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September 10, 2008

InFo CoLuMn

What is the best maintenance for Japanese blades?

Kitchen cutlery should be lightly oiled and kept in their original boxes or away from other cutlery when stored. After use, they should be rinsed, dried and put away.

Carter cutlery should not be put in the dishwasher.

Outdoor cutlery should be treated with the same respect --lightly oiled and returned to their sheathes after use. Any discoloration of the steel edge that will occur over time will not affect the performance of the knives. Sharpening will remove any discoloration.

Do you have questions about steels, knifemaking, or just cutlery in general? Send us an email and Murray will be happy to answer them for you.

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New Neck Knife Models

Some of you may have noticed among our products some pretty interesting-sounding names. I'd like to tell you a bit more about these three new neck knife models: The Chinpira, The Vex Clip, and The Clave.

Chinpira model

The Chinpira is named after a very special breed of young Japanese men. You'll never know what these guys are made of until you get tangled with one. This radical neck knife was designed to look unique from my regular line-up of neck knives. The blade features a visible recurve edge and an angular point which resembles, but is more functional than, an American Tanto point.

Vex Clip Model

The Vex Clip model is a modified version of our Original model. The Vex Clip has a gently sweeping concave profile from the handle to midway along the blade spine, and then a convex drop point similar to a drop point blade. The result of this complex profile is an extremely stout, yet slick, utility neck knife. One of my new favorites!

Clave Model

The Clave model is a modified version of our standard Clip Point Original model. It has a gently sweeping concave profile from the handle to midway along the blade spine, and then a concave clip point. The smart lines on this neck knife are reminiscent of the old southern Bowies knives of yesteryear.

You can find these and our other recently-posted knives on our "New Products" page. Better hurry -- they won't be there long!

Clearance Items, Seconds & Trade-Ins

Due to the unique nature of hand-made knives and the incredible volume of knives I single-handedly forge each month, I occasionally end up with one knife (one in about every hundred) that just doesn't measure up to my standards. Usually these knives have some cosmetic flaw that prevents them from making top grade.

I used to be perplexed about what to do with these knives because they cut and function like champs, but I felt that they were just not good enough to demand full retail price for them. Since I now have an ample supply of "shop knives" that I use daily, I have decided to create a special category on our Products website to sell these extra blades at bargain prices, from between 35%~50% off the regular price.

We hope to have this new category up on our website soon, so keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic deals.

Adventure Hike Photos Posted

Our Action Adventure Hike in the Cascade Range produced many a memory and many a photo. Take a look at the album here, which includes some short video clips.

Tunnel Falls

Extra VIP Passes

We have been given more VIP Passes for Blade Show West, which is rapidly approaching and will be held right here in Portland, Oregon, from September 26~28. Send us an email or give us a call if you would like a Pass or two. These Passes will give you free admission for all 3 days plus an early shot at the nicest knives on the opening day (from 11am). See you there!

Intensive Bladesmithing Course 500
Oct. 6~11, 2008

Our Intensive Bladesmithing Course, which contains all the course material in Courses 100, 101, 201 and 301, will be held on October 6 (Monday) through October 11 (Saturday), 2008. Here's the syllabus for this course:

100 - In this one-day course, the student will be introduced to the unique world of traditional Japanese Bladesmithing. This class is observatory and requires no physical participation by the student. Murray Carter will demonstrate the complete process of making a Japanese laminated kitchen knife.

101 - Upon completion of the course, students will have designed and completed their own personal neck knife, and will have a basic understanding of the blade forging and finishing process.

201 - The students will enjoy a perfect balance of hands-on involvement as well as lecture topics. Upon completion of the course, students will have designed and completed their own personal camp knife and will have an intermediate understanding of the blade forging and finishing process.

301 - Forge welding, forging and completion of a Kuro-uchi Series Knife. In this advanced course, students will apply skills learned in 100 and 200 level courses and further their experience and understanding through the process of forge welding.

All interested in attending this special intensive course, go to our 500 - Original Intensive Course page and click on Add To Cart.

Until our next email news,

Stay Sharp and may God richly bless you!

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