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FS1 Knife

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Carter Cutlery's new FS1 (Field Stalker 1) is a genius collaboration, marrying Murray's 26 year/23,000 blade forging knowledge and Weimy Cutlery's 20 years of dedicated/decorated service in the Navy Seals. From its inception, the FS1 was meant to stand out in a sea of heavy, overbuilt combat knives as being the world's finest lightweight service knife, easy to sharpen and maintain by servicemen in the field. Weighing in at just over four ounces, the FS1 can cut, slice, and pierce better than any other blade on the market, and yet is still strong enough to accomplish 99% of the real world cutting tasks a blade of its size is called upon to perform. At 9.5 to 10 inches overall, it is large enough to use as an offensive/defensive weapon but compact and light enough to avoid being a burden to carry when fully geared up for combat.

At the heart of the FS1's hand-forged blade is the steel: Hitachi Blue Super Steel laminated to Japanese S35C high tensile strength. Forged in a coke fire using Carter Cutlery's famous "Step Down" forging method, each blade is annealed in rice straw ashes, sand blasted, cold forged, straightened, coated in clay, heated in a pine charcoal fire and quenched in water. The blade is then meticulously flat ground on a round water stone and polished to a rust resistant finish. The spine of the blade is chamfered all the way to the point to enable the blade to pierce effortlessly. Before each knife goes out the door, it is hand sharpened using first a medium grit Japanese water stone and then a fine stone to achieve a literal "face shavin' sharp" edge. The resulting blade is spring-like in toughness, but at HRC64, the Blue Super core steel is peerless in cutting performance.
Carbon fiber was chosen for the handle because it is the lightest, toughest handle material on the market. It also warms to the touch, a necessary consideration for cold weather, outdoor use. Flared tubes in conjunction with two part epoxy act as mechanical fasteners to ensure the handle's integrity. Forged full tang construction ensures serviceability even in the unlikely event the carbon fiber slabs are destroyed. The flared tubes can be used with cord to secure the blade to a pole for use as a spear. For emergency use, a "Striker Pommel" option is available. Water quenched and hand sharpened steel is left exposed from the end of the tang to break tempered glass or pierce hard materials. A full handle version is available as well.
The scabbard is custom molded to each knife using two pieces of .09 Kydex for strength and durability. Between each of the seven double end cap rivets permanently sealing the kydex halves together are holes to attach the included Tec-Lok belt attachment with over 42 attachment possibilities. The holes can also be used To attach the scabbard to web gear or other equipment or clothing. The fit of the scabbard to blade is so tight that the knife can be carried upside-down.