Carter Cutlery August Newsletter - August 22nd, 2012

December 11th, 2012 Newsletter


owdy folks! It has been awhile since our last newsletter. Carter Cutlery is going through positive changes and paving the way for a new shop, new talent, new products, and a new year - a year in which the focus will be on growth. The shop is being transported, electricians are at the new facility, and we have a bunch of exciting updates to talk about just in time for the Christmas holiday.
As the year comes to a close we would like to look back on 2012 in its entirety and reflect. Here at Carter Cutlery, we have seen much growth throughout the year, and can only say thank you to our loyal customers for your patronage because without you, none of our growth would happen. It is so busy here at Carter Cutlery that it is almost too hard to decide on what news to start with first.
Shop News
With Christmas rapidly approaching we would advise everyone to get signed up for our new product alerts (send me product alerts) if you have not already done so. Currently, Murray is forging 50+ neck knives of which only a handful will be released at a time. This is why we highly recommend keeping alert when they are posted because they are going to move quickly... we probably will not be able to get them posted to the site fast enough!
We touched a bit on Carter Cutlery's growth in 2012, and with that being said, we are excited to announce that the shop will be moving from Vernonia, Oregon down the road into Hillsboro, Oregon. This will allow us to expand into a larger facility so we can meet your ever increasing needs. With the new shop we have hired a new office assistant. Carter Cutlery is pleased to announce the addition of Michael Kehoe. Born and raised in Oregon, Michael comes to Carter Cutlery with a background in video production, design, and business management to help assist Carter Cutlery in the day-to-day administrative operations as well as the production of Carter Cutlery's High Performance Tips Series; MCarterProductions?feature=gb_ch_rec. Please feel free to reach out to Michael with any needs that you may have, question, concerns, inquiries, or if you would simply just like to get to know him.
Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing School
In 2013, Carter Cultery is looking to ramp up production and bring in even more strong arms to help. We have posted the new year's course schedule for Carter Cutlery's Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing School so get over to the website and check that out. Carter Cutlery is looking to sign up new students and apprentices as soon as possible. Find a time that best suites your schedule! In addition to new classes, Carter Cutlery has decided to hold an open house once the new facility is up and running. The open house will be held every Thursday afternoon and we welcome anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more about Carter Cutlery, Murray, and/or the general forging process. We would love to see those old and new as well as have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to our new community in Hillsboro, Oregon!
For those of you who would like to attend one of Murray's classes but cannot because of time, financial or geographical constraints... do not forget that we offer, by appointment, video conferences (via Skype) where you can ask all your sharpening, bladesmithing, or general questions and receive the benefit of his hard-earned experience and expertise. This service is tried-and-true as well as also being deemed highly effective. Call Murray at 503.466.1331 or send an email to to arrange your consultation time today!
It is becoming colder outside with winter quickly approaching so remember to layer-up when outdoors and enjoy your holiday. We will catch back up with you in the new year. Thank you once again for your continual support, and we look forward to being able to assist you in any way... do not forget to sign up for those product alerts!

Happy Holidays to you and yours, stay sharp and may God richly bless you!


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