Adam Andrews



A butcher by trade, Adam’s interest in knife making is rooted in his years of service in Portland’s food industry. In his formative years, Adam learned to prep, cook and serve food, and eventually he found himself working full time in the meat department of a locally owned grocery store. For recreation, Adam sought creative outlets such as bread baking, cheese making, charcuterie and beer brewing.

Working as a butcher for a number of years, knives were Adam’s most fundamental and valuable of tools. Adam developed a curiosity for how knives are made and found himself contemplating their design aesthetics, functionality, and performance. He became fascinated with the world of metallurgy, studying the techniques of knife making across cultures and the tools he would need to create blades. The dream of metalworking took flight in 2013 when Adam created a workspace, built the equipment required to create knives and started forging blades of his own.

Since his journey into knifemaking began, Adam has looked to Murry Carter’s knives with great respect and inspiration. When he had the opportunity to join Carter Cutlery’s apprenticeship program in the spring of 2020, Adam left his job of 17 years to wholly dedicate himself to the pursuit of becoming a Muteki Bladesmith. Learning under the guidance of Murray Carter, honing his skills as a bladesmith, and working amongst a talented team of Mutekis is a dream come true for Adam.

Adam’s other passions include playing guitar, building and flying drones, and training Bonsai trees.

You can see my knives here