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December 22, 2010
Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas from Carter Cutlery

Dear Patrons,

We'll keep this short as you are probably tight for time like everybody else.

Even though we got totally cleaned out during our unprecedented sale last month, we have managed to put together a small collection of very fine knives for sale, both neck knives and some kitchen knives. They are all up on line and ready for immediate delivery -- see them here on our New Products page. We also received a new shipment of scissors from Shozaburo in Japan, replenishing our stock of shears as well.

 New Neck Knife Design

Maria design

Here you can see my daughter Maria designing her first knife. When she realized that her siblings all had knives named after them (we have a Tetsuo, an Emily and an Alisa Model) she was not to be outdone, by designing a knife herself at five years of age.

Maria's knife template

Well I made one according to her drawing and here it is. Click on any of the photos to see these knives up close.

Maria's knife
Maria's Knife

Order the Complete Carter Kids Neck Knife Set of four knives with matching handles and a personal letter of authenticity for the price of just three neck knives. Get four for three.

Tetsuo's knife
Tetsuo's Knife

 New Apprenticeship Program with Murray

Due to the demand of Murray's instruction in the Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing classes, and the growing interest in taking up bladesmithing as a new profession, Murray has created the Carter Cutlery Apprenticeship Program.

Essentially, the program is designed to teach the student everything they need to know to become a full-time bladesmith, and then guide them through all the business and technical aspects of making the new business profitable by providing counsel over a two-year period.

So, Murray not only shares his technical expertise with the apprentice, but all his business acumen as well. We'll be posting more elaborate details on the program sometime soon. Those interested can email Murray.

Move to New Location

Carter Cutlery will be relocating to a bigger and better 2.5-acre property closer to Portland in January 2011. Several people have offered to help and we appreciate it. Call Murray directly at 503-816-6556 if you would like to be part of the move. For those traveling from afar, we can put you up overnight in our new guest bunkhouse.

Looking forward to serving you in 2011. May you have a wonderful, Christ-centered Christmas.

God bless you all.

Carter Cutlery

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Vernonia, OR 97064 (MAP)
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Carter Cutlery

Knife Archives

Do you have questions about steels, knife-making, or just cutlery in general? Send us an email and Murray will be happy to answer them for you.

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Questions From Our Readers...

I am considering taking your knife sharpening course, but also might be interested in learning to forge knives with you, too. In that case, what would be the necessary investment after the class for me to set up a knife-making shop of my own? I am trying to calculate the overall feasibility of doing this. Thank you.

A. I am glad to hear that I may have the distinct opportunity to share my skills with you. Because I emphasize skills over fancy equipment, I believe anybody with the will can both sharpen and forge knives right away after taking my classes with a minimal amount of equipment.

Some tools like a drill press, anvil and grinders can be found cheap second-hand, and a forge can be home built for under a few hundred dollars. Many hand tools such as files and drill bits most people already own, as well as maintenance tools such as wrenches and pliers.

So, if a fellow had $2000 to start with he could get set up, and then if he decided to continue on, he could slowly replace some of his equipment for higher quality stuff. Within a year or two, a fellow could own a first-rate shop bought with just the profits from the blades he has made or sharpened.

Feel free to shoot me any more questions or concerns you may have. I do believe I can give you the answers to them all.

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