Partner Links


  Knives Ship Free carries one of the widest selection of Carter Kitchen and Outdoor Knives available
  Located in the trendy Belmont neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, Eytan Zias carries only the finest cutlery available. If you’re in Portland, we highly recommend his store.
  Trained by Murray Carter, Derek Swanson of DC Mobile Sharpening provides the sharpest edges and cutlery in the DC area.
         lorenzi-smc-strich2.jpg Our friends from Switzerland, this shop is based in Zurich and carries knives of all types.. including Carter Cutlery and Muteki blades!
 homebutcherlogo.jpg Located in San Antonio, TX, the Rodriguez Butcher Supply Co. is also known as the Home Butcher. They carry our knives amongst other butcher supplies both for commercial and home use.