Blade Sharpening DVD [set]


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After receiving thousands of positive responses to the video that started it all, Introduction to Knife Sharpening (now discontinued), Murray has refined and re-filmed the process that has enabled thousands to effectively sharpen any knife. We have proved that Murray’s techniques can enable anybody to master freehand sharpening, and now with up-to-date techniques and a new “Seven Step Procedure” for effective sharpening, this video will equip, entertain, and inspire you to join the ranks of countless other successful students.

In this second DVD, Murray picks up where he left off in the first, Blade Sharpening Fundamentals. Learn these following tips from the master:

  • Kata-Ha Sharpening
  • Tanto Blade Re-grinding
  • Achieving Defined Points
  • Using Stones So They Wear Evenly
  • Shortcomings Of Guides & Jigs
  • Function Of Polishing Sludge
  • What To Do With Serrations
  • Effect Of Angled Micro-Serrations On Slice
  • Pitting On Carbon Steeled Blades

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