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October 14, 2011

 Finally, our new DVD production is for sale! See "New Products" Below for details.

Dear Knife Enthusiasts!

A lot of great things are happening for Carter Cutlery right now. Numerous long-term goals are coming to fruition and we're very proud to be able to bring this exciting news to you. Read on...

 Japan Trip

Murray's annual Japan Tour was a wonderful success. Murray and his group received unprecedented access to the Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market, seeing sights that foreigners or tourists rarely see. To make the tour even more amazing, after visiting the market, Murray and his guests were given the opportunity to tour some of Japan's oldest waterstone quarries with an 18th Generation Quarry Master. After receiving an incredible tour, Murray and his guests were given tools and actually had the opportunity to quarry, tool, and finish their own natural waterstones. While not every stone was satisfactory, and truth be told, some of them simply crumbled under the master's inspection, the experience was one that will last forever. All of this and more will be compiled into a continuation of our Japan video series, Carter Cutlery Japan Tour 2011: Tsukiji Fish Market and Natural Waterstones - Pursuit of Perfection. We're very excited to be able to provide this exclusive video footage to you! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive instant updates, and while you're there, we hope that you enjoy the numerous sharpening instruction tutorials, extreme shaving trials, and cutting competition comedies!

 New Products

One project that we're incredibly excited to bring to you the Part 1, Paring Knives, the first part in our newest video series, Kitchen Cuts. In this video series Murray has traveled around to some of the nation's top restaurants to receive personal instruction from world-class chefs on how to properly use not only our knives, but all knives. We've compiled a comprehensive list of everyday tasks, techniques, and styles that at-home cooks and culinary students must keep in their repertoire in order to succeed in the culinary world!

Carter Cutlery is also very proud to announce the publication of Murray's first book, Bladesmithing with Murray Carter, which will be arriving to bookshelves at the end of the month. Murray has been writing this book over the last several years; compiling together the most important aspects of bladesmithing into a comprehensive, easy to read and understand form for everyone from amateurs to even experts. This book is available for purchase on the Carter Cutlery website - the only location where you can receive a signed copy of Bladesmithing with Murray Carter!

November War Veteran Class

Unbelievable Unprecedented Pricing You Won't Want To Pass Up!

On November 11th, people around the world from every nation will join together to remember those brothers and sisters who have fallen protecting our freedoms. Words fail to express the gratitude we have every day, the thankfulness we all share for the sacrifices our veterans made. We at Carter Cutlery would like to extend a sincere "Thank you!" to our veteran's, here in the United States, and around the world, by offering a special for our November 7th 500 Level Six-day Bladesmithing Course. For veterans only, we are offering unbelievable pricing, and if you'd like to participate, please contact us immediately as we only have one position available. You can reach Murray, or contact him directly at 503-447-1029.

 First Annual Carter Cutlery "Open House"

A unique opportunity to view some special knives never before seen by the public!

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, we will be having our first annual Carter Cutlery "Open House" on November 18th and 19th. This event will begin will take place at Murray's home in Hillsboro, Oregon. Guests are invited to come for two days of fun, food, and knife discussion. Camping will be allowed on the property, so bring your tents! Highlights will include: a sharpening seminar, a micro-observation seminar, a book sale and signing, as well as a book reading with personal stories that didn't make publication, and finally, we will have all of our knives available for sale. We are going to unveil several  unique knives that have never been viewed by the public before, allowing Open-House visitors first opportunity to select knives before our 10,000 other subscribers. This will be an alcohol-free, family-friendly event, so bring your sons or daughters to take part in this event! In order to properly plan for this even, please send RSVP to

In the event of inclement weather, the first 20 guests are welcome to stay at the student bunkhouse for $30, or at the following local hotels:

Larkspur Landing Hotel
3133 Northeast Shute Road
Hillsboro, OR 97124
(503) 681-2121
  • continental breakfast included 
  • shuttle service 7-9am 4-6pm
  • free wireless
  • free laundry
  • grocery service
  • hot tub
  • coffee/cookies
  • 124 rooms
  • studios $99~149 
  • exec $109~169
  • full size kitchen in each room
  • gym
Springhill Suites
7351 NE Butler Street
Hillsboro, OR 97124
(503) 547-0202
  • noteworthy customer service

  • rates $169 $109

  • excellent breakfast

  • indoor pool and jacuzzi,

  • remodeled with new TVs

  • free Wi-Fi

  • printer in lobby business center

  • shuttle service 7am-10:30pm

  • remodeled gym

  • coin laundry

Hillsboro Airport Hotel
3500 Northeast Cornell Road
Hillsboro, OR 97124
(503) 460-4119
  • room rates $99 double $94 single
  • expanded continental break
  • shuttle service
  • free Wi-Fi
  • business center
  • coin laundry  
  • exercise facility
  • hot tub 
  • outdoor pool (seasonally)
  • no alcohol service 
  • 118 rooms


Until our next email news, stay sharp and may God richly bless you!

Murray Carter
ABS Master Bladesmith
17th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith

22097 NW West Union Rd
Hillsboro, OR, 97124
Carter Cutlery
503-447-1029 office
503-816-6556 cell

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"Dear Mr Carter,

I would like to thank you for posting your many informative videos and your knife sharpening tips. The information you have given me through these things is greatly appreciated. I have spent my life in the woods practicing bushcraft and behind every good woodsman there is a good knife. I have spent many years sharpening knives and at 22 I have become quite proficient at it. I had already owned a 1000-6000 japanese water stone and in the search to better my technique I tried yours. Without a doubt it is the fastest and most effective system to date. Your knives are beautiful and they show your experience and creativity perfectly. I look forward to the day when I have the money to purchase one of your neck knives and be able to depend on it to do the tasks i ask of it."

Edward Jaskowich

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