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August 28, 2008

InFo CoLuMn

What is the Difference between a Funayuki-bocho and a Gyuto (pronounced Gey-you-toe)?

A Funayuki ("boat-going") blade is very triangular in profile and is 5.9 sun High Grade Funayukidistinguished by having a very gentle, but constant, curving edge from the heel of the blade to the tip. It is designed for straight up and down cutting, such as chopping chives, or for slicing, such as cutting raw fish.

A Gyuto ("beef blade") is a Japanese blade patterned after
western (usually European) chef's knives. While also triangular in profile, Gyuto are11.0 sun International Pro Damascus Gyuto distinguished by the sharp upward turn in the cutting edge in the last third of the edge toward the blade tip. This curve facilitates rocking the blade on the curve to mince foods such as garlic or other herbs and vegetables. This curve, however, makes long-drawing slicing strokes difficult and adds a level of difficulty to hand sharpening.

A Wa-Gyuto is a Japanese interpretation of a Gyuto, and is usually a meld of Funayuki and Gyuto features. Wa-Gyuto are as varied as the number of smiths who make them.

Do you have questions about steels, knifemaking, or just cutlery in general? Send us an email and Murray will be happy to answer them for you.

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Neck Knife Extravaganza

Have we got a grand display of exciting new neck knives for you! Take a look at just a few of the different varieties we are offering, including a brand new line which we have called the "Regal Series." Click on the image below and it'll take you to our "New Products" page.

New neck knives Aug. 2008

This batch of neck knives represents a great improvement in the number of new models and visual appeal of the finished knives. New models include the:

  • Brute Wharncliffe
  • Pointy Wharncliffe
  • Straight Wharncliffe
  • Small, Medium and Large Persian
  • Executive
  • The resurgence of the Combat Model

I designed the Brute Wharncliffe to be a very heavy-duty neck knife, able to do twice the cutting chores as the Original Model. The wide and gently upswept blade is perfect for slicing cuts and ease of sharpening maintenance. The handle is hand-filling for maximum leverage and control in a neck knife.

I designed the Pointy Wharncliffe for those wanting the ultimate utility of the standard Wharncliffe with a fine point for the most delicate of cutting tasks.

The Persian models feature a graceful upward sweeping blade that constantly narrows in width to the point. With three different sizes to suit every customer, it is the ultimate slicer in neck knives!

The Executive model is slim and unobtrusive, but ready to cut through whatever a gentleman might encounter. A slick little knife that actually cuts!

I discontinued the Combat Model several years ago after having made about fifty of them. I thought at the time the name sounded too violent. I have changed my mind now that I realize God made me with a Sheepdog personality! It is absolutely impossible for this knife to shift in your hand when you are holding it correctly.

In the new Regal Series, visual improvements include colored liners between the blade tangs and the exotic handle material. We have employed some very classic combinations such as a red liner with green micarta or ironwood, and some unique combinations such as a yellow liner with black carbon fibre and a blue liner with black stabilized wood laminate.

Another visual treat is the limited use of an oversized mosaic pin in the middle of the handle between the two nickel silver rivets. The large mosaic adds to the exotic look of the neck knife.

HURRY, Only One Spot Left!

We have one more spot to be filled for our Bladesmithing Course 202, to be held from September 12~14. Send us an email or give us a call at 503-429-0447 ASAP to let us know you'd like to take part in this course.

What a Hike!

Our Action Adventure Hike in the Cascade Range was a great success andhike02-thumb thoroughly enjoyed by all. John Drollette shared with the group his expansive wisdom of and intense zeal for outdoor living, and, on the first day of the hike, even built an alcohol stove which was from thereon used by one of the hikers to boil water and cook up meals. The sights and fragrances were awesome. Stay tuned for some great photos for your viewing pleasure -- sorry, we couldn't quite record the smells of the forest and alpine flowers for you, though!

2008 Blade Show West

We have one more VIP Pass left for Blade Show West, which will be held right here in Portland, Oregon, September 26~28. Send us an email or give us a call and it's yours! The Pass will give you free admission and an early shot at the nicest knives. See you there!

Intensive Bladesmithing Course 500
Oct. 6~11, 2008

Our Intensive Bladesmithing Course, which contains all the course material in Courses 100, 101, 201 and 301, will be held on October 6 (Monday) through October 11 (Saturday), 2008. Here's the syllabus for this course:

100 - In this one-day course, the student will be introduced to the unique world of traditional Japanese Bladesmithing. This class is observatory and requires no physical participation by the student. Murray Carter will demonstrate the complete process of making a Japanese laminated kitchen knife.

101 - Upon completion of the course, students will have designed and completed their own personal neck knife, and will have a basic understanding of the blade forging and finishing process.

201 - The students will enjoy a perfect balance of hands-on involvement as well as lecture topics. Upon completion of the course, students will have designed and completed their own personal camp knife and will have an intermediate understanding of the blade forging and finishing process.

301 - Forge welding, forging and completion of a Kuro-uchi Series Knife. In this advanced course, students will apply skills learned in 100 and 200 level courses and further their experience and understanding through the process of forge welding.

All interested in attending this special intensive course, go to our 500 - Original Intensive Course page and click on Add To Cart.

In Their Own Words

We thought you would be interested in some of the recent comments we've been getting from our customers on what they think of their knives and other products we offer:

From Ed Brown, a knife retailer in Florida:

I just don't know how you do it. It must be magic or that oriental Zen stuff, but I send you an email one day and the next day my knife just shows up with a new sheath. Wow! I am impressed! You rock, you da bomb. Thank you, it is so good to have my baby back because, as you can tell, I use that knife a lot.

From Dr. Mike Klasen in Oregon:

I checked out the shaving video on YouTube. Outstanding! Also, the new format for new letter looks better with less clutter and more actionable selections. My compliments to the chef!

From Tony Doney, a heart surgeon in England:

Just to let you know the DVD's have arrived safe and sound, and I have watched them both twice! These DVD's are brilliant! I have sharpened every knife in my house and they are all now razor sharp. The one down-side, though, is all my shooting friends have seen how sharp my hunter knife is so I now have 4 of my friend's knives to sharpen!! Once again, thank you very much. You have been a pleasure to buy from.

From John Golden, an attorney in California:

Just wanted you to know that the blade arrived today in perfect condition, no doubt due to the great packing job. What a beautiful blade! I can't articulate it properly, but Murray's work just seems so... right. Most of my other knives are just tools, and that is, of course, what Murray's blades really are as well, but it is nevertheless gratifying to get such satisfaction out of an inanimate object.

From Don Desmond, a manufacturer representative in Rhode Island:

I found your tips to be very informative, in some cases surprisingly so, because they were in direct opposition to what I had been taught to believe. However, they made sense when you explained the reasoning behind the technique or philosophy. By the way, when I first received your e-mail about the Inner Circle Club, at first blush I thought it was a sucker's bet. When I read it the second time, I thought maybe this is not a bad deal, with the classes, knife, book, and opportunity for a guided tour of Japan. Was not until I mulled it over for awhile and read it again that I realized what a lucrative deal this could be, especially in my current endeavor.

From Ed Fowler, renowned knifemaker:

Murray inspires me. He's a dreamer. There's so much to learn, but Murray will take it further.

From all of us here at Carter Cutlery, a special "Thank you!" to all of you for your kind and encouraging words.

Until our next email news,

Stay Sharp and may God richly bless you!

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