Jamison Chopp



Senior Journeyman smith

I have been working with Carter Cutlery as a Muteki smith since early 2015.  Having worked in the financial services industry for seven years, I decided a significant change was needed. Having grown up on a farm, working with my hands and being able to see a completed product of your work is something I had missed.

Initially I expected outdoor and neck knives to be my focus, but quickly shifted to kitchen knives about a year into my employment.  Stylistically, I like to focus on traditional Japanese blade shapes with a European style handle.  I love working with exotic hardwoods as well as locally sourced woods along with accents of micarta, G10, carbon fiber, copper, and more in the future.

I’m excited to continue down this career path learning new skills, pushing my abilities, and refining my techniques along the way.  One of my favorite aspects of what we do is knowing how much and how often our products are used and loved on a daily basis.

You can see my knives here