Apprentice Series Paring / Steak Knives


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These special edition knives bring the ultimate in cutting performance to your dinner table (or kitchen). They are forged by an apprentice of Murray Carter as part of their bladesmithing education using the same techniques and materials as Murray himself. Please enjoy with us these sharp, practical pieces of Carter Cutlery history.
The knives do not have an identifiable stamp. Each knife is inspected and approved by Murray Carter before they are sold to any customers for quality control purposes. The pictures are representations of how the knives can look and may not be the exact knife you receive.  These Paring/Steak knives will vary slightly in size and shape. You are allowed to choose your blade profile from either drop point or wharncliffe.

Outfit your whole dinner table! Take advantage of our tiered discount system exclusively for our Muteki Paring/Steak knives. Add the quantity you want to your cart and enter the following discount codes during checkout:
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STYLE: Apprentice Series Paring / Steak Knife with Stainless Fukugo-zai finish
STEEL: White steel laminated with stainless steel
HANDLE: Arizona Desert Ironwood
WEIGHT:  55 to 75 grams 
BLADE LENGTH: 2.9 to 3.5 sun, 90 to 105mm (3.5 to 4.2″) 
BLADE WIDTH: 20 to 30mm 
BLADE THICKNESS: *1.6 to 1.8mm

*NOTE: Because all of Carter Cutlery blades have a forged distal taper (thicker in the middle, more thin towards the tip), the blade thickness given is dependent on what part of the blade is measured. On Kitchen knives we measure the blade thickness at or around the “Carter” stamp. On Neck knives and Outdoor knives we measure just in front of handle.

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