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December 9, 2008


Some Are Having Tough Times...
But I Can Help!

This Year Has Been Our Best Year Ever
And I Want To Share Some Of Our Prosperity With You...

Read On, And Learn About What Has Caused Our Amazing Growth Over The Past Twelve Months...

And Then See How Carter Cutlery's Prosperity Is Passed On To YOU
With My Most Incredible "Exchange In Abundance" Offer Ever...

Carter Cutlery Holiday Message
The Year 2008 in Review

December 9, 2008
Murray Carter
Master Bladesmith

Dear Inner Circle Members, Patrons, and friends,

As I write this letter a few days after Thanksgiving Day, I am praying this letter finds you in good health and great spirits. It is likely that as a Carter Cutlery subscriber, you are blessed materially far more than the majority of the world's population, and for that, we can be truly thankful. Beyond material goods, let me express my sincere thanks to God for His mercy, for the companionship and health of my wife and four children, for the incredible vocation I have as a bladesmith, and for you, the thousands of dedicated and loyal patrons who encourage me to keep striving towards excellence.

This past year has been the most exciting year in 21 years of business that Carter Cutlery has ever experienced. Despite a slowing economy, Carter Cutlery has more than doubled it's business, in terms of production, sales, bladesmithing class attendees, staff members and newsletter readership. Carter Cutlery is a living testimony that smart planning, hard work, an excellent product and attention to outstanding customer service results in achieving the "American Dream." Let me add that we have accomplished this without incurring debt; for if we had, we might not be in the strong position we are enjoying now.

Getting to where we are now has not been easy. I started by seeking wise counsel from established members of the business community, creating a business plan based on that counsel, and then following it precisely. I spent long, hard days in the shop, forging and completing hundreds of knives, almost single-handedly, save for some help from my 19-year-old apprentice. I spent hundreds of hours after our precious daily family time and my children went to sleep, answering emails, writing newsletters, working on media projects and creating new and exciting sales letters. I have spent hundreds of hours at the gym or jogging to ensure I stay healthy and productive. The results speak for themselves.

So what did Carter Cutlery accomplish over the past 12 months... ?

Let's summarize the accomplishments of the year 2008 to date:

In January I unveiled our new and exciting Whitecrane Knife. This sharp but stout fixed blade knife epitomizes the ultimate concealed carry knife. Never before has such a large knife been able to be carried so comfortably on the body in complete concealment...and yet remain instantly accessible!

Between the months of January and October, I successfully conducted many Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing courses. Since the inception of the school, the concept has been an overwhelming success, with results unparalleled by any other school in the world. The graduate's testimonies are gleaming, and many students have scheduled to return for more classes.

During these months, I have also conducted numerous in-shop volunteer demonstrations of the Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing techniques for Boy Scouts and Alert Cadets. The reactions of the young boys and men who attend these demonstrations is priceless, and no doubt, some of them will want to come and attend formal classes for themselves sometime in the future as well.

In February Carter Cutlery was featured in the local Newspaper "Vernonia Voice", when I personally presented a custom knife to our local Police Chief who was retiring. The article generated a strong interest from the local community, resulting in more than 35 knives sold. Although Vernonia is not known for it's affluence, residents here are well known for being able to discern high quality cutting instruments, no doubt because of the rich timber industry history. Some of you may have seen the documentary program "AXEMEN" on the History Channel. That program was mostly shot on location in Vernonia, Oregon.

In March I added a new Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing class "103, Forge and Complete Your Own Personal Whitecrane Knife". This is a result of the wonderful success in Whitecrane Knife sales and the growing international interest in my Bladesmithing school. We have two 103 classes scheduled for 2009. (See 2009 Course schedule below).

In May, after a grueling week of posing for Master Photographer Hiro Soga's camera, we completed and successful uploaded on-line, a Virtual Photo Tour: "The Making of a Kuro-Uchi Knife". The 66 shot virtual tour, complete with written description, details every single step involved in the making of a traditional Japanese kitchen knife. In just eight months, the slide show has been viewed by more than 28,000 people world-wide! Just imagine how Carter Cutlery will grow with this kind of exposure.

In May, we were also blessed with Wes Injerd coming on board as our new Administrative Assistant. Wes' computer talents and amazing work ethic have really helped to stream-line our office workload.

In June, despite indications of a slowing economy, we experienced record breaking sales at the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia. We also held our First Annual Carter Cutlery Dinner Banquet at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel, with special guests Ed Fowler and Steven Dick in attendance.

Between the months of June and October, we added numerous YouTube video entries, which have received over 82,000 viewings in the short time that they have been up. WOW!!! The comments that viewers post are revealing, like this one:

"If I had not seen it I would not have believed it.
that's true talent. Something to be said for practice.

Or how about this one:

"I've been so stressed, the boss has been on my back all week, my wife has been nagging me to clean the gutters, my mother in law is in town and my 15 year old just started going out with some 19 year old punk kid named Todd with piercings and a motorcycle. But now that I watched this, I just forget about all of that, so relaxing, thanks man."

We will produce more exciting film footage and release segments of it on YouTube, and before long we will have over one Million views worldwide. What a boost for Carter Cutlery!

In July we made the transition from monthly to bi-weekly newsletters. We made the newsletters more concise, informative and easy to read. Currently we are experiencing a readership growth of 6% per month. The immediate response we receive to our amazing offers is exciting, and will only continue to grow as we continually expand our readership.

On the same note, in July we offered the Carter Cutlery Inner Circle Lifetime Membership and were rewarded with an enrollment that far exceeded my expectations. I have already had the pleasure of having one of our Inner Circle members to a Bladesmithing class, and I can tell you from our interaction, that our Inner Circle members offer great strength to our long term goals.

In August we set out on our Carter Cutlery 2nd Annual Action Adventure 32 mile Wilderness Hike. What a blast we had and how productive it was to distance myself from the knife business for a few days to get a fresh perspective. We'll be going on a new adventure next year for sure. Be sure to plan to join us.

It was also during the month of August that two highly prestigious publications featured my Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing School; in Knives 2209 Annual (Krause Publications) and in Oct. '08 issue of Knife World. This exposure has only further increased the inquiries about our classes and I forecast a busy teaching year for 2009.

Between the months of August and September I added seven new neck knife models, and improved on the construction of all existing models. These knives are sharper and slicker than ever before. I think even I'll upgrade my existing necker to one of these beauties!

In September we were honored by having our Wikipedia entry accepted. If you don't know about the process to be included in this prestigious encyclopedia, let me tell you that the Wikipedia staff is VERY particular as to what entries they accept. They have a long list of stringent requirements that must be met that emphasize notoriety, or else they delete your efforts. Being one of the only custom knifemakers in the world accepted by Wikipedia, the international exposure through this medium has been phenomenal.

In October we received an overwhelming response to our Christmas offer which rewarded our loyal patrons with a free knife with a purchase of four knives. This offer was so popular that one customer took advantage of it twice, and received two free knives.

The other marketing success we had was the response to my offer to sharpen peoples knives for Free in exchange for referrals. We literally increased our readership by 4% overnight! I will definitely put out that free offer several times a year and watch our list grow.

In November we linked to and placed an advertisement on In their own words "SurvivalBlog is dedicated to family preparedness, survival, self-reliance and self-sufficiency". This site gets over 107,500 unique visits each week where visitors see the Carter Cutlery ad prominently displayed on the right hand column. The result has been five times more traffic from this site than from Google search engines!

November also brought the option for patrons to sign up for New Product Alerts, whereby these customers have a four hour window to preview new knives before the rest of our readership gets the full newsflash.

WOW! All that and the year is not even over yet. As you can see, many of the accomplishments I achieved have to do with our ever growing and successful Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing Schoolthe only one of it's kind in the world.

That brings us to the reason for this letter...

Due to the fantastic success Carter Cutlery has enjoyed during 2008, I am able to make an incredible offer you will find hard to refuse, But... You Have To Respond Before December 31st To Take Advantage Of This Limited Offer.

Attend any one of our world-famous Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing Courses and Bring an Assistant for FREE!

Getting better educated and learning new skills is always the surest way to reap great returns on an investment. If you are looking to learn new skills and the sure confidence that comes with them and want to be inspired with a "can do" attitude, then look no further than Carter Cutlery Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing courses.

Having conducting classes successfully for two years now, an unexpected result has emerged. Not only are my graduates learning far more than they ever expected in forging hot steel into high performance knives, but they are also coming away with a new-found confidence and understanding of their own abilities.

Read this incredible story which tells it all:

"Very recently, I attended Murray's Bladesmithing 202 Course and, while I may know a thing or two about Japanese knives, I knew absolutely nothing about how to actually make one. Needless to say, I was fairly apprehensive about my ability to feel at ease in the shop and working with all the power equipment, let alone actually making a knife with them. Murray did his best to assure me everything would be fine, but the unknown still held its grasp.

"Upon arriving the first day, Murray had us jump right in and I started working with the power hammer. His easy-to-understand explanations and guidance made me both feel at ease and confidant as I became familiar with its use. Murray did this by giving us practice time on different materials, both soft and hard. This to me was invaluable as I got a good feel for using the hammer and its affect on the steel being hammered. In no time I started forging my knife as Murray stood right there supervising the whole process. Murray even suggested we make a small "letter opener" from a piece of steel that was cut off from the forged knife. While Murray performed the critical heat treatment on my blade, he guided me in heat treating the small blade. So now I have a knife that I can say was forged and heat treated 100% by me. Very cool.

"He had a great mix of allowing me plenty of hands-on work, yet stepping in when things got critical. This is what the course was like the entire three days. At each step of the knife-making process, Murray was right there to instruct, guide and assist me. No corners were cut, either. I learned to make my knife the way Murray makes his -- traditional Japanese methods with strong attention to quality, detail and craftsmanship. Needless to say my knife is a beautiful piece of Japanese cutlery that I made with my own hands. When I showed my wife and friends the cut off piece of metal I started with, the small knife I made on the side and then the Gyuto I made, they were in shock. They just couldn't believe that I, Bob, made it by hand. Sometimes when I look at it, I have a hard time believing it, too, but I've got the pictures and videos to keep that from ever happening.

"But, honestly, I got much more out of the class than a knife -- the knife-making skills, both physical and analytical, the knowledge, the history, the friendships, the breaking up of pine charcoal, the target shooting, the mosquito bites, the language lesson, the raisin bread, and so much more. Murray did an excellent job of instruction, and I give total credit to his ability to make me feel comfortable every step of the way. After the end of each class day, Murray also had options for us to do various things, so the fun never ended at 6:00. Murray and his family were very gracious hosts, too, and made me feel at home while in theirs.

"Murray, I can't thank you enough for an incredible experience that will surely be long remembered. When the class was over, I had this overwhelming desire of wanting more. I wanted to drive back to the shop Monday morning to start another knife. I enjoyed everything involved with knife making and truly found myself wanting to do it again. When I told my wife this, she jokingly asked if I was still planning to get on the plane to come home. I am grateful for the time we spent and I can't recommend enough that everyone take this class, or any of his classes for that matter. Thanks again.

Bob Worthington, CPA"

And the following testimonial describes something about the nature of the unique instruction:

"Murray is a thoughtful, patient teacher. When I encountered problems working with the man-made water stones or with technique, Murray would look more deeply at what I was doing. He never made corrections. Yet somehow by the end of the afternoon, my skills had doubled.

"Murray is a gifted teacher because instead of teaching "technique", he taught the skill of looking, diagnosing and patiently correcting the blades. With these skills, the actual sharpening fell into place.

"Thanks Murray! These are skills I will always use.

"Phil Taylor, Engineer"

So HERE is how I CAN HELP You Like I Have Helped Others...

If you are one of the many who have been thinking about attending one of my life-changing bladesmithing courses, now is the time to do it. I will guide you through the incredible experience of creating some of the finest knives possible, and impart to you a problem solving attitude that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

What could be better than attending the Bladesmithing Course of your Dreams where you will learn skills that you can depend on for the rest of your life...?

Attending with a Partner, of course!

Imagine if you could bring someone with you to share the incredible experience; a son, a father, a brother or best friend. (OK, feel free to bring a lady if she is up for it!) You and your partner will be talking about the shared memories and new skills that you learned for years. For those who enroll in a 2009 course before December 31st, 2008, I'll let you bring your partner for absolutely FREE. Another way to look at it is that two friends could attend for half price. Remember that you must enroll quickly; the deadline is the end of this year.

Let Me Summarize WHY I am offering the Bladesmithing School Deal-Of-A-Lifetime....

Why #1  This past business year has been the best ever for Carter Cutlery and I want to share the prosperity with YOU, my loyal patrons.

Why #2  With all of the international exposure Carter Cutlery is getting through the Internet and cutlery publications, demand for the limited spots in my classes is increasing dramatically. I want YOU, my best patrons who really understand the purpose and goals of Carter Cutlery to have the first shot at classes in 2009.

Why#3  It will never be easier for me or cost less to "Exchange In Abundance" with you again. As demand for my products and services increases, so will the prices of what I offer have to increase. Considering what I have achieved in marketing in 2008, imagine where we will be in a years time!

HOW Can I do This? It's real simple. Carter Cutlery is not about money. Carter Cutlery is about PURPOSE. Our purpose is to Serve our customers by forging the highest performance cutlery possible and by sharing ancient bladesmithing education, as if our very lives depended on it. When I make it easy for you to attend my Bladesmithing School, knowing that you will be telling all your friends about the incredible experience you had here, we immediately double the number of people we are honored to serve. With my "Exchange In Abundance" philosophy we all win, you, new Bladesmithing Class attendees and Carter Cutlery.

So Choose Which Classes You Will Attend, Which Payment Plan You Want And Call My Assistant, Wes, Right Now at 1-503-429-0447 (7am -- 10pm Pacific Time) to Enroll Over The Phone.

Again, Keep In Mind That Over 1,500 Dedicated Customers Are Reading This Same Letter, and Most of the Courses Have a 4 Student LIMIT...Act NOW.

NOTE: If you are reading this after hours, complete the Rapid Response Enrollment Form on the next page and fax it to:


Thank you for taking advantage of this great offer! I look forward to have the honor and pleasure of teaching you my bladesmithing secrets in 2009.


Murray Carter
ABS Master Bladesmith
P.O.Box 307
Vernonia, OR 97064
phone 503-429-0447

Rapid Response Greatest "Exchange In Abundance" Enrollment Form

"Attend any one of our Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing Courses and
Bring an Assistant for FREE!" Offer

Yes Murray! You weren't kidding when you said this was going to be the Greatest "Exchange In Abundance" you have ever created... Sign Me Up! I understand that by enrolling immediately I receive the following:

FREE participation for a partner to attend any one of the 2009 Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing Courses when I pay for the course in full.

Course Prices and Descriptions are as follows (Course Dates are below):
100 Introduction to Japanese Bladesmithing (1 day) $1000
101 Forging an Completion of a Personal Neck Knife (2 days) $2000
102 Forging and Completion of a Stainless Fukugozai Series Kitchen Knife (2 days) $2000
103 Forging and Completion of a Whitecrane Ultimate CCW Knife (3 days) $3000
201 Forging and Completion of a Camp Knife (3 days) $3000
202 Forging and Completion of an International Pro Series Chef's Knife (3 days) $3000
301 Forge Welding, Forging and Completion of a Kuro Uchi Series Knife (3 days) $2500
302 Forge Welding and Completion of a Damascus Steel Knife (6 days) $6000
401 Sword Forging (6 days) $8000
500 Original Intensive 6 Day Course (6 days) $6000



City:__________________________ State:_________ Zip Code:_______

Home Phone:______________________ Work Phone:_______________

I would like to attend Course #______ on these dates:________________

Credit Card # (combination OK):_______________________________________

Expiration Date:___________________________CVV#:______________


Fax Immediately to 503-429-3413 or Call 1-503-429-0447 to Enroll Over the Phone BEFORE 10pm, Wednesday, December 31, 2008 DEADLINE.

If paying by check, mail TODAY to: PO Box 307, Vernonia, OR, 97064

Japanese Bladesmithing Schedule 2009




No classes

Feb. 20~21


Mar. 21


Apr. 20~25


May 7~9


May 14~16


May 21~23


Jun. 13


Jun. 19~20


Jun. 26~27


Jul. 6~11


Jul. 16~18


Aug. 7~8


Aug. 14~15


Aug. 21~22


Sept. 4~5


Sept. 10~12


Sept. 21~26


Sept. 28~Oct 3



No classes

Nov. 5~7


Nov. 9~14


100 (1 day) starting on 3/21/09, 6/13/09

101 (2 days) starting on 2/20/09, 6/19/09, 8/7/09

102 (2 days) starting on 6/26/09, 9/4/09

103 (3 days) starting on 5/14/09, 7/16/09

201 (3 days) starting on 8/14/09, 11/5/09

202 (3 days) starting on 5/7/09 , 9/10/09

301 (3 days) starting on 5/21/09, 8/21/09

302 (6 days) starting on 4/20/09, 11/9/09

401 (6 days) starting on 9/21/09

500 (6 days) starting on 7/6/09, 9/28/09






Be sure to email me with any questions at

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