Chloe Kim



“Good things come to those who wait.” This is certainly a fact in Chloe’s accomplishment to becoming the first female Muteki Bladesmith. Born in Vienna, Austria to a classical composer and a violinist in 1988, Chloe’s background was music, and studying to become a violinist. Helping her father, a hobbyist, with continuous violin making and repairs, she found a love for working with her hands; she was all about it.

Chloe first heard Murray Carter’s story through her husband, Alex, a passionate cook that owns several of Murray’s knives. In 2013, they decided it was time to visit the man they both admired by taking a two month long road trip, in their packed to the brim Honda CRV, from New York City, NY to Hillsboro, OR.

After a much anticipated arrival they attended an Open House at the shop, and enjoyed it so much they asked if they could stay and work for Murray. Shortly after accepting their offer, Murray invited them to a knife making class that he was instructing, and Chloe took to it like a duck takes to water.

When asked about the experience, Murray said, “I saw, immediately, her methodical nature, and that she could master anything she put her mind to.”

Time passed as Chloe and Alex made their life here in Portland, OR but Chloe was determined to make her way back to Murray’s shop: this time as an apprentice. After a three month apprenticeship she graduated as the first female Muteki Bladesmith in February 2020. Each apprentice, upon graduation, designs a stamp of their choice. Chloe chose the Owl— which represents wisdom, clarity, observation, and a keen eye. Chloe stated, “It’s been yet another surreal experience to be surrounded and working so closely with such talented Bladesmiths. I embrace the grind. I am stoked to see myself grow to the best of my ability, and I hope you will see it in my knives as well. Cheers.”

You can see my knives here