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Dear Patrons,

Brrrr! I can't believe how cold it has gotten recently. Even though I am from Canada originally, I was not cut out for cold weather. Don't be surprised to see Carter Cutlery operations move to a warmer climate in the future. Anyway, I hope that you all are making out OK this season and staying healthy.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"I must say that I have never held another knife as amazing in my entire life. I was truly not aware that such perfection could exist. The day that I received it, I went to work dicing 2 lbs. of onions and 5 lbs. of raw pork and beef. I say dicing because I was doing small 1/8" dice for the onion and 1/4" dice for the meat. For anyone who has ever had to deal with cutting raw meat, I don't have to say that it can be challenging to say the least, and usually cutting it into larger cubes is bad enough, but 1/4" dice -- forget it.

"With the Carter knife, however, the blade glided right through the meat with ease, and slicing the full 5 lbs. of meat was done in no time. I can honestly say that it was enjoyable using the knife rather than being a chore. And importantly, unlike my ceramic knife, that was never this sharp in the first place -- not even straight from the factory -- I am able to strop and re-sharpen your knife whenever I need to, making sure that the knife is always in perfect condition.

"That said, after cutting through all that meat and all those onions, the knife was still sharp enough to shave the hair off the back of my hand. Nice! I'm raising a bowl of Texas-style chili in your honor, and in honor of this beautiful knife. Thank you!" --- Alan McClure, owner Patric Chocolate

"My knife just chipped... when I accidentally dropped it in the sink. But this was not a problem since I watched the Advanced Knife Sharpening DVD. Twenty minutes later, I had ground out the chip and put on a new edge. I cannot recommend your DVD highly enough. That video is fantastic. Using your instruction, I have re-tipped a 20+ year German paring knife, thinned the secondary edge, and put on a new primary edge. It is now a very serviceable tool in the kitchen. I have really learned a lot. I also think that the video is essential for anyone purchasing a yanagiba. I was not aware of the upkeep required." --- Clay Cowdery, Professional Chef

"I've often been thinking about the Bladesmithing course and how much I enjoyed it. It has had many effects on my construction work and hobbies. The biggest effect is you have inspired me with more confidence to simply go for it and trust myself to complete a job without over-analyzing it and taking a thousand meaningless measurements. I'm now more willing to simply start something and know that even if I make a mistake, I can fix it along the way. I learned a lot more than just the knifemaking curriculum. So, thanks again for an awesome class!" --- Mason Payer, General Contractor

News From the Shop

Murray was able to forge and complete over one hundred knives before his departure for Japan. Many of you who placed their order 15~12 months ago will be receiving your knives before Christmas. Upon returning from Japan in January, Murray intends to forge another hundred knives and deliver another large batch to customers who have been patiently waiting as well.

2001 Mastersmith Knife

Custom orders are a vital part of Carter Cutlery. We want to express our gratitude for your unique orders and for your outstanding patience while waiting for Murray to forge a knife for you that you will be proud of.

Bladesmithing School News

Interest and enrollment has never been greater than now for Murray's life-changing Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing classes. Our 500 Intensive Six-Day Class, scheduled for next April (April 5~10th, 2010) has three registered participants, and that leaves only room for one more!

Contact us immediately if you want the last spot, in what promises to be, an incredible experience. Those of you who are interested in the next 101 Neck Knife class, 201 Camp Knife class or 202 IP Chef's knife class should contact us by email murray@cartercutlery.comor by phone at 503-429-047.

Internet Exposure

The response from two of our latest YouTube entries has been overwhelming -- Why Knife Blades Chip, and How To Repair A Chipped Blade.

For each clip we received hundreds of views and multitudes of positive comments within hours of posting them. In the next few days, we will be posting two more educational clips for your viewing pleasure and on-going education about high performance blades. Over the years, Carter Cutlery has established itself as THE Leader in the custom cutlery industry for delivering excellent knives AND common sense education to our customers.

Inner Circle Lifetime Membership Update

We are receiving a continuous stream of positive responses to our recent incredible offer for lifetime membership with Carter Cutlery. Especially of interest to several new members was the fact that, in addition to all the major benefits and bonuses, they can also attend $12,000 worth of Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing classes for only $8,900! Don't miss out on this unique opportunity worth tens of thousands of dollars. All the details are HERE.

Act quickly because the deadline for this offer is Monday, December 31st. Due to our growth, the simple truth is that I will never be able to give such a generous offer for such a low price again.

Exciting NEW Products From Japan

While in Japan, Murray will be touring several small shops and factories that are known by the most discerning Japanese patrons to produce the finest blade-related products in the world. Carter Cutlery hopes to be able to win their trust and respect so that we can represent their work in the US.

Murray will only choose products of equal quality to his own knives, and ones that he is able to service and repair to the benefit of the customer. Until now, US consumers have not benefited from a competent domestic repair service for many Japanese blade related tools. Many of you who regularly send knives in to be sharpened and get them back within a few days know that we are changing that for the better!

Be a Pro in Front of the Christmas Turkey

Did your dad or granddad stand at the head of the table, in front of the steaming turkey, steeling his carving knife before carving? Do you remember the unique sound the knife made when it rhythmically contacted the steel "shwing, shwing, shwing"?

What a great show for the family and guests! The good old days when the man of the family was still the hero and could mesmerize all in attendance with a couple simple pieces of steel in his hands! Perfect silence, except for the ringing sound of hardened steel against steel.

Carving Turkey with a Gyuto

Well, sorry to rain on the party, but although the above describes a good show, it is NOT a recipe for making sharp knives. The goal is to "butcher" the turkey, not the edge of the knife. Let's examine what's happening and then make some suggestions for how to do this performance in style and for effect.

A butcher's steel is, by design, a tool to burnish the primary edge of a carving knife. The word "burnish" makes the assumption that the blade already has an edge established according to the "three-finger test of edge sharpness" (see the "Introduction to Knife Sharpening" DVD). If the blade has an edge that you can slide your fingers up and down upon safely, then steeling the knife will be wasted effort.

What you need to do in preparation for this momentous event is spend about 15 minutes on the Japanese water stones. Start by thinning down the secondary edge, and then move on to establish a new primary edge. Now you are ready for "Show Time." At the table, place the butcher steel in your support hand like you would hold a lit candle and the carving knife in your strong hand.

Commence steeling the knife by starting with the tip of the knife making (gentle) contact near the safety guard and the edge of the blade towards your support hand. Move the blade away from you and up at the same time, thereby "stropping" the blade against the steel. Alternate sides, and keep the angle very shallow, or you'll undo all the hard work you did with the sharpening stone. Remember that the edge is already established and what you are attempting to do is just "show off."

Go slowly, letting the sound of steel against steel be the highlight. If you try to impress with speed, you might stab your hand at the beginning of another pass. Not cool. Steel the knife in this manner 5~6 times each side, check the edge using the three-finger technique, and then let out a whistle in self approval.

Enjoy carving fine, thin slices of turkey meat until someone from your audience requests, "Thicker, please!" Halfway through the job, carefully wipe off the juice from the blade and steel the knife two more times on each side. Now they will really be watching you work the magic.

If anyone in the group asks, "Did you learn that from Murray Carter?" then you and that person can come for a free bladesmithing class! By the way, using a butcher steel on a Carter knife is not recommended because of the hardness and edge design. Make a fashion statement at the dinner table -- substitute a sharpening stone for the butcher's steel!

Keep watch for a Bonus Postcard from Carter Cutlery in the (snail) mail!

Merry Christmas and may the Lord richly bless you during this special season!

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