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Read On to see How YOU Can Benefit From Our Continued Success…

Dear Patron,

When I unveiled the Inner Circle Lifetime Membership Offer in 2010, I was overwhelmed by the response. The outcome was so positive that I promised myself I would make this wonderful offer available again to my best customers when the time was right. Just as I predicted in my last offer in 2010, demand for my knives has significantly increased again. In an era where many companies have gone out of business or are down-sizing, Carter Cutlery has continued to grow!

Interaction with my current Inner Circle Lifetime Members has been very fruitful, and the Inner Circle Members are now considered one of Carter Cutlery’s greatest assets. Listen to what one of our Inner Circle members has to say in his own words: 

I have been making knives on and off since 1980 by stock removal and I have always had a love of Japanese cutlery. So what could have been nicer than to find out about Murray Carter, 17th-generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith and certified Master Bladesmith.

Upon my new found knowledge, I called Murray on the phone inquiring about the possibility of taking a class from him. We quickly became friends and I enrolled his "202 Forging and Completion of an International Pro Series Kitchen Knife" class.

About this time, Murray offered a special Inner Circle membership which included more classes, benefits and perks.... After reading thru the Inner Circle membership material, I signed up as an Inner Circle member... I also like the idea of helping support the teaching and furthering of Japanese bladesmithing in the west.

After taking the 202 class, I returned home and practiced the new techniques I had learned. I returned for the six-day 302 class which really pushed my skill set up several levels.

I am enjoying my friendship with Murray and enjoy his discussions with me on the direction the vision of his business and bladesmithing school are taking.

I also enjoy the ability to contact Murray at just about anytime for his advice and guidance on my bladesmithing projects.

John Marcus PhD
PTC Instruments, L.A.

Read The Following Story and See for Yourself Why Demand for
Carter Cutlery Will Continue to Grow Exponentially

And How You Can Benefit From Our Hard Work

The Early Years at Carter Cutlery…

In June 1998, I traveled all the way from Southern Japan, where I was forging knives, to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend my first-ever international cutlery trade show, The Blade Show. I was full of anxiety and self-doubt. When I had planned to make the knives for the show, I was thinking to myself, “What happens if my knives get lost in transit?” As I lit the fire in the forge to make the knives, my thoughts were, “What if nobody in the U.S. likes my knives?” As I hammered out the blades, I couldn’t help but ponder, “Will my knives be too different for the Western market?” And as I hand sharpened the final edges on my knives, I wondered, “Will I sell any knives at the Blade Show?” It was with great trepidation and excitement that I boarded the plane in Kumamoto to start the journey. I was very unsure of the future of my cutlery, but I had decided that I was going to give the American market my very “best shot.” Little did I know that that trip to Atlanta was going to set a new sales record for me and literally jump-start my business on a path to success.

Although I was selling enough knives domestically in Japan while I lived there to make a decent living, it was the high level of interest that my western customers demonstrated, plus the opportunity to pursue the “American Dream” that made me decide to apply for an immigrant visa to move to the United States.

The visa application process was grueling, requiring document after document, hundreds of hours of writing and filling out applications, and thousands of dollars in fees. I spent even more money in air fare to and from the embassy in Tokyo where I had to appear in person with my whole family several times before the process was finished. Despite my efforts, my application was once postponed, and then actually denied, stating that I had not quite reached their extraordinary high standards for the visa titled “An Alien of Extraordinary Ability.” I was given a 30-day window to appeal their decision, and I was determined to either get this visa… or die trying! I brainstormed for three days, not sleeping until I put together more documentation for my appeal. I sent my appeal package to Immigration and Naturalization Services (now Department of Homeland Security) in Nebraska and held my breath for the result….

And The Verdict Is…

Two weeks later came the reply in the mail. I was hesitant to even open the envelope, fearing that I might find another rejection letter inside. Oh how I shouted with joy and danced a jig when I found the approval letter inside. The process from start to finish had taken five years!

But there was a Valuable Lesson I learned through this challenging process….

The Most Important Lesson in Business

In being awarded the visa to immigrate to the United States, I had also inadvertently learned the secret to achieving the American Dream… that success is derived from smart planning, hard work and sheer determination.

Once in the States, I focused my attention on improving all aspects of my business. First and foremost was improving the overall quality of my knives in terms of ergonomics, ease of sharpening, cutting performance and fit and finish. Second was improving customer service. Great strides were made in this area with the hiring of an administrative assistant. Third was improving our internet presence by creating an interactive website, offering on-line shopping, offering 10 free Knife Sharpening and Maintenance Reports as well as a free Shop Tour DVD, posting live video clips on YouTube, and keeping my loyal patrons “in the loop” via monthly newsletters. All of these improvements come with additional cost to me, but seeing the positive results and increased customer satisfaction, I am happy to foot the bill.

Amazing!  320% Growth in Only Nine Years…

The end result of all of this hard work has been an overwhelming increase in the demand of my knives. Not only has our customer base in the U.S. increased, but also in Canada, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Botswana, Vietnam and many other countries. In the past nine years, Carter Cutlery has experienced more than a 320% increase in demand. At our current pricing, completed knives in our regular line-up don’t last more than two weeks before they are purchased.

While the demand for my hand-forged knives, especially the Japanese kitchen knives and neck knives, has increased more than 320%, I have not been able to significantly increase the number of knives I can make in a year. The demand increases, but the supply remains the same. The only obvious conclusion to the rule of supply and demand is that the price of Carter Cutlery knives will continue to increase as the demand continues to rise.

This is great news for all of you who already own my knives as it proves your fine discretion in purchasing my knives. Some of you who own more than a few of my knives and who have sold them on the second hand market are realizing higher prices USED than what you paid for them NEW!

What’s more, not only are our Sharpening and Shop Tour DVD’s continuing to sell and circulate around the world, creating more interest and demand on our knives, but our new plans to expand Carter Cutlery in 2012 to include retail sales of the highest quality Japanese tools and implements (not knives of course, which Murray continues to forge) will only further our internet presence and our share of the market. What’s more, since the inception of Murray’s Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing Classes five years ago, demand for Murray’s superb instruction has skyrocketed, and graduates are spreading the word about the unique experience they had at Carter Cutlery. Listen to this…

In addition to the rote knife mechanics, I really gained a lot, all in the context of a thousand years of Japanese artisan tradition. Instead of just the knife-nut fantasy vacation I expected, I actually took a lot out of it that unexpectedly applies to my very different profession (enterprise-level database design).” -- John Drollette, Database Analyst

So How Can Increased Demand for Carter Cutlery Benefit You?

Increased demand can benefit you in many ways. First, increased demand validates your Carter Cutlery purchases and is a strong indicator of the quality of the knives and the business practices associated with making and selling those knives. Second, there is incredible pride in ownership knowing that you have a high performance blade that many others would offer to buy from you in a heartbeat. Third, no matter when you buy a Carter knife, it will be more valuable, even used, with the passage of time. Fourth, if you desire or need to sell a Carter Cutlery knife on the second-hand market, you can count on getting your money back at the least, and making a profit if the buyer knows what they are getting.

So What Would You Say If I Told You There Was A Way To Never Have To Pay Full Market Value For My Knives Again…

Think about how much you would save IF you were able to lock into today’s Carter Cutlery prices and then continued to purchase just ONE knife per year, average current price $395 (I know, that is a silly example because most of you purchase more than that). As the demand continues to increase, and we have to increase our prices across the board 20% (coming within the next few months), you would save $70 per year, or $700 over ten years. However, in ten years, the prices are likely to be at least double what they are now, so using the same model, you will save $3,500 over ten years! Now imagine what you’ll save over your lifetime, especially considering the prices will continue to rise.

Now imagine another model where you can buy a few extra Carter Knives, at current prices, to sell (as many as you wish in fact). The profit you will make could easily be in the thousands of dollars per year, even at my current production capacity.

What Carter Cutlery Customer wouldn’t want a bargain like this??

Now here is the opportunity for you to cash in on Carter Cutlery’s Success…

Become a Carter Cutlery Inner Circle Lifetime Member!

Participate now and save (or make) thousands in the future…

Here Are All The Unbelievable Benefits and Amazing Bonuses In My Greatest “Exchange In Abundance” Ever Offered…

The Carter Cutlery Inner Circle Lifetime Membership Benefits are:

  1. Lock into our current price schedule for all our knives for the rest of your life. Even though prices will continue to increase, you will never have to pay more than our current prices. Keep in mind that our prices have increased 320% in nine years; for example, a SFGZ Wabocho that sold for $50 is now selling for $185, and neck knives that were $120 now sell for $395. Current prices will eventually double and even triple, but you will save hundreds with each additional knife purchase. There is no limit on how many knives you can buy; order as many as you like and as often as you like for the rest of your life and sell them for a huge profit. Those who purchase this membership will soon get even bigger discounts than knife dealers, as prices increase. This benefit alone will either save you or make for you as much money as you choose.
  1. Receive a highly-collectable High Grade kitchen knife or one of my neck knives (your choice) with a special engraved inscription “Inner Circle” and a serial number according to your enrollment number. As many of you have observed, almost none of my knives have any sort of serial markings on them. Putting serial numbers on knives that are already in demand in the marketplace increases their value tremendously. I have reserved adding a serial number for just such a special offer as this.
  1. Have direct access to me to discuss orders or business details any working day of the week. No matter how busy I get as Carter Cutlery expands, I will remain personally available to my Inner Circle Members to address their needs.
  1. Be guaranteed a placement on our 2012 two-week Cutlery Tour to Japan, which will have very limited participation. In this unique trip I’ll personally guide you to several of the major cutlery centers in Japan that heavily influenced the history of Carter Cutlery. We will also visit my first forge in Kumamoto, where the very first Carter knives were made 20 years ago. Experience Japan unlike any tourist could! Don’t forget the exquisite cuisine, tatami mats, paper doors and stunning scenery!

Bonuses For the Person Who Has “Done-It-All” and Owns Knives Galore…

  1. As an incredible bonus -- attend ANY TWO Japanese Bladesmithing Courses* once for absolutely free. The Carter Cutlery Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing School has established itself as the most exclusive bladesmithing school in the world and is considered by its graduates to be the most influential bladesmithing experience of their lifetime. This bonus has a maximum value of $12,000 (two six-day courses) all by itself, and there is no time limit on when the courses are attended.  BUT, This is ONLY for The First 30 Members To Respond! Respond now and then come and experience why graduates are saying, “I didn’t know what I was missing until I attended Murray’s Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing School.” * Eligible classes are: 100, 101, 102, 103, 201, 202,301, 302, and 500. Due to time constraints, 401 Sword Forging is not included in this offer.

And Here's Another Mind-Blowing FREE Bonus…

  1. Receive our current kitchen video series line-up -- the most unique and informative production of it's kind, in the world. In this video series we have filmed top rated chefs using common culinary knives in every way imaginable. Also included are included exclusive interviews with the chefs, shop footage of the knives being forged start to finish by Murray, and detailed sharpening tips and techniques specific to the knives featured in each film.

I’m sure it is clear to you now that the Carter Cutlery Inner Circle Lifetime Membership is worth tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the added bonus value of up to $13,500. If you sell a few Carter knives over your lifetime, it could be worth tens of thousands of dollars more!

So what does such an incredible membership cost?

Well, it wouldn’t be “An Exchange in Abundance” Offer unless you were getting outstanding value for the dollar, so…

Let’s Summarize and Confirm Everything I’m Giving You in the Greatest “Exchange in Abundance” Offer in Carter Cutlery History… If you Call Right Away To Claim It….

All-Inclusive Carter Cutlery Inner Circle Membership

  • Lock into our current price schedule for all our knives for the rest of your life. Even though prices will continue to increase, you will never have to pay more than our current 2012 prices.

  • Receive a highly collectable High Grade kitchen knife or one of my neck knives (your choice) with a special engraving indicating Inner Circle Status.

  • Have direct access to me any time.

  • Be guaranteed placement on our 2012 two-week Cutlery Tour to Japan.

Plus these TWO Extra Bonuses…

If YOU are One of the First 15 Members to Respond…

  • As an incredible bonus, attend ANY TWO Japanese Bladesmithing Courses once for absolutely free. FOR the First 30 to respond! (100, 101, 102, 103, 201, 202,301, 302, 500)

  • Minimum Value = Exceeds $20,000!

    Lifetime Value = Could easily exceed $100,000!

    So what’s it cost?

    All-inclusive, Carter Cutlery Inner Circle Lifetime Membership

    Plus Two Unbelievably Valuable Bonuses

    In Two Easy Payment Options

    12 monthly credit card payments of $1,000 for a total cost of $12,000

    OR a single payment of $8,900, Saving yourself $3,100

    You may be asking yourself WHY I am offering you this Inner Circle Lifetime Membership for such a ridiculously low cost?

    Here is WHY and HOW I can Extend Such a Great Offer to YOU…

    WHY #1  The reason is simple… I want to reward my customers for their continued patronage and to give them the opportunity to share in our success as we move forward with Carter Cutlery. As Inner Circle members purchase more knives in the future, at great savings or to sell at great profit, Carter Cutlery will prosper as well, making it a wonderful symbiotic relationship.

    WHY#2  Additionally, I can’t wait for you to come and attend one our amazing Japanese Bladesmithing Courses and have the knifemaking adventure of a lifetime. Apart from learning how to make the best knives possible, you will be privy to the very inner workings of Carter Cutlery. Once you experience first-hand HOW and WHY we do things the way we do, you will value your relationship with us even greater.

    WHY#3 It is never going to be easier or cost less for me to “Exchange In Abundance” with you and for you to accept than right now--before demand and prices for my cutlery dramatically increase due to all of the improvements in the knives, customer service, Internet promotion and marketing actions I am implementing.

    HOW Can I do This?

    It’s real simple. Carter Cutlery is not about money. Carter Cutlery is about PURPOSE. Our purpose is to Serve our customers by forging the highest performance cutlery possible and by sharing ancient bladesmithing education, as if our very lives depended on it. When I make it easy for you to purchase extra cutlery from us, knowing that many of those knives will end up in new users’ hands, we immediately double the number of people we are honored to serve. With my “Exchange In Abundance” philosophy we all win, you, new Carter Cutlery owners and Carter Cutlery.

    So Choose Which Payment Plan You Want And
    Call Us Right Now at:

    (7am – 10pm Pacific Time)

    to Enroll Over The Phone.

    Again, Keep In Mind That Over 8,000 Dedicated Customers Are Reading This Same Letter…Act NOW.

    PS: If you are reading this after hours, complete the Rapid Response Enrollment Form on the next page and fax it to:


    Thank you for taking advantage of this great offer!


    Murray Carter
    ABS Master Bladesmith

    (To Fax us, copy this section below,
    paste it into a text editor and print it out.)

    Rapid Response
    Greatest “Exchange In Abundance” Enrollment Form

    All Inclusive Carter Cutlery Inner Circle Lifetime Membership

    Yes, Murray! You weren’t kidding when you said this was going to be the Greatest “Exchange In Abundance” you have ever created… Sign Me Up! I understand by enrolling immediately in this all-inclusive Carter Cutlery Inner Circle Lifetime Membership I receive the following:

      - Current Pricing on All Carter Cutlery For The Rest Of My Life
    - A FREE Collectable Serial Numbered Knife
    - Direct Access to Murray anytime
    - Guaranteed placement in the 2012 Japan Cutlery Tour

    Plus the following Two Amazing FREE GIFT Bonuses Valued at over $13,000:

    1. Attend ANY TWO Bladesmithing Courses Once for FREE, (First 30 to respond)
    2.       Complete Kitchen Cut's Series

    Choose ONE Payment Plan:

    12 monthly credit card payments of $1,000 for a total cost of $12,000
    Single payment of $8,900 (You Save $3,100!)



    City:__________________ State: _______ Zip Code:_______

    Home Phone:_______________

    Work Phone: _______________

    Credit Card # (
    VISA /  MasterCard / American Express / Discover):

    Expiration Date:___________________ CVV#: ___________

    Signature: _________________________________

    Date: _______________

    Call or Fax Immediately to 1-503-447-1029 to Enroll Over the Phone.

    If paying by check, mail TODAY to: Carter Cutlery 22097 NW West Union RD Hillsboro, OR 97124

Until our next email news,

Stay Sharp and may God richly bless you!

Carter Cutlery

Carter Cutlery
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