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Carter Cutlery November ‘07 Newsletter






This month’s special offer…

If you really want to know what is going on at Carter Cutlery…
The bladesmithing classes, the exciting offers, the new knives…
Then hear it all first hand by calling 503-429-0447 and asking for Tim.

As promised, just in time for Christmas ordering, we now have products available from our site.
No waiting for an order, these items are currently in stock, with more to come in the next few weeks.

In my August newsletter, I extended this offer:
“Join me and 40 others for a 4 day defensive handgun course at America’s premier firearms training facility near Las Vegas, Nevada, a $2000 Value for absolutely FREE! Course dates are November 2~5, 2007.”

Here is that report:003
What a roaring great time we had at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. The whole course ran like clockwork, with everybody showing up on time and no absentees. We were lucky to get the very best instructors and Range Masters that the facility has to offer. We all made great progress in our handgun skills over the four day course, and learned tons about issues related to the responsible ownership of firearms.
 The morning of the first day, everybody was meeting for the first time. As each day progressed, we had the opportunity to act as a coach to the other members of the group, and friendships started and bonds began to develop. There is nothing like the trust that develops between mature people who are wearing loaded handguns where each person literally trusts the other with their lives.  By the end of the course, the group was a very cohesive unit; a group of people who had undergone the same challenges and experiences. I would liken it to the brotherly bonds that I experienced when I went through and graduated from six weeks of Canadian Airborne parachute school in 1986. After the graduation ceremony, members lingered before heading for home, exchanging hugs and promises to keep in touch. I was moved by the emotions shown by these guys and gals who only four days earlier, had never met before.

On the last day, the class members presented the instructor with one of my hand forged neck knives as a token of their appreciation. The next day I was fortunate to have the opportunity to present him with a sharpening tutorial as well. And so, we have another Carter Cutlery fan….

Here are some testimonials from the group that accepted our free offer to attend Front Sight.
 “When given the opportunity to attend Front Sight as a guest of Murray’s, I couldn’t believe how generous an offer it was. I went to Front Sight among a group of Murray’s clients, and left with 20 new friends! I am sure that I will return and continue to improve my skill at arms. We were like a little crew, all of us proudly wearing our neck knives, and fielding a ton of questions about them. Overall, this was one of the most positive and personally fulfilling experiences I have had.
“Murray’s gift to us, his clients, was valuable beyond words. His inspiration during the class was outstanding, and his Patriotism, craftsmanship and true care for his clients is shown more than in his work and words, but in his deeds.”                                                                             Clark Goetz,  Construction Safety Official

“Good time, good people, learned a lot. What more is there?”                        Mike Polley, Business Owner

“What a great group of people from all over the place. We came together for a common purpose and I had a great time, fun and interesting to the max. We should make a list of all attendees so we can keep in touch and think of another event in the future. Thanks Murray for the thought.”                                                                                                         Geoff Edges, Owner of ‘The Bladesmith’ Services Sharpening

“We cannot thank you enough for including us in your party at Front Sight. We had a great time, learned a lot, enjoyed the fine company of the entire group, and gained new perspectives into the things we need to work on. Thanks again.                                  John Amond,  Computer Programmer

Thanks for providing an amazing opportunity to train at Front Sight. I got so much out of the whole trip, including the camaraderie of the group, the travel to southern NV, many life lessons, and also discussing the exciting future of Carter Cutlery.  By the way, the link to the write-up on my hike with a Muteki (and importantly, the discussion and enthusiasm that follows) is here:
Thanks again.”                                                                                                                                        John Drollette, Computer Data Analyst

009 “Wow! What an adventure / experience / wild ride that was, far more than I anticipated, very different than my last experience there. Many thanks to Murray.  It was great to attend a class with friends and make new ones. Thank you Murray for encouraging me to challenge myself (I went left handed, and got ‘new shooter 011blisters’). Going support side helped me try their doctrine, their Way (grip stance etc) which is I think is pretty much Gunsite of 20 years ago.   Snapshots:  It’s dark, it’s late, it’s the night shoot, it’s a clear beautiful star filled night in the desert, and 360 people are shooting all around on various ranges, including a practical rifle class.  Rifle fire in the desert at night! I was in heaven and then there was a series of explosions.  My boots are covered with desert alkali dust and I’m not washing them. There’s lots of sun in the Nevada desert. There were 40 students in our class and three instructors (two relays), down to 22 students the third and fourth days. I did not have a single stoppage with my Glock 21. Thanks for 013being a classy cool dude Murray.”                Anonymous Firearms Instructor

“Having never met Murray but being in contact with him by telephone, he sent us one of his newsletters with an incredible offer to attend a free 4 Day Defensive Handgun Training Class at Front Sight. This was a fantastic experience, one that I will remember for a lifetime. To spend 4 action packed days shooting with and against my son at a top notch training facility like Front Site, is something not many people ever have a chance to do.   Thanks Murray”                                                                                Bob Booth, Father

 “After reading Murray’s newsletters I called him about a great free trip that was mentioned in one of the articles, me and my dad both signed up for the free trip to Front Sight. We both had an excellent time learning Defensive Handgun Techniques over a four day course. I truly believe that we both learned a great amount while having fun.  This trip was great! Thanks”                                             Brandon Booth, Son


N.B. Brandon is soon headed for service in the Navy, where he hopes to enlist in Navy S.E.A.L. training.  May God Bless him and protect him.  Our prayers are with you, Brandon.

I would like to extend my thanks for providing the opportunity for my wife Debbie and myself to attend the Four Day Defensive Handgun Course at Front Sight.  Debbie and I both agree that our experience at Front Sight was some of the best training we have received regardless of the industry or educational setting.  I have participated in and lead many types of training seminars and workshops so I speak from experience when I say that the curriculum and instructors at Front Sight are excellent in all respects. My confidence and proficiency with hand gun skills increased dramatically over the four days and in the end exceeded my initial expectations.  I would gladly take the course over again because I am sure that my ability to get accurate shots on target would make another huge leap forward with more instruction and training at Front Sight.”   “I would also like to thank you for inviting Debbie and I into the “Carter Community.”  The group of people invited to accompany you to Nevada were of high caliber, focused on improvement and just generally fun to work with and be around.  The camaraderie in our group made the whole experience more comfortable and enjoyable. I made a few new friends too.  I am looking forward to the next opportunity to take part in another function of this type.”  Thanks again and stay in the YELLOW!                    Woodrow Pollock, Business owner

“First off, thank you so much for organizing this event. I’m not sure how this event could have been better, but for future events, I would be very happy to talk to any women who may be interested.”                                                                                 Debbie Pollock,  Mechanical Engineer

See the entire slide show here.

“Thank you for this great opportunity and the right on advice for which handgun to purchase. I only got one range session in before coming here, due to wildfire evacuation, so I came in knowing I didn’t know anything. I’m extremely pleased with the skills I learned. I’m much more confident in my shooting. I hope we can do it every year.”                                                                                                          Paul Begovich, Theatrical Technical Director
“From our first conversation, I knew you were a unique human being. I appreciated your interest in my Mexico mission work, and your obvious interest in spiritual things. I have wanted to come to a class like this for years, but I would never have done it on my own. So, I sincerely appreciate you generosity in inviting me, especially since I wasn’t a customer at the time. I count you as a good friend, and a faithful servant of God. May He bless you in all that you do, both personally and with your business.  God Bless!”                             Dan Summers,
                                                                                               Vice President of Finance

“I can’t believe I had the opportunity to attend Front Sight with such an outstanding group of people! I can’t believe how much I learned in four days.  I can clear a malfunction in seconds that would take your average range guy minutes.”
                                                                                                                    Sid Post, Computer Software Engineer

“Wow!!! What an awesome experience. It truly was a great time with great people with great energy. I’m going to be eternally grateful to Murray for getting this “Carter Cutlery Action Adventure” together. I could go on for pages of thanks to all who made this a good time for the whole team. Again my special thanks to Karl for helping me get up to speed on day one, and to Clark for inspiring me to “Stay In The Fight!” I’m so happy to have met so many others with a real interest in Murray’s knives. Finally, I’ll be able to match faces with some of the phone calls and e-mails! I feel blessed to be working at Carter Cutlery and I want you all to know that I’m always on duty and will do all I can to meet your expectations. Thanks again to all who decided to participate in making this a memorable shooting/training event for the whole group. The next time we hear the call that “THE LINE IS READY” …we’ll all know what to do!”                                                              Tim McCalla, Carter Cutlery Staff

Last month’s amazing offer report…

We were flooded with calls from customers who wanted to beat the deadline for the special offer for 25% off for gift certificates and pre-paid orders. Altogether, those who acted swiftly saved themselves a whopping $3500.00 by moving quickly while the offer was in effect.  I’ll have to offer this “exchange in abundance” again next year!  Congratulations to those who were quick and decisive enough to take advantage of this great offer.

Japanese Bladesmithing School News…

023We conducted another 500 level “Intensive 6 Day Course” which covers 100,101,201 and 301.  The course dates were October 22~27. We were blessed with fantastic weather, and the course proceeded smoothly as planned. We made three beautiful knives each over the course of 6 days with nary a hitch. As this was the second time I held this course, I was able to keep the pace slow enough for the students to really grasp what it was they were learning, and moving along fast enough to keep it interesting. I presented a special Damascus steel forging demonstration one evening, and we ended up with a stellar 16,000 layer, twist pattern fighting knife with a center core of SUJ2 (similar to 52100 steel).
Soon we will have the photos up on the site.

 Personally, I took immense pleasure in the class; sharing my hard-earned knowledge with motivated students, who now more fully understand and appreciate the ancient art of Japanese Bladesmithing.  I am very happy to honor my Japanese Sensei by preserving the traditional craft by passing it on to those individuals who distinguish themselves by seeking my instruction. I can foresee great success with Carter Cutlery Japanese Bladesmithing School. 025

“ In order to be the best, you have to learn from the best. I made an excellent decision in selecting Murray Carter’s school of bladesmithing. My productivity, quality and the ability to design eye pleasing knives has improved drastically. It was a great value and I know I will recover the price of the course in one year. Thanks Murray.”
                                                                            Kevin Singley, Building Code Inspector, Part-time Knifemaker

“ An outstanding experience for anyone interested in knives. This course will make you re-examine everything you thought you know about knives as well as knife making.”          Tim McCalla, Carter Cutlery Staff, 500 Graduate


The next class is scheduled for February 23~24, 2008
 “101, Forging and Completion of a Personal Neck Knife”
This course is limited to 4 students; reserve your spot before its too late…
Seats are available for purchase through our Products site at
Also, feel free to give us a call or visit our informational site at

 New Model Knife News

As expected, we had an overwhelming response to the news of our new ‘special purpose’ knife, the “Whitecrane”. All of the new knives in progress pre-sold in one day!  I will definitely have to make some more next spring, once I have caught up on several prior custom knife orders. 

I’m still in the process of perfecting the Kydex Inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry sheath.  The knife and sheath system should be up on the website in December. We have a few other various knives ready for immediate sale.  You can purchase them here

Now that my assistant Tim is manning the office, I expect to be very productive making knives, and delivering the hundreds of ordered knives sooner than I had earlier predicted.  Thank you all for your continued patronage and patience.

I have some new neck knife prototypes in the progress, which I’ll be announcing soon…

Figure Deserving Public Recognition

In this section of each newsletter, I would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank or recognize a person for their outstanding contribution to Carter Cutlery.  Perhaps of interest is the Japanese written character for person (spoken as “hito”) showing one person leaning on another (imagine an up-side-down small case ‘y’). The implication of this is that no man is able to succeed entirely on his own.

This month I’m recognizing a man who has done great justice for knifemakers and collectors alike. He has created strong interest in the history and thought that goes into high performance using knives. No contemporary knifemaker has researched as thoroughly, or written so much about the famous blades of eras past. This cowboy/rancher/philosopher has taught the knife world how to hold and examine a knife so that the knifemaker’s heart and soul can be felt and heard.  Never have so many knife enthusiasts’ feelings been so eloquently articulated than through the essays of this man. 

For his continued friendship, positive feedback and necessary critiques of my knives, for fielding a barrage of questions lasting several hours during long-distance phone calls from Japan, and for his support spanning more than 15 years, I would like to recognize…

Ed Fowler of Willow Bow Ranch -  See his website at
A special hand forged knife and certificate signed by me will be presented to Ed as a token of my appreciation. 

Well, that wraps up another newsletter. Email me or call me if you have any comments or questions. Also, let me know if there are other topics you’d like to see covered in this monthly newsletter.

God Bless and Stay Sharp Ladies and Gentlemen,

Murray Carter
ABS Master Bladesmith
P.O.Box 307
Vernonia, OR   97064
phone 503-429-0447
cell   503-816-6556
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