6.14″ Master Smith #188 Heavy FS1


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This is a Master Smith knife – a title and stamp reserved for the most exquisite cutlery. The Master Smith stamp is only used on knives that represent the absolute pinnacle of Murray’s knife making abilities.

STYLE: Master Smith, Heavy Field Stalker 1 Outdoor Knife
STEEL: Hitachi White #1 Steel core laminated with 180 alternating layers of 1025 High Tensile Steel and Pure Nickel Sheet
FINISH: Ground/Polished/Deep Etched
HANDLE: 5,460-Year-Old Bog Oak
LINER: Red G10 and Carbon Fiber Liners
PIN: Nickel Silver, Mosaic Center Pin
BLADE LENGTH: 6.14″ (156 mm)
WEIGHT: 6.24 oz (177 g)
OVERALL LENGTH: 10.75″ (273 mm)
BLADE THICKNESS: *0.139″ (3.54 mm)
SHEATH: Kydex Sheath fitted with a Tek-Lok

*NOTE: Because all of Carter Cutlery blades have a forged distal taper (thicker in the middle, more thin towards the tip), the blade thickness given is dependent on what part of the blade is measured. On neck knives and outdoor knives, we measure just in front of the handle.

If you serve in the military, please mention that in the order comments and we will include a complimentary Blade Sharpening Fundamentals DVD.

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