Meet the Muteki Journeyman Bladesmiths

The Muteki knife line was started by Murray in Japan and was born out of a desire to provide the best knives possible in a price range that was competitive with commonly available factory knives. Upon the realization that he could only forge so many blades during his lifetime, Murray shelved the project so that he could focus on creating the finest knives at any price under the Mitsuboshi trademark.

At the point where Murray’s first apprentice had demonstrated the correct aptitude and attitude for the craft, the Muteki brand was rekindled when Murray tasked him with forging and completing knives independently as a journeyman bladesmith.

Muteki knives are currently forged by highly trained, independent journeyman bladesmiths who have graduated from Murray’s rigorous three month intensive Apprentice Program. Every step of the process is monitored and supervised by Murray personally and every blade must undergo stringent testing procedures. Only the blades passing these standards get stamped with the Muteki logo on the left side and the bladesmith’s personal stamp on the right side.

Muteki knives reflect all of the best qualities of Carter knives and nowhere on the market are hand-forged, high performance blades available at such a reasonable price. Click here to see their collection of hand-forged knives!






Taylor Shields

Aaron Linthicum


Click here to find out how to become a Muteki Apprentice smith.