Taylor Shields



I became a Muteki bladesmith early 2018 after stumbling upon Murray’s interview with Tim Ferriss on the Tim Ferriss Show. Little did I know the shop was a mile from where I was listening. I came to visit that day and the rest is history. Prior to Carter Cutlery, I spent time in commercial/industrial painting and in real estate with primary focus on negotiation & acquisition of single family homes in the Portland Metro area.

Having a skill based craft as an avenue for self mastery and expression is something that had been missing in my life. From an early age, I have always been enthralled with the lore of the bladesmith and dreamed of making a blade with a master. That combined with a deep fascination and appreciation for Japanese culture, the martial arts, and the culinary arts was a perfect storm and now I find myself a Muteki bladesmith.

I aim to keep a balance between kitchen and outdoor knives and enjoy making all types of blades and the unique challenges that arise with each. What matters the most to me is that the owners of my knives form a unique relationship with the blade, appreciate it, and use it often.

When I’m not in the shop, you might find me scheming projects, ideas, or adventures, reading & writing, sprinting on the track, weightlifting, exploring nature, driving fast, cooking something yummy, and trying to be the best human I can.

You can see my knives here