fit and finish, not that the others were shabby but this one is just that little bit better. Like fine wine you are improving with age! I don't mind spending what your knives cost becasue I always feel that I get my moneys worth. I will shoot you a link when I do the video which will probably be this weekend. I am going to borrow from your videos the edge flex test as I feel that is worth repeating. Thanks again for another great knife and may God bless and keep you and those you hold dear."



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