Japan Tour

Very few Caucasians alive today understand the Japanese language, culture and crafts as well as Murray Carter does. Communicating with others what he has learned in over a quarter of a century of study also comes naturally to him. In just a few short days with Murray, you can gain an in-depth understanding of what makes the Japanese “tick”, and even learn a few words in the native tongue to pave the way for future endeavors. What Murray is offering here is a unique and exclusive opportunity to join him on a trip to Japan. There are two options: The Carter Cutlery Annual Japan Cutlery Tour and the Travel Companion Tour.

Carter Cutlery Annual Japan Cutlery Tour

Travel with Murray and four other guests for ten days on a country-wide cutlery tour. The aim is to travel freely by car from one cutlery center to another, with a general daily itinerary but with great flexibility to allow each member’s needs to be met. The trip culminates in the Seki City Annual Knife/Cutlery Show, which is always the second weekend of October. Due to the changing nature of the members (although we have some members who join us every year!) and a new geographic route each year, we never know just exactly what we will experience, but it is always life-changing and exhilarating! Here is a small look at the tour and testimonials from the participants.

Over the years, the cost of the trip has averaged between 5~6 thousand dollars per person. Guests arrange their own air travel to Narita, Japan, where we start the trip. From there we share all travel-related fees, such as rental car, highway tolls, and gas. Nightly accommodations run around $80/night and food costs around $40/day, depending on appetites. These fees come in around $2500~$3500 for the ten day trip.  Additionally, a $3000 gratuity, or $300/day guide fee is paid to Murray for his services.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, even for well-seasoned travelers. Nowhere else will you experience so much in such a short time as on this rare trip. In the words of past guests, “If you have the means, you can’t afford to miss this trip.” (Derek Swanson, DC Sharp)

Travel Companion Tour

This is a rare opportunity to join Murray as his only guest as he takes one of his quarterly trips back to Japan to conduct his cutlery business.  Learn the Japanese cutlery business, meet the key players, enjoy the finest cuisine, and even learn some of the history, geography, and language! Come with an International Driver’s license if you wish and drive in the land of Toyota, Honda, and Subaru! As the only guest, Murray can accommodate your travel expectations and schedule.

This is an incredible immersion into the Japanese experience, with the world’s most qualified tour guide. The cost of this exclusive opportunity is $750/day for the guiding, plus shared travel expenses and guest’s own airfare. There isn’t a university in the world, at any price, that will teach you what Murray will teach you about Japan during this trip.