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Have you always wanted to learn freehand sharpening, but felt overwhelmed with the amount of information available? Let Murray Carter teach you! The instructional videos are concise and easy to understand. With these videos, two sharpening stones, and a little time we know you can master freehand sharpening. We are confident that you'll be sharpening anything that can take an edge in no time at all. 

Save money and shipping time by purchasing our instructional videos as digital downloads! Want a sample? Head over to our YouTube channel. 

Customer Testimonials

"Its about time I learn to sharpen implements correctly. Your DVD instruction is outstanding amoung the competition"

"...I've tried all the gimmicks over the past 30 years and have never been able to create a razor-sharp edge with them.  Even though I'm not at all satisfied with my skills at this point, the last knife I sharpened (my third sharpening attempt overall) is sharper than any knife I've ever sharpened before thanks to you!"

"The Sharpening instructional DVD gave me the tools I needed to better sharpen my knives. My first project I took on after the DVD was to put a tip back on a 300mm damascus steel Gyuto and it was a complete success thanks to Murray Carters instructions. I highly recommend this to anyone with knives, especially those in the restaurant industry."

"The two Japanese waterstones I received along with the fundamentals DVD were excellent and I'm already achieving scary sharp edges. Murray's kindness and consideration during the delivery process was a welcome and greatly appreciated touch.I will certainly be ordering from Carter Cutlery again in the future!"


Want scary sharp edges? We recommend following along with your own pair of Japanese Water Stones.