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Carter Cutlery September’07 Newsletter
More incredible offers! Read on…

Dear Friends,

Boy! Does time ever fly by. Our kids started school last week and our whole world just got busier. I can’t believe that they are already selling Halloween candy in the stores!

My great news for this month is that I had an overwhelming response to my add for an administrative assistant. I spent many hours in person and over the phone interviewing potential candidates for this position, and while they were all very qualified and highly motivated, one of them stood out as being a ‘perfect’ match for my business. His name is Tim, and you’ll be hearing from him in the next newsletter (October’07) where he’ll introduce himself. For those of you who would like to know more about Tim I’ve included a brief biography on him, at the end of this newsletter. There is a good chance that from October, when you call or email us, he will be the one to answer. He is very personable, and I know you’ll be impressed at Tim’s sincere dedication to outstanding customer service. In fact, why don’t you give him a call sometime and introduce yourself! Don’t worry, I’ll still be answering your calls and inquiries myself when I can. If you would prefer to talk with me just ask for me!

I’m so happy to have finally found the help I need. Now I will be able to dedicate the 8~10 hours a day in the shop that I need to work on filling your custom knife orders. Custom orders are pouring in daily, and even with uninterrupted time in the shop, soon I will need to look for some skilled help for the shop as well.

I’ll be introducing some new and exciting knife models soon, so stay tuned…

We are constantly updating and making changes to our website
Perhaps most significantly, I have added a complete Bladesmithing Curriculum description and course schedule. The response to these offerings has also been incredible; course 500: Original Intensive course covering 100,101,201 and 301, scheduled for October 22,’07 to Oct. 28,’07 is already half full! If you were thinking about attending the most comprehensive and revealing knife making course in America don’t delay in contacting me or you might be too late! There is only room for 2 more students! Call me today at 503-429-0447 or on my cell at 503-816-6556.

The response to my offer of the 4 day defensive handgun course, which is absolutely free, was immediate, with more than half the 40 positions filled the first few days after the mail was sent out. Everybody is waiting in great anticipation for November to arrive, when 40 like-minded folks with a whole lot in common (interest in responsible firearm ownership, my knives etc.) will get together to have an incredible 4 days in the Nevada desert. I have no doubt that many new lifetime friendships will develop as a result of attending the outstanding course together. The good news is that I still have a few spots still open for you to attend, so contact me ASAP or it will be too late for this amazing chance as well.

Amazing offer #1

These offers bring in such an enthusiastic response that I just can’t help myself from offering more unbelievable deals. So here is this month’s first amazing offer:

For the next ten days only, I’ll offer my award winning Sharpening DVD’s for only $25.00 each, $10 less than the full retail price of $35. These are my Introduction to Knife Sharpening DVD and Advanced Blade Sharpening DVD. You can learn more about these productions on my website and click on the “Other Products” link. Even better, for a whopping savings of $25. Buy them both for only $45.00.

This offer expires Wednesday September 26,’07 10:00pm. Shhh! Please don’t call past 10:00pm Pacific time…kids are sleeping!

Amazing offer #2
Be one of six lucky people to receive a $1000.00 course for FREE!

To commemorate the debut 100 level bladesmithing course, I am offering it for free to the first six people who respond to this offer. Why are you still reading this? You should be running to your phones before the next guy does! (503-429-0447 or 503-816-6556) Oh, you want to know the dates. I see. Saturday, October 6,’07, starting at 9:00am at my shop in Vernonia, Oregon. This is a one day course and you can read the course description on my website. See 100 - Introduction to Japanese Bladesmithing.

You might wonder why I’m offering this course for free. It’s simple really. Those who respond to this unique chance are likely to be so fascinated with this Japanese Blade Forging demonstration, that they will want to come back again to take my other courses where they can learn how to forge blades on their own.

As a special bonus, I’ll auction off the completed Kuro Uchi Wabocho knife at the end of the day to the highest bidder. It should get exciting! I’ll sign it and date it adding to it’s lasting value. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Well that’s it for this time folks. I have to admit I’m having a lot of fun writing these updates. It’s a pleasure thinking up new and wonderful offers to present to you. My goal is to demonstrate my desire to earn your trust and respect, and to form a life long business relationship with you. I’ll try to surpass your expectations each and every time!

See the biography on Tim after the salutation.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments,
God Bless and ‘Stay Sharp’

Murray Carter
ABS Master Bladesmith
P.O.Box 307
Vernonia, OR 97064
phone 503-429-0447
cell 503-816-6556

So who is this Tim who Murray speaks so highly of…?

I met Tim for the first time in June 2001, at the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia. He bought a few knives from me at that first meeting, and then continued to pick up more knives each year I attended the knife show. I guess it wasn’t long before all of Tim’s family and friends were using my knives. Talk about customer loyalty!

Among other things including working as a pharmacy technician, a gourmet chef and a stint in the Air Force, Tim has worked as a building inspector down in sunny Florida for the past several years. I talked to the engineers that Tim worked with, and they all said he was the best man they ever had on the job and that they were very sorry to see him go. In fact Tim’s boss valued him so much that in 2003, after Tim left the company to assist a competing company, Tim’s boss hired him right back again after Tim had completed his mission for the ‘other ’guys. Tim isn’t the kind to burn his bridges behind him.

Tim called me up after reading my ‘help wanted’ add, with lots of encouragement from his lovely wife. He stated that he believed that he was the very best man for the position, and to prove his point, he paid his own airfare and transportation for himself and his wife and came all the way to Oregon just for the interview! That really got my attention.

Three days later, after interviews that included the participation of my financial consultant, my Christian mentor, and half the population of Vernonia (if you’ve lived in a small town like ours, 2000 people, you can easily gauge how the town reacts to a visitor), we unanimously decided to hire him on. He’ll commence from the beginning of October.

Some words to describe Tim:

He is absolutely dedicated to customer service and satisfaction
He is kind to a fault and is truly one who has given the shirt off his own back to help others.
He is calm under pressure, unbiased and open-minded.
He believes in long term goals, and is not easily discouraged.
He has excellent verbal communication skills and an outstanding work ethic.

I am very pleased that he is joining Carter Cutlery, and I trust that each and every one of you will benefit from his dedication and hard work.

‘Welcome aboard’ Tim!










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