Nano Hone Moon Pond


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Nano Hone’s sharpening ponds are designed to convert almost any surface into a sharpening station. The pond provides a stable working surface while also protecting the surrounding area from whetstone slurry, keeping your work area clean.

  • Stabilizes the Stone Stage, or any whetstone base
  • Catches water and whetstone slurry
    • 0.5″ lip around edge
  • Silicone strip feet for stability on most surfaces
  • Threaded drain hole for application above a drain (e.g. sink)
  • Solid aluminum build
  • Easy to clean anodized finish



2.8 lb

11.9″ diameter, 0.8″ height

Additional information

Weight 2.9 lbs
Dimensions 14.41 x 12.25 x 0.95 in