2nd 246mm MOAB Outdoor Knife, Ironwood / Micarta – 151grams


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The MOAB Outdoor Knife is forged in the traditional Japanese Kuro-uchi style, with Gokunantetsu on the outside and a high-carbon steel core forge welded on the inside. The blade is heated in a pine charcoal fire and then quenched in water to achieve the ultimate Rockwell hardness and insane cutting ability. The best all-round traditional Japanese blade.

STYLE: Outdoor Knife, MOAB – Mother of All Blades 
STEELGokunan-tetsu mild steel laminate with a high-carbon steel core
: Forge Finish, Unpolished
HANDLE: Arizona Desert Ironwood handle with a black micarta spacer
OVERALL LENGTH: 246mm (9.6)
WEIGHT: 151grams
SHEATH: Kydex Tactical Vest Sheath

*NOTE: This item is marked as a ‘second’ because it was previously purchased by a customer. After inspecting the blade, testing the blades metallurgy by shaving metal from a bandsaw platen, and repair / repolishing the handle, Murray Carter has determined that this blade is flawless. The hardness of this blade is very high and it is a great representation of the metallurgy Murray hopes to achieve in every blade he makes by hand. Because all of Carter Cutlery blades have a forged distal taper (thicker in the middle, more thin towards the tip), the blade thickness given is dependent on what part of the blade is measured. On Kitchen knives we measure the blade thickness at or around the “Carter” stamp. On Neck knives and Outdoor knives we measure just in front of handle.


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