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November 28, 2008

Info Column

Murray, tell me why you think learning how to hand-sharpen my knives is the way to go.

I'd be more than happy to! See below for my comments.

Do you have questions about steels, knifemaking, or just cutlery in general? Send us an email and Murray will be happy to answer them for you.

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Special Offer!
Water Stones, Blade Oil and DVD's

If you have been thinking about getting some blade oil or a set of our water stones or DVD's, or even ALL of them, NOW is your chance! Due to the huge response we received to this offer last December, we will again offer a special on these items throughout the whole month of December, with savings up to $35. You can find these great bargains on our Knife Sharpening page. Just click on the image below.

Water Stones & DVD set

New Knives in the Works

Murray is nearing completion on 120 different kinds of neck knives and outdoor knives. As soon as they are ready, Wes will be posting these online for sale. Those who are on our Product Update Alerts list will be notified when that happens, so be sure to let us know if you would like priority notification. See our last newsletter, under “Update Alerts,” for details.

From Russia, With Devotion

Our very first Russian customer, Andrey Kozlovskiy, has been one of our most devoted customers, purchasing a number of kitchen and outdoor knives. At first we were at a loss on how to safely ship knives to Russia, but after some trial and error, we got it figured out. Andrey has purchased some of the finest blades I have created to date, and I hope they will feel right at home among the classic architecture in Andrey’s hometown of St. Petersburg.

This gracious patron kindly sent me a Christmas package containing five items. Name any two of the items and I’ll credit you with $20 towards any of our products*. Tell us what three of the five were and I’ll credit you $50!!

* Credit can be applied at the rate of 30% towards any individual Carter Cutlery Product.

Andrey Kozlovskiy

I have received the knives already. These knives are amazing, and the IP Gyuto is excellent! (Look at the photo -- it is me, and I am very happy!) My wife is happy twice -- first, because I am happy, and second, because I made a gift to her, the small neck knife. Thank you very much! I have received kitchen knives from Japan, and I have had no problem, but your IP Gyuto is the best!
Best regards, Andrey
(Russian Businessman)

More Clips on YouTube

Four more Carter Cutlery video clips have been uploaded to YouTube, all from our September 2008 Bladesmithing #202 Class. One of the students, Bob Worthington, took quite a few short clips and we've simply combined them into these four videos. Thanks, Bob, for allowing us to post these:

  1. Forging a Japanese Blade - Part 1
  2. Forging a Japanese Blade - Part 2
  3. Forging a Japanese Blade - Part 3
  4. Finishing a Japanese Blade

You can read what the students thought about this course here in our 9/24/08 newsletter.

These courses are invaluable to anyone seeking to know more about the whole hand-forging process. Murray shares a wealth of information, demonstrating and guiding students in nearly all aspects of bladesmithing. Graduates can attest to this, and some, using their newly-acquired skills, have gone on to start forges to make and sell their very own hand-made products.

Millimeter - Sun - Inch Converter

"How many inches are in a sun?"

"What's 182 millimeters in inches?"

Since we use the metric and traditional Japanese measurement systems on our websites, questions like these often come in from visitors. A Japanese kitchen knife, remember, is typically measured in "sun," which is very similar to an inch. But to make the whole conversion process easier for you, we have a simple Millimeter - Sun - Inch Converter link on each of our Products Pages. You can choose from any of these units of measurement to start off with, enter a number, then click "Convert" to see the results.

Something to Think About

SharpeningLearning how to hand-sharpen your cutlery is a liberating endeavor. With a modest investment of money and time, the student of sharpening can easily master the skill within a few years. The net result will be a satisfaction that surpasses all expectations.

Compare the freedom the home baker has in baking fresh, healthy bread with that of a consumer whose only choice comes from the bread section at the supermarket. The home baker is never limited by the market choices.

Similarly, when I started hand-loading my own shooting ammunition, I discovered that I could create cartridges vastly superior to what was on the shelves of gun stores. I also could take a cartridge like a .44 Remington Magnum and either safely load it up to a high power level, or load it down to the power of a much lesser cartridge so that my 9-year-old daughter could shoot it. The result is the same, whether it is home baking, hand-loading and hand-sharpening: a freedom and control that is unavailable by any other means.

So how much money and time do you need to invest? Much less than most other pursuits. For no more than $175, you can get a complete set of stones and instructional DVD’s from Carter Cutlery. If you spend just 20 minutes a month practicing your sharpening skills, within a few years you will be on your way to mastery!

Initially I was quite protective about having anyone use my knives. However, when I bought my knives, I also purchased your DVD's on sharpening. As I became more proficient with sharpening my knives, I was less concerned about someone causing damage that I could not fix.

When a friend hit my Wabocho against a stainless steel pan causing a chip in the edge, I was easily able to repair and sharpen my knife back to its original condition. It is great to be able to share these knives knowing that I can keep them "scary sharp."
-- Ted Wood, Real Estate Developer

Until our next email news,

Stay Sharp and may God richly bless you!

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