Nano Hone Complete System




The COMPLETE Nano Hone System! Our largest set has the complete lineup of our Nano Hone offerings, with upgraded models where appropriate. It includes;

  • The Terra Pond. Our largest immobile retaining pond to keep your sharpening clean. The Terra Pond provides space for your entire sharpening setup of two Stone Stage holders (or of any kind). Retains all your slurry for a clean and professional look to keep your shop or kitchen in good style.
  • 2 Stone Stages. Serving as the base for all abrasives in the Nano Hone system, the Stone Stage will hold any stone attached to the Universal Backing Plate, no matter the type or brand of stone.
  • All Stones. The five-piece line at the essential 200, 400, 1000, 3,000 and 6000 grit sizes offers the flattest, cleanest, and most foundational set to sharpen any edge. It comes pre-attached to a Universal Backing Plate.
  • All Surf Stones. Nano Hone’s own diamond sheets made replaceable on our Backing Plate. Designed with a diamond surface that maximizes abrasive action for fast flattening and sharpening, the Surf Stone is the quickest and most efficient way to flatten any surface softer than diamonds. Includes the  250µm, 110 µm , and  50µm!
  • NL-4 Lapping Plate. Designed to flatten waterstones from 110μm to 10μm (120grit to 1500grit), this diamond lapping plate has an arrow-rake pattern for heavy material removal.
  • NL-5 Lapping Plate.  Designed to flatten all whetstones from 35μm to 0.5μm (400 grit to 30,000 grit range), this diamond plate features a star and hexagon pattern to  maximize the number of working edges.
  • NL-8 Lapping Plate. Designed to flatten all whetstones from 40μm to 0.5μm (400 grit to 30,000 grit range) The NL-8 features a solid metal button design, featuring a cross pattern in each face for more edge area which translates into better cutting. These structures are virtually indestructible and have been set in stainless steel weights to ensure even greater structural integrity.
  • 2 FREE additional backing plates! To put on any stone of your choice!

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 14.41 × 12.25 × 6 in