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December 7th, 2011
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Dear Patrons,

As we approach the end of 2011, we have so much good news to tell you that it is hard to know where to start. I'll try to keep it short and simple.

 New Products

We are very proud of our second part in the new video series "Kitchen Cuts: Nakiri Knife". It is now available for immediate digital download ($25) or for delivery for the physical copy ($35 plus shipping). This second part is even better than the first part "Paring Knife" with enough footage and information to satisfy, teach and inform home cooks, aspiring chefs and blade enthusiasts. We plan to produce ten parts in this series.

We also have our "Advanced Blade Sharpening" DVD available now for digital download, which makes it easier to buy and watch. To the delight of many of our long time customers, we will also be refilming our "Introduction to Knife Sharpening" DVD in January 2012, making it shorter, more concise and easier to watch.

We have just uploaded a new batch of SFGZ kitchen knives to our New Products page which are going fast, and we also have a wonderful assortment of very fine neck knives just in time for your Christmas shopping. Feel free to contact us about knives your desire to purchase that are not on our site. We'll do our best to accommodate you.

 Positive Changes for 2012

Murray has always admired the handful of Master Smiths in both Japan and elsewhere who have dedicated themselves fully to forging just one kind of steel. As of January 1st, 2012, Murray will only forge knives in Hitachi White steel. The remainder of his blue steel stock will be used to complete custom orders from the past or used in Kuro Uchi blades (in which case the blue steel will not be indicated). As for pricing, all white steel prices will be leveled to current blue steel prices making it a perfect time to purchase either white steel knives now (at 2011 pricing) or blue steel knives (because we will be discontinuing them).

Japan Report

We had a tremendously successful ten day trip to Japan during the first two weeks of October. Highlights of the trip were a visit to the famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo where we saw some sights most tourists never see. Another awesome experience was visiting a natural sharpening stone monger in Kyoto where we got to hike to remote shaft mines, quarry our own stones and then finish them to perfect dimensions on special lapidary equipment. Finally, cooking a gourmet dinner for a company president in his own home was a unique delight we had in Seki City during the Seki Knife Show. We are currently compiling video footage of the trip and will be uploading to YouTube within the next few weeks. Don't miss any of our new videos, subscribe now to our channel... 

 New Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing School Program 

Carter Cutlery has introduced a new program for bladesmithing students who are looking for economically priced classes and who have a great amount of control over their schedules.  This program is called the "Last Minute, Last Guy" program. Essentially, we are discounting any of our regular classes by 60% , and the applicant prepays the 40% balance. The conditions are that the student has to be able to attend a class with two weeks' notice, and they do not get to keep the knives they make during the class. Carter Cutlery promises to get the student into the class of their choice within one calendar year of application, and if two weeks' notice doesn't work out for the student when called upon, he can defer to another class.  There is absolutely no risk with this program because we will keep inviting the students until they have taken the class. This program will benefit both the student who is truly interested in learning and Carter Cutlery as well because it will help us fill up a class when we are just one man short. Email us if you have any questions about this program.

Check out these heart felt testimonials from our latest class in November:

Also NEW for 2012 is "Class 501, Basic Tool Intensive Six Day Bladesmithing". This class is the same as our most popular 500 Intensive class but without the use of a Japanese power hammer or rotating water stones. The emphasis of this class is to teach students knife making with commonly accessible tools. This class does not include forging a Kuro Uchi kitchen knife due to time constraints. Tuition $6000

 Carter Cutlery in the News

It is a very exiting time for us and the media is taking notice as well. Besides regular internet coverage on the knife-related forums and YouTube, we have been recognized by Blade Magazine for our new video productions, by Edge Observer for our kitchen knives and by Jason Simms of the Oregonian Newspaper for Murray's profile as a local master craftsman, scheduled for publication December 10th. With all this coverage, 2012 promises to be the busiest year ever.

 First Annual Carter Cutlery "Open House"

On November 18th and 19th we held our first open house. We had a great time which included lots of new knives, a book signing, a sneak preview of our "Kitchen Cuts; Part II, Nakiri", a roaring campfire and lots of eating. We will hold the next open house next summer to enable more people to camp out. Watch for announcements next spring.

As you can see, if I didn't keep each news entry brief, there would be no end to the great news at Carter Cutlery. We appreciate that you are an integral part of our growth and positive news.

Until our next email news, stay sharp and may God richly bless you!

Murray Carter
ABS Master Bladesmith
17th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith

22097 NW West Union Rd
Hillsboro, OR, 97124
Carter Cutlery
503-447-1029 office
503-816-6556 cell

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"I just got my knife back, and I am blown away!!! First of all thank you Jason for making the whole process a pleasure, and please tell Mr. Carter that he has not only saved my knife but I think it is a much better design than it originally came with. I did a fair bit of research before sending you guys my knife, and I chose Carter Cutlery because of Murray’s incredible background, the videos I’ve seen of him, and everything I have read about him was always very positive. I am so happy with the results, and I will always recommend Carter Cutlery to all my friends. I will have to save up some money for one of your beautiful knives.

Outstanding job!


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