Advanced Blade Sharpening Techniques


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For students seeking more advanced sharpening instruction, Murray picks up where he left off in his first DVD, Blade Sharpening Fundamentals. You will learn the following tips from the master:

  • Kataha sharpening
  • Tanto blade re-grinding
  • Achieving defined points
  • Using stones so that they wear evenly
  • Shortcomings of guides & jigs
  • Function of polishing sludge
  • What to do with serrations
  • Effect of angled micro-serration on slice
  • Pitting on carbon steel blades

NOTE: If you would like to purchase the digital download of both “Advanced Blade Sharpening Techniques” and “Blade Sharpening Fundamentals”, one purchase of the “Blade Sharpening Fundamentals Set (Digital Download)” for $30 is necessary. You do not need to purchase both digital download options. 

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