Alex Horn



I’ve been with Carter Cutlery since June 2016. I entered the Muteki apprenticeship program immediately after
graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Western Michigan University.
My love of knives began at a very young age, and I have been making knives on my own since high
school. I began to enjoy cooking while at university, and my focus shifted to kitchen knives,
specifically my signature European style chef’s knife. I take this one step farther in our Zen series
of knives. The Zen series was born out of my longstanding desire to make integral kitchen knives.
I aim to combine my personal experience, education, and Murray’s wealth of knowledge to produce
the finest blades I can muster.

When not in the shop, you’ll find me outside either hiking or playing Ultimate Frisbee. I
still love to further my education with a continued interest in mathematics and physics. And
if you find me cooking in the kitchen, I’ll surely be working to perfect my strawberry and cream
cheese stuffed French toast recipe!

You can see my knives here